Rush Limbaugh, Trump and the Tea Party Family

By: Lloyd Marcus

It was an exciting time. In 2009, a grassroots movement of concerned Americans scheduled 800 Tea Party rallies nationwide on tax day, April 15th.  Forty percent of tea partiers voted for Obama, naively believing it would end our nation’s racial divide. They did not realize that Obama was a Trojan Horse with a progressive warrior hiding inside his black-skin exterior. Once Obama began implementing his undercover mission to transform America into a socialist/progressive country, Americans said, no. His sinister policies included persecuting Christians and opening borders to illegals. Obama betrayed Americans.

In 2009, I was among only a few blacks in the Tea Party movement. When Obama told Joe the Plumber that he intended to “spread the wealth around,” I knew he was talking socialism and was not the right man to lead my beloved country. Therefore, my brother Jerry and I were the only blacks in our circle of family and friends who did not vote for the first black president.

One day I was in Florida driving to Walmart when I wrote the “American Tea Party Anthem” in my car.  A few days later, I was in a recording studio recording the song. A few days later, I was interviewed on Fox News about the song. A few days later, I was on a flight to Santa Barbara, California to perform the song at a Tea Party rally. I’ve performed at 500 tea party rallies on 14 Tea Party Express and other national bus tours.

Proven psychopathic liar Elizabeth Warren is all over TV telling the tale of receiving $3 for her presidential campaign from a college student who only had $6 in the bank.

Warren’s tale triggered my memory of the woman I fondly call my “Five Dollar Lady.” At a Tea Party rally in Texas, a humble white woman approached me with tears rolling down her cheeks. She thanked me and our team for touring the country pushing back against Obama’s over-reaching and job-killing regulations which cost her trucker husband his job. She grabbed my hand and placed a crumpled $5 bill in it towards gas for our tour bus. We were family.

The Tea Party truly felt like a huge family, united in our love for God, family, country, liberty, our military, and our flag. I believe Billy Graham said if you find a perfect church, don’t join it because you will screw it up. In other words, wherever there are humans, there will be some corruption. I watched some original Tea Party leaders abandon our principles. In their minds, the movement became solely about furthering their careers and financial gain. They betrayed the Tea Party.

Despite 1.7 million tea partiers showing up in Washington D.C. to protest ObamaCare, it was made law in the midnight hour against the will of a majority of Americans. Obama lied 29 times. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”  Americans were betrayed.

The Tea Party transitioned from hosting rallies to creating activist organizations. We labored long and hard to elect conservatives who vowed to fight on our behalf in Washington D.C. Sadly, several became swamp dwellers. We were betrayed.

Republicans promised the Tea Party that if we helped them win the House, they would repeal ObamaCare. We did and they did not. We the People were betrayed again.

We held our noses to rally behind Mitt Romney for president. We were devastated when Mitt Romney wimped out, refusing to forcefully challenge Obama’s rhetoric during their second debate. In essence, Romney gifted Obama an undeserved second term. We felt betrayed.

Then, along came Donald Trump. Democrats, fake news media, Hollywood and deep state elites saw a clown. But to all of us who love our country, Trump’s America first agenda ignited a resurgence of the spirit of the Tea Party.

Unlike those who have abandoned Tea Party values, Rush Limbaugh has faithfully remained a constant peerless voice, boldly speaking the truth.

Millions are praying in response to Rush’s advanced cancer diagnosis. Trump awarding Rush the Presidential Medal of Freedom meant a lot to us all. People are actually calling Rush’s radio show offering him a lung. Wow!

It occurred to me that the outpouring of love for Rush has caused me to once again feel a part of a huge great American family, similar to the early days of the Tea Party. We are family folks. We are a family.

Neither Rush nor Trump has betrayed us. We must reelect Trump in November.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Mr. President, Don’t Go Changin’

By: Lloyd Marcus

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace implied that Trump behaved vengefully by firing Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman after his impeachment acquittal. Wallace’s guest, Republican advisor Karl Rove, said that Trump should be moving the country forward after his acquittal rather than passionately calling out the Democrats.

