To maintain credibility, CNN must apologize publicly to Ted Cruz

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Carson press release on caucus night

Carson press release on caucus night

In case you have not yet figured it out yet, CNN gave the distinct impression that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending his campaign on the night of the Iowa caucus. This information was used by the Ted Cruz campaign, who deciminated the information to precinct captains.

This information was also used by anyone who happened to check the news with their mobile phone during the Iowa Caucus.

It is absurd to consider that media types like Michael Smerconish, Business Insider, Buzzfeed and others were fooled by overly ambitious Ted Cruz precinct captains who were cherry picking information from a CNN report, as alleged by CNN correspondent Chris Moody.

This is how it started:

Which led to this:

Which ultimately led to this:

The Cruz apology was not that the CNN report was used, it was that staff did not follow up with updated reports.

Dr. Ben Carson’s staff absolutely must take accountability for putting fuzzy information in the hands of CNN (namely, Chris “tick tock” Moody) in the first place, and also for not providing clarity during the caucus. If Ted Cruz supporters were able to convey media reports (as did Trump, Rubio and Paul supporters) Carson staff certainly should have been able to dispute those reports.

Oddly, this is not the first time that it had to clarified that Dr. Ben Carson was actually staying in the race.

The most shocking thing about this entire mess is how so many have seized upon it to attack Ted Cruz, who is the only one to accept any responsibility.

Why doesn’t Ben Carson demand an apology from CNN?

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One thought on “To maintain credibility, CNN must apologize publicly to Ted Cruz

  1. CRUZ needs to apologize for

    Because ONLY A “principled, true Conservative” WOULD ACT LIKE THIS, right?!?

    IF Cruz had no part in the “Carson is quitting” scandal, and had later found out, he – as would ANY “true, principled Conservative” – would have FIRED the sorry #§$es responsible, whether campaign manager or overzealous field peopüle…BUT NOOOO!!! CRUZ DEFENDED THEM AND LIED LIED LIED up to and including at the debate.

    It’s PURE Dick Nixon.
    The coverup is worse than the crime.

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