Uniformed TSA Agent Caught Drinking While Driving

James O’Keefe Confronts the Driving TSA Agent: “What are You Doing Drinking Alcohol?”

The TSA Agent, Dressed for Work in his Full Uniform, Responded: “That’s From Before”

Award-winning journalist and New York Times’ best-selling author James O’Keefe released a powerful and troubling new video today showing a uniformed TSA Agent drinking from a large glass bottle wrapped in a black plastic bag while driving. O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas, along with several colleagues, witnessed the TSA Agent swigging from the bottle while stopped at a red light on the corner of 60th and York.

O’Keefe caught up with the TSA Agent in the Bronx where the driver confirmed he did indeed work for the TSA. Even more damaging was the TSA Agent’s response to O’Keefe. “You have a black bag surrounding your alcoholic beverage,” says O’Keefe in the video. Shockingly, the TSA Agent responds: “that’s from before, that’s not me drinking no beverage.”

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked over and saw a TSA Agent in his full uniform drinking while stopped at a red light,” says James O’Keefe. “Based on the fact he was wearing his uniform and his location this individual appeared to be on his way to LaGuardia Airport. So not only was he endangering those on the road but was in all likelihood jeopardizing our nation’s security as well.

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