I thought, “Are you guys nuts? Have you not been paying attention?” Deranged Democrats launched an unfair, corrupt and baseless impeachment hoax against Trump and the American people. Their hoax cruelly destroyed the lives of innocent people associated with Trump, while viciously attacking Trump’s family.

In their outrageous arrogance, Democrats actually tried to impeach Trump for simply functioning within his presidential authority and performing his duty to the American people.

Despite Trump’s acquittal, Democrats and fake news media continue filling the airwaves with their lie that Trump is guilty of crimes against America and must be removed immediately.

So, Rove and Wallace, how does Trump play nice with a political party that wants him politically dead? Why aren’t you guys scolding Democrats and fake news media for their inability to move forward for the good of the country?

I thank God that Trump does not listen to Washington insiders and stays on offense. It is time that Trump takes out the treasonous trash in his administration; the people who are hellbent on stopping his America-first agenda.

Trump fired 70 Obama holdovers. Right on, bro!

Trump fired Vindman. Excellent! Vindman played a role in the Democrats’ kangaroo court coup to remove Trump from office.

Trump tweeted a video of Pelosi’s temper tantrum at the SOTU. I am really thrilled by Trump’s video tweet because for decades Democrats have gotten away with portraying themselves as strong advocates for minorities, women, and blue-collar Americans. Pelosi’s behavior at the SOTU exposed them for the mean-spirited, cold-hardhearted elitists they truly are. Eighteen million have seen this video. Please continue sharing it.

Trump exposing Democrats’ corruption keeps Democrats and their fake news media tag-team partners off balance. Every disgusting dirty trick in their “Take Out the Republican” playbook has failed on Trump. Their repeated failure has driven them totally insane; openly instigating violence against Trump and anyone caught wearing a MAGA cap in public.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon irresponsibly justified progressives physically attacking MAGA cap wearers.

Despite Trump’s long list of remarkable achievements for We the People, Republican advisors like Karl Rove still seek to transform Trump into an acceptable Washington D.C. Republican politician. Republicans behaving like wimps in Washington has gotten us into this mess, on the verge of losing our Founding Fathers’ divinely inspired vision for America.

I am elated that Trump stays on offense, not allowing Democrats, fake news media, and deep-state defenders of the status quo to dictate his behavior. Trump’s agenda is extremely simple and straightforward. If something is good for America, he does it. If it is not, he rejects or reverses it.

And yet, some who are supposedly on our side persist in scolding Trump for not behaving more presidentially. Because 92% of media coverage of Trump is negative, if Trump does not tell the people the facts, they will not know.

God knew we needed a courageous no-holds-barred America-first bull in the White House to bring our country back from the edge of destruction.

My wife Mary’s mentor, Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics said, “Leadership flows from the top down.” That is so true. I call it the “Trump Effect.” More and more Americans are courageously speaking out and pushing back against all the insane anti-American and anti-Christian initiatives that Obama gave progressives the greenlight to force down our throats.

Thanks to Trump’s outspokenness, more and more Americans have begun to see Democrats for the power-obsessed scoundrels they truly are. A female supermarket checkout clerk said this to me, my wife and a guy wearing a “Trump 2020” cap. “I’m not supposed to say it, but I’m with you guys.” Referring to Democrats, she added, “If we are not dependent, they can’t pull our strings.”

Everywhere I go, I see and hear from everyday Americans, black and white, who support Trump. They understand who and what we need to keep America on the road to peerless new heights of greatness.

Like that old Billy Joel song, don’t go changin’ Mr. President. We love you just the way you are!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Jussie Smollett Should Not be Rewarded for His Crime

By: Lloyd Marcus

Actress Taraji P. Henson and other cast members of the Empire TV show are lobbying for former cast member Jussie Smollett to be allowed back on the show for the finale.  Taraji said, “We can’t end the show without him.  He’s such an integral part to the show.”

Folks, Jussie Smollett is the openly homosexual black professional actor who staged a hoax, purposely attempting to ignite racial hatred and violence against Trump-supporters.

