Trump Endorsed Communist de Blasio

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Trump endorsed New York’s communist Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Great anti-Trump, pro-Cruz ad from Jews for Cruz. Yep Donald’s a true conservative alright. Send it to your New York friends before the primaries next Tuesday.

One thought on “Trump Endorsed Communist de Blasio

  1. I think Donald Trump, gave a friendly warning to De Blasio. Donald Trump said he hope De Blasio would do the right think and not destroy New York, and then, he could become a good mayor.

    Obama on the other hand, gave a clear and official endorsement and did not say that he hope that De Blasio would do the right thing and not destroy New York, but that he was certain that he will be a great major: ““Progressive change is the centerpiece of Bill de Blasio’s vision for New York City, and it’s why he will be a great mayor of America’s largest city….. Bill’s agenda for New York is marked by bold, courageous ideas that address the great challenges of our time.”

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