Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ Endorses Ted Cruz

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Senator Ted Cruz is building a very strong base of support across all demographics in “first in the nation” Iowa, but especially among Iowa’s large Christian conservative community. Many on the ground think that Cruz has an excellent chance of winning the vital Iowa Caucasus in February of 2016.

Ted Cruz

Here’s an example:

Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ is proud to endorse Senator Ted Cruz for President of the United States. CVPFC held a vote yesterday evening with over 50 in attendance to determine who they were going to endorse. Ted Cruz won with an overwhelming majority of 70%.

Judd Saul the founder of CVPFC said, ” I believe it is important to coalesce and get behind a candidate early in the caucus process. Conservatives cannot afford to split the vote allowing the establishment candidate to win. We will be putting forth our best efforts to help Senator Cruz win the Iowa Caucuses.”

Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ is a Christian political group that meets weekly every Tuesday, 6:30 PM at the PIPAC Center in Cedar Falls.

Dr. Ben Carson apparently came in a very distant second.

It’s a very exciting time to see history being made in Iowa.

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