Smollett claimed he was attacked one night by two white guys who yelled, “This is MAGA country!”  Smollett said they poured bleach on him and tried to tie a rope around his neck.  The problem is, it was all a huge lie.  In essence, this evil man attempted to launch a race war.

I only mentioned Smollett’s homosexuality because Democrats, Hollywood, and fake news media exploited it to promote their lie that Trump-supporters hate blacks and homosexuals.

The Chicago mayor and police department were outraged when the state’s attorney dropped all 16 felony charges against Smollett for staging the hoax.  The city of Chicago demands that Smollett pay the $130,000 for the cost of investigating his bogus attack.  Despite documented evidence that Smollett staged a hoax, he is still arrogantly claiming he did nothing wrong.

Seniors, women, and even teens who wear MAGA caps are being assaulted and severely beaten because of deranged Trump-resisters like Smollett spreading lies about Trump and his supporters.

Apparently, Taraji thinks we should get the heck over it because Smollett is good for her TV show.  Smollett attempted to generate racial violence and arrogantly remains unrepentant.  Justice requires that his career be over.

Folks, why are progressives never held accountable for promoting racial hate, hatred for achievers, hatred for Christians, hatred for straight white men, hatred for successful blacks who do not vote Democrat, and hatred for police?  Progressives are not even held accountable for promoting and implementing violence upon anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda?

Jussie Smollett should be all over media apologizing to Trump, his supporters, and America.  Bets are that will never happen.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Saying No to Black History Month

By: Lloyd Marcus

Here we are again, folks. February, another Black History Month. Progressives expect my fellow blacks and me to happily celebrate our month. I will not.

BHM is nothing more than a political weapon for Democrats/progressives to spread racial hate and further their lie that America is the greatest source of evil on the planet.

Most American blacks do not realize that many original civil rights black freedom fighters who stood beside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr sold their souls to the dark side after Dr. King died. They joined the white Democrat/progressive movement, metaphorically receiving 30 pieces of silver. The agenda of the dark side is anti-Christian and anti-American.

Black civil rights activists like Jesse Jackson abandoned Dr. King’s divinely inspired mission for blacks to be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Instead, the post-MLK black civil rights movement became all about skin-color, exploiting it in every way. Suddenly, Jesse Jackson and other racism-pimps became rich by claiming every problem plaguing blacks in America is the result of racism. Terrified corporations paid off Jackson and other race-hustlers to shut up and back off.

Remember when Jesse Jackson tried to extort Major League baseball? Jackson claimed MLB was racist because not enough blacks attended games. Scratching my head, I do not understand how MLB is at fault. I don’t know if Jackson got paid or not.

Democrats gave Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other black traitors seats of power at their table. Their job was to keep convincing blacks that they will always be victims of rabidly racist America. Therefore, blacks’ only hope is to keep voting for Democrats to push back against America’s mission to terminate them. Sadly, blacks are terminating themselves by insanely supporting Democrat/progressives’ support of Planned Parenthood. 

Folks, Democrat/progressives’ lie about America is extremely evil and destructive, generating racial-hate and violence. America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to pursue their dreams!

Cities controlled by Democrats for the past 40 years are a mess; record-breaking black on black homicides, failing schools, high black incarceration, and high fatherless black households. And yet, anyone black or white who suggests solutions to empower blacks to fix their problems is immediately attacked by Democrats/progressives. These compassionate Americans are branded either Uncle Toms or racists.

Democrats/progressives want blacks totally dependent and thus enslaved to the government. Black empowerment and liberation is not their goal. Their goal is to transform America into the progressives’ utopia. This is why Democrats/progressives seek to destroy patriotic self-reliant black role models who achieved outstanding success via hard work, education and making right choices; Justice Clarence Thomas and GOP presidential candidates Dr. Ben Carson and Herman Cain, to name a few.

Every Black History Month progressives beat us over the head with their insidious evil lie that America is still a hellhole of racism. They ignore the huge elephant in the room that white America bypassed the normal vetting process to gift the first black president two terms.

Progressives love multimillionaire black celebs and billionaire Oprah who absurdly claim blacks are enduring the same discrimination they suffered in the 1950s. These useful-idiot hatemongers have many blacks believing Democrats’ crazy lie that the 63 million who elected Trump are white supremacists.

