Conservatives Must MOVE ON From Kavanaugh

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

The solution to the Kavanaugh mess is simple: withdraw Kavanaugh and nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Journalist Cliff Kincaid and commentator and author Dr. Tina Trent discuss the validity of the sex scandal charges against Judge Kavanaugh and how the nation can MOVE ON with a new nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who has a stellar reputation and a record more conservative than that of Kavanaugh.


Cruz’s Response to Restaurant Attack: Christian, Wise and Classy

By: Lloyd Marcus

Upon watching a video of Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi being chased out of a Washington, DC restaurant, I felt frustrated. I was not frustrated over leftist minion’s insane over-the-top attack on Ted and Heidi. Such in your face bullying has become leftists’ new normal since the election of president Trump. What frustrates me is fake news media promoting the hate groups who attacked Cruz (Smash Racism DC, Resist This, DC IWW, DC Democratic Socialists of America, Anarchists, LGBTQ, and others) as victims. https://bit.ly/2OPw9sf

Angry violent extreme leftist activists have been beating the American people into submission for decades; intensifying under Trump. Leftists’ violence has elevated to kidnapping and physically assaulting people for expressing support for Trump’s agenda and wearing MAGA gear. https://bit.ly/2NFbZVs And yet, fake news media, Democrats and Hollywood continue telling us that enraged leftists attackers are the real victims and that we should be more tolerant and understanding.

Fake news media has given deranged leftists a pass to break laws and engage in any depraved behavior they deem necessary because they have the moral high ground. According to the American left, it was honorable for Occupy Wall Street to dump a bucket of feces into the lobby of a public building. https://bit.ly/2lfnFwP It was honorable for a mob of Black Lives Matter minions to march down a New York street chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” https://bit.ly/1BMKT1t It is honorable for leftist enforcers to surround and scream at a US senator and his wife during dinner in a restaurant. Incredibly, Cruz had to push his way through the angry, threatening mob and ask them to please let his wife go free. Outrageous!

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Trapper’s Quote Of The Week – Kavanaugh Edition

By: Trapper Pettit

Observing the attempts to derail Judge Kavanaugh, the definition of ‘madness’ has been redefined. When you know that the primary motivation behind the Left’s effort is to protect Roe V Wade and the whole charade cast is portrayed as protecting women, but the underlying motive is to kill children in the womb, that my friends is a redefinition of ‘madness.’