Mother’s Day Thoughts

By: T F Stern | T F Stern’s Rantings

Mothers DaySunday is Mother’s Day, a chance to consider the many blessings we should be grateful for.  Years ago my friend Tim Andersen would be asked to give the Mother’s Day talk at church, something of a tradition that we looked forward to.  He was the youngest son in a large family and his older siblings were much older so his parents had one more child in order to give him a playmate more his age; which is why Dean Andersen came to be.

I saw Dean at the Houston Temple going through the men’s dressing area this past Thursday.  Knowing a little about his family and his brother Tim’s brave fight with Leukemia, a fight that Tim eventually lost; made for a quiet moment as I considered the eternities and how Tim must be carrying out ‘the good fight’ on the other side of the veil.  We quietly acknowledged with a nod and a smile how much we missed Tim without saying a word, interesting how that works.

I used to catch a plane and visit my grandmother, Granny as she was known to everyone, each May, it being her birthday and Mother’s Day, take her out to dinner and let her know what a special lady she was in my life.  As she got towards the end of her life she didn’t want to go out to restaurants, preferring instead a quiet dinner at home.

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Crooked Hillary vs. Cover-up Donald

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


A magazine called the Economist has an “intelligence unit” that has named a Donald J. Trump presidency as one of the top 10 greatest risks to global stability. Communist China and jihadi terrorism also made the list, but somehow the Obama administration and the Russian government were left off. Though flawed, the effort by the media to identify security risks is a good one. It is the big issue of our time.

But rather than identify security risks based on subjective criteria and personal biases, the media should insist that the FBI be given the power to conduct a comprehensive background check on U.S. presidential candidates, and release those results to the American people. We should know by now that politicians can lie and engage in cover-ups. Just look at the Dennis Hastert hush-money and child abuse case. His cover-up went on for decades.

The American people have every right to insist that candidates be investigated by the FBI and that the results be disclosed publicly. Currently, candidates for federal office, including for the presidency and Congress, don’t have to go through background checks. Instead, the media are supposed to conduct inquiries for the benefit of the people. Too often they fail to do so.

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