A college professor black buddy teaches at two Maryland colleges, one predominantly white and the other predominantly black. He worked his way through college and grad school, enjoying a successful career in advertising before becoming a professor.

In almost a whisper, he said, “I have noticed that my white students don’t mind working for what they want. My black students view themselves as entitled and believe everything should be given to them.”

Tragically, my buddy’s black students are infected with poisoned mindsets caused by time spent at an indoctrination camp disguised as an institution of higher learning. Black students are taught they are victims of racist white America. Therefore, they are entitled. “MAGA” cap wearers and Republicans dare not set foot on their campus.

My younger brother Jerry is an extremely fearless and outspoken Christian and black conservative Republican. He routinely verbally spars with members of his all-black Baltimore Trump-hating church. He always leaves his opponents speechless because their arguments are rooted in emotion and Democrat/fake news media lies. Jerry’s arguments are rooted in love, truth, and facts.

Having a little fun, Jerry sent me this text:

“Good morning. I changed my mind. I’m voting for the democrats. My debts paid, free checks, don’t have to work, I can legally smoke weed, and no responsibility. Plus, knowing the dems, there’s probably more benefits to come. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Thank God that Jerry understands that the Democratic Party has become a hateful mob of scam artists. No, I will not be celebrating Democrats/progressives’ Black History/America Sucks Month.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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The Major Takeaway from the State of the Union

By: Lloyd Marcus

Every morning, my awesome wife Mary brings me coffee in bed.  While reflecting on President Trump’s amazing State of the Union speech, I received a text from my brother Jerry.  He is an extremely outspoken Christian and black conservative Republican.  The pastor and congregation at his Baltimore all-black church despise Trump.  Jerry is a lone voice of truth in a wilderness of Democrat deception and fake news media lies.  He feels that God has assigned him to stay in his church to be salt.  Salt makes a difference.

Jerry’s text succinctly nailed Democrats’ behavior at the State of the Union. “Last night President Trump knocked it out of the park.  I give him an A+.  Just as I thought it would be, the Dems were shameful and embarrassing.  They really don’t care about the average American people.  To them, we’re just disrespected pawns to be used for their political benefit.  Prayer, school choice, black jobs, black colleges, woman job growth, the list goes on and they showed no approval.  So shameful.”

I responded, “Amen brother!”

Nancy Pelosi leaped to her feet applauding Trump’s initiative to plant more trees and sat stone-faced in response to his initiative to end late-term abortions.  That moment exposed the perverse priorities and wicked hardheartedness of the Democratic Party.

Curious, I used my remote to flip among CNN, MSNBC, and other fake news media for their analysis of Trump’s speech.  As expected, they said Trump repeatedly lied.  They characterized all the emotional moments as nothing more than show business.  A CNN black talking head absurdly said Trump does not want black voters.  He simply used blacks as props during his speech.  The hate oozing out of these progressives is chillingly evil.

Chris Cuomo on CNN is the worst.  His eyes were intense, emitting his hatred and barely containable rage against Trump and everyday Americans who love him.

Remarkably, for every achievement Trump announced as beneficial to America and Americans, Democrats responded with seething anger.  When Pelosi tore up Trump’s speech at the end, she expressed the Democratic Party’s hatred for Trump, his voters, and America as founded.

At the supermarket, I spotted an elderly gentleman wearing a Marine Corps cap and thanked him for his service.  He responded, “Thank you, sir, for acknowledging it.”

I chatted with a senior wearing a “Trump 2020” cap in the checkout line.  He thought Democrats behaved disgracefully at the State of the Union.  He said he was a lifelong Democrat before voting for Trump and becoming a Republican.  I asked what caused him to change parties.

He replied, “You’re a black man.  I had no problem giving Obama four years, but giving him four more years was crazy.” I informed the gentleman that I did not vote for Obama.  When Obama told Joe the Plumber that he intended to “spread the wealth around”, I knew he was a socialist — the wrong man for my country.

