By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Trump tweets that he wants to raise federal minimum wage

Trump tweets that he wants to raise federal minimum wage

Donald Trump repeatedly blatantly changes his positions on a whim and his position on whether or not there should be a federal minimum wage is no exception. The idea of a “minimum wage” is antithetical to conservatism, as it interferes with the free market. A minimum wage, particularly one unconstitutionally set by the federal government, puts young people out of work, as it removes the bottom rung of the ladder.

Donald Trump has expressed his support for the federal minimum wage. Donald Trump also said he wanted the minimum wage to be set by the states. Donald Trump said the current federal minimum wage is too low. Donald Trump also said a low minimum wage is a good thing.

Here is a list of Donald Trump’s actual words on the minimum wage:

  • August 20, 2015: ““Now, I want to create jobs so that you don’t have to worry about the minimum wage, you’re doing a great job, and you’re making much more than the minimum wage,” he said via phone on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “But I think having a low minimum wage is not a bad thing for this country.”
  • November 10, 2015: “…But, taxes too high, wages too high, we’re not going to be able to compete against the world. I hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is. People have to go out, they have to work really hard and have to get into that upper stratum. But we cannot do this if we are going to compete with the rest of the world. We just can’t do it.”

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