One thought on “Rush: Clint And I Were On The Same Zen-Like Astral Plane

  1. Sometimes Rush kinda misses the boat. As did a whole bunch of other people. It was not improv. Only the very best can make you think it’s improv when it really isn’t.

    Clint started by saying “I know what you’re thinking – what’s a movie tradesman doing here”. Well, there are tradesmen and then there are master craftsmen and then once in a blue moon an artistic genius.

    Great actors steal. They study the best and learn. Here’s one he stole from:

    Watch Clint again and tell me he’s not doing Stewart. In fact, the whole act is mostly Jimmy Stewart. Bob Newhart is in there as well as hints of Jack Benny and Don Rickles.

    There was not one wasted word in the whole schtick. The “make my day” shout from the audience was in the script.

    The real test? Watch the crowd. They were eating out of the palm of his hand. They loved him. He got more cheers and laughter and applause than most speakers get in a career.

    Sorry, Rush. Even the best don’t bat a thousand.

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