It’s An Obama Dog Pile!

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Simply delicious: Left Hook, Right Jab: Obama battered from all sides at S.F. stop

Witness the sheer brilliance of Zombie and the skill of a patriot armed with a camera…

In this case, a picture is worth 16 trillion words – give or take. 🙂

While in San Francisco, Obama was assailed by protestors from every stratum on every topic. Not so good to be King now is it? But in the background were attendee ticket-holders waiting in line to see Obama and radical socialist musician Michael Franti. Obama doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. Oh snap! Check out the Marxist poetry du jour:

I met a black man who became a police officer
officer, officer, officer, officer, officer, overseer
he tried to tell me it was the only job available
either rob or join the mob ’cause I’m not salable
one night he went out on an undercover sting-ing
bought some smack tried to break the heroin ring-ring
Two cops white cops saw juggling goin’ down
they spilled his brain like homey the fuckin’ clown
(He’s gone!)
Mama Mama Mama Mama I couldn’t say no
got sick and tired of seein’ people bein’ treated ill
picked up my nines, walked up from behind
tapped two of them on the neck so I could meet their eyes direct
Pom! Pom!
I didn’t do it for tha payroll

Now that’s classy violence for ya. Obama should be right at home.

But before he deigned to grace the adoring crowds who paid $100 each to bask in his glow, Obama appeared at a $20k a plate fundraiser:

The next stop on his itinerary was the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco’s Civic Center, where Alice Waters and all the trendiest chefs in the Bay Area prepared supper for Obama and any other 1%er millionaires willing to fork over $20,000 per person for the privilege of presidential access (full menu from the event visible here).

Don’t people get it? Obama is part of the 1%. Truth be told, he considers himself ‘above’ the 1%. These people are simply subjects, worshippers to him. Grist for the mills of power. But all is not rainbows and unicorns anymore in the kingdom of Obama. The peasants grow restless and angry. This is how rulers fall and violently.

Make sure you go over and read and look at all the incredible pics from Zombie. Then get your popcorn and a drink and watch team Obama implode. And for dessert, make sure you watch Uncle Joe and Paul Ryan tomorrow night. It is sure to entertain.

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