One thought on “Loudon on Conservative’s Prospects

  1. Trevor is so so right, we need the next “Reagan” someone who speaks from conviction and truth, and speaks to freedom and opportunity. Rubio is not that guy, he has some issues with his conservative creds. Also, I don’t believe Rubio is a “Natural Born” Citizen and therefore not qualified to run for President…true that didn’t stop the Extreme Left Wing of the Democrat party from running Obama. We still don’t know where he was born, or who his parents are with certainty. But to Democrats it’s always “By any means necessary” to attain and maintain power, so the law and Constitution are ignored.
    We need someone who won’t back down or shy away from principle in the face of the lefts attacks and charges of racism. We need the same in Congress; we have to many RINO’s willing to sell the American people out just to “get along.” I really don’t care about “getting along” with the evil Communist Democrat Party. Evil must be vanquished.

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