The female check-out clerk chimed in: “I’m not supposed to say it, but I’m with you guys.”  Referring to Democrats, she added, “If we are not dependent, they can’t pull our strings.”

Our mini–Trump rally ended with high fives, declaring victory in November.

My major takeaway from the State of the Union is that Trump must be re-elected.  If not, every single one of his unprecedented victories for We the People will be reversed.  Clearly, Democrats believe that whatever good Trump does for America undermines their mission to control every aspect of our lives and remove America from her rightful place as leader of the free world.

Brother and sister patriots, please do not assume that Trump’s re-election is a done deal.  We must remain diligent and fully engaged.  I am informing low-info deceived voters with my new “Trump Train 2020” song.

Each of us must do his part to keep this man who truly loves America in the White House.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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It Is All Fake News

By: Lloyd Marcus

Even before Trump won the presidency in 2016, Democrats launched their plan to impeach him.  They threw every dirty trick at Trump in their “Take Out the Republican” playbook.  They all failed.  Frustrated, Democrats said, “Screw it — we’ll just make up crimes supposedly committed by Trump.”

In their bogus “impeachment hearings,” Democrats demanded and received a ton of documents.  They called 17 witnesses while outrageously refusing to allow Republicans to call any witnesses.  The fix was in, and two absurd articles of impeachment against Trump were approved in the Democrat-controlled House.  This ended Democrats’ presentation of their case to remove the president.  The next step was for their articles to go to the Senate for a vote.

Realizing that their case was extremely weak, Democrats demanded that the Senate rules be changed.  They demanded that Senate Republicans allow them to call more witnesses and demand more documents in the Senate’s portion of the case.  That is not how this works.  Democrats had their incredibly unfair opportunity to present their case in the House portion.

Thank God enough Republicans had the courage to vote no to Democrats using the Senate to further their evil, disgusting scheme to reverse the 2016 presidential election.

Because Trump has done nothing wrong, the Senate will vote for acquittal.  Another Democrat and fake news media scam to remove Trump from office has failed.

Democrats and fake news media are flooding the airwaves with their lie that Trump’s acquittal will be illegitimate because Senate Republicans unfairly refused to call witnesses and present documents.  They say, “How can you have a trial without witnesses?”  They want average-Joe-American to wrongly conclude that no witnesses were called during the impeachment trial.

For laughs, I turned on CNN.  They pretended the mountain of documents presented and the 17 witnesses Democrats called in the House hearings did not happen.  I thought, “Oh, my gosh — it is all fake news.”  This is really scary, folks.  These wicked people are fully committed to deceiving and discouraging us 24/7 with lies.

At the beginning of the Tea Party movement, I toured the country on numerous Tea Party Express national bus tours.  I opened hundreds of rallies performing my original song, “The American Tea Party Anthem.”  CNN, NPR, and other fake news outlets invited me to be a guest on broadcasts.

I was excited, naïvely thinking that as a black member of the movement, I could clear up the nonsensical claim by the media that the Tea Party was racist.  Forty percent of the Tea Party voted for Obama.  They simply opposed his immediate left turn, driving us down the road to socialism.

Silly me.  Fake news media hosts shouted me down and argued with me.  They implied that I was an Uncle Tom buffoon.  Someone informed me that a late-night TV host, I can’t remember which one, had a ball painting me as an idiot.

For a documentary on the Tea Party movement, a CNN film crew was embedded with our team on one of the Tea Party Express bus tours for around 35 rallies.  As I stated, I opened every rally, firing up the crowds with my “American Tea Party Anthem.”  Our team included black authors and black conservative speakers.  Yet CNN’s documentary excluded our black faces.  They intentionally sold the public a lie that the Tea Party was a bunch of redneck whites who hate a black man in the White House.  It was all fake news.

I began to realize that fake news media had zero interest whatsoever in the truth.  They care only about fulfilling their evil mission to spread racial hate via bogus narratives.

The Quran says non-Muslims are infidels.  Muslims believe they have divine authority to kill infidels who refuse to convert.  CNN host Don Lemon justified progressives attacking people for wearing “MAGA” hats.  In other words, Progressivism is a religion.  Trump supporters and patriotic Americans are progressivism’s version of infidels.  All who refuse to convert to progressivism are worthy of severe punishment.  We see their mindset played out across America: seniors, women, and youths being assaulted and beaten for wearing “MAGA” hats.  Remember the Facebook Live post of four black progressives who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man?  The four zealots tie up the man, punishing him while yelling, “F— Trump” and F— white people!”

It is truly remarkable that Trump has survived every Democrat and fake news media evil tactic to destroy him and his presidency.  I call it “The Trump Phenomenon.” No other Republican would have survived.  Clearly, God’s hand of protection is on this man, whom He has prepared for such a time as this.

Trump repeatedly emerging victorious has frustrated Democrats and fake news media to the point of total insanity.  In their sick, hate-filled minds, nothing in the world matters other than destroying Trump and punishing his supporters.

Thankfully, more and more Americans are beginning to realize the evil within seeking to destroy our exceptional great nation.  At Trump’s rally in New Jersey, over 25% were Democrats and over 10% did not vote in 2016.  His approval among black Americans has skyrocketed to 34%.

Our only hope is to continue fighting back in one united voice, boldly refusing to be silenced and intimidated.  Democrats and their fake news media minions cannot bully millions of patriotic Americans.  We must spread the truth about Trump’s amazing achievements for America while riding all over this country aboard the Trump Train.  Download the Trump Train 2020 song and crank it up!

We must remain diligent in spreading the truth because mainstream media is all fake news.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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California Nightmare is Spreading Nationally

By: Lloyd Marcus

I recently returned home to West Virginia from filming my Trump Train 2020 song music video in California.  It was exciting and fun — a sound stage; green screen; lights; cameras; and the director yelling, “Action!”

With the mixed bag of enthusiastic locals we used as extras, the atmosphere in the studio felt like a Trump rally.  They love Trump and eagerly want to do their part to help him “Keep America Great.”  The Trump Train 2020 song official music video will be released in early February.

Folks, it is pretty crazy out there in California.  We were not in San Francisco, where they give tourists maps to avoid piles of human excrement.  We rode past a private home with a rainbow sign stating that all gender identities were welcomed.  The restrooms at the San Diego airport car rental center had signs assuring gender-confused men that they are welcomed into women’s restrooms.

The average gasoline price was around $4.60 per gallon.  We pay around $2.40 in West Virginia.

While in California, Robert Kirk, the director of the music video, gave me a sneak peek at his comedy short film, Nightmare in Paradise. Robert’s hilarious movie is about a transgender who shows up for a job interview.  The interviewer must handle the transgender with kid gloves and extreme caution to avoid breaking laws.  Robert is a former prosecutor.  The scary thing about his brilliant script is that it is based on existing California laws.  Here is a link to watch Robert Kirk’s Nightmare in Paradise.

While turning down a pro-life Super Bowl ad featuring abortion survivors, Fox proudly announced its plan to feature the first drag queen Super Bowl ad.  Drag queens are a minuscule percentage of the population.  Pro-lifers are a huge segment of the population.  Why are so many major corporations giving mainstream America their middle finger while bending over backward to please an extremely tiny minority of counter-culturists?

Even Democrat presidential candidates say, “Screw you, mainstream America; we’re pandering to transgenders.”

Joe Biden tweeted, “transphobia is the paramount civil rights issue of the current era.”  As a proud American who happens to be black, it offends the heck out of me that behavior is absurdly deemed the same as the racial discrimination fought by my late dad and his fellow black civil rights pioneers.

If elected, Elizabeth Warren pledges to reverse Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military.  Warren also vows that transgenders with be well represented in her administration.

Bernie Sanders tweeted, “Transgender rights are human rights.  We are going to fight to end all forms of discrimination and violence against our trans family.”  Sanders hung a transgender pride flag outside his office.  Leading in the Democrat presidential polls, Sanders promises protections for illegals and transgenders, ensuring that they are addressed by their preferred pronouns.

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who really gets off on kissing his male sex partner on national TV, promises nearly two dozen new initiatives to further the LGBT agenda.  Keep in mind that only 3% of the population identify as LGBT.

Transgenders are destroying women’s sports, winning every competition hands-down.  Hillary Clinton had to backpedal from her statement that cisgenders (real women) have a right to be concerned.  Hillary’s cowardly retraction of her commonsense statement tells us she will surrender to the transgender agenda if she is ever elected president.

Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg epitomizes my statement that Democrats crave power to control every aspect of our lives because they are our intellectual and moral superiors.  In typical Democrat, we’re-smarter-than-everyday-Americans fashion, then–N.Y. mayor Bloomberg tried to ban large sugary beverages.  Bloomberg also promises to federally fund transgender genital-mutilating surgery.

Democrats have forced us to sponsor the murder of 60 million babies against the moral convictions of a majority of Americans.  Bloomberg will force us to fund transgender ideology, which is documented to be a mental illness and child abuse.

Bloomberg raves about California, promising to spread its intellectually superior policies across America.

California is a state that seeks to remove all parental rights and ban homeschooling, forcing parents to surrender their children for LGBT, socialist/progressive, and anti-American indoctrination.  This is a state that coddles illegal aliens, showering them will freebies unavailable to legal residents, while legal residents struggle to survive.  This is a state that has ushered in the resurgence of medieval diseases because vagrants are allowed to set up tent cities and defecate on the streets.  Criminals who steal under a thousand dollars’ worth of products are not charged.

If Bloomberg or any of his fellow wacko Democrats is elected president, America will immediately fall backward, resuming the economic, cultural, and world leadership decline of the Obama years.  An endless list of new perversions will be forced upon us.  All who oppose will be shamed, destroyed, and thrown into jail.

Trump must be re-elected in 2020.

Meanwhile, laugh a bit.  Please enjoy Robert Kirk’s Nightmare in Paradise.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Democrats Don’t Care About American Lives

By: Lloyd Marcus

My article about Pop Kern, an 89-year-old kind white gentleman and how Democrats seek to punish him for bogus “white privilege” received a tremendous amount of positive response. A young relative of Pop Kern wrote informing me that Pop Kern is a loyal Democrat. This is not surprising. My black dad who passed away at age 90 was also a lifelong Democrat. Dad drilled into my head that Democrats are for the working man and Republicans are for the rich.

Respectfully, I tried to gently convince an elderly family member that her Democratic Party has dramatically changed. It is now the party of all things amoral, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, and anti-American. Looking me firmly in the eye, she stubbornly spouted, “I’m votin’ for Biden!”

The singular intention of the Democratic Party is to obtain the power to control every aspect of our lives. ObamaCare gave them godlike power to decide who lives and who dies. If you refuse to give up your Second Amendment right to own a gun, no healthcare for you. If you hold firm to your biblical convictions, no healthcare for you.

Fake news media allowed Obama to lie to the American people 29 times that ObamaCare would allow them to keep health-care plans that they liked. This huge lie won Obama the Politifact “Lie of the Year” award. ObamaCare became law against the will of the American people and cancer patients lost their lifesaving doctors. ObamaCare was a major step in Democrats’ mission to transform America into a totally government-controlled nation. The lives of cancer patients did not matter.

American lives do not matter either regarding the invasion of illegal aliens. In defiance of federal law, Democrats host sanctuary cities that protect illegal alien rapists, murders, drug dealers, and career criminals. Outrageously, illegals are gifted driver’s licenses, healthcare, attorneys, allowed to vote and numerous handouts unavailable to U.S. citizens.

Democrats deem coddling illegals more important than American lives. Kate Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal alien while strolling with her dad on a lazy Sunday afternoon in San Francisco. Kate’s murderer had been deported numerous times and repeatedly welcomed back to the sanctuary city. Democrats acquitted Kate’s murderer and even voted down a law to punish deported illegals who keep coming back.

Democrats’ vision for the perfect America includes transforming her into a wild, wild west of sex, a society in which every perversion is legalized and citizens are forced to celebrate. A memo exposed Obama’s DoJ plan to legalize 12 perversions including pedophilia and bestiality.  Colleges are laying the groundwork by scolding us about our bigoted intolerance