WATCH: #Bikers4Trump vs Communists at Trump Rally in Janesville, Wisconsin

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

via Twitter

via Twitter

In preparation for a Trump rally scheduled in Janesville, Wisconsin, extreme left-wing agitators have “occupied” a Holiday Inn Express. The response from some prominent Trump supporters has been to enlist bikers to “protect” Trump during his rallies.

Two of the provocateurs have been featured previously at for blatantly lying and graphic personal attacks against the author:

Formerly @LandmanMarius, @Campaign_Trump (above) was featured previously at for making up a completely fake story about a fictitious Cruz staffer. The vile lies have been deleted, but can still be seen here. To this day, the lie is being repeated on social media.

@WDFx2EU, formerly @YugeMilo, was also featured previously at for referring to himself as a “liberal” and for tweeting particularly vile attacks on yours truly.

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