True The Vote Expands Absentee Voter Fraud Discovery Efforts

Logan Churchwell
[email protected]


HOUSTON, TX. September 26, 2012 ― True The Vote (TTV), the nonpartisan election integrity organization, today announced the expansion of an ongoing research effort to expose interstate absentee voter fraud.

“Our pilot sample of New York voters claiming Florida addresses yesterday yielded more than 30 cases of fraud – we know there are more,” True The Vote President, Catherine Engelbrecht said. “True The Vote will continue cross-referencing the rolls between Florida and the remainder of New York, including New York City.”

“Wisconsin, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Georgia’s rolls will be included in the next phase of our expansion,” Engelbrecht continued. “We’ve developed the technology necessary to identify data patterns, we’ve built a team of diligent auditors, and slowly but surely we will review our nation’s voter rolls. Absentee voter fraud, interstate or otherwise, is a silent crime that affects us all.”

True The Vote initially began the process of identifying potential absentee voter fraud by accessing Florida’s complete voter registration roll and cross-referencing it against a 10 percent sample of New York’s comprehensive list. Preliminary audits indicated more than one million Florida voters claimed New York mailing addresses. Over 1,700 people were found with voter registrations in both states. More than 30 voters were turned over to state and federal election authorities, identified based on full name, birth date, reciprocal mailing addresses and voting history demonstrating ballots cast in both states during the same federal election cycle.

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