One thought on “BOOM! Senator Portman: We Need to Find Out If Obama Ever Issued the Order to Secure Benghazi Consulate…

  1. I saw an unsourced report saying that Gen Ham was ready to send help and was told to “stand down.” He refused that order and was then relieved.

    If that is the case then, No, Gen Ham was not “asked” by higher authority.

    I dunno.

    I do know that the Ops Center at AFRICON as well as CIA, the Pentagon and the WH Situation Room would have been able to monitor any contact that the State Dep Ops Center had.

    I also know that a FLASH message from the Benghazi TOC saying that the Ambassador was missing or that the Counsulate was being overrun, would have gone straight to the highest levels. That is baked into the cake. There is no way for it NOT to have happened.

    When it did, it would have been logged. What do the logs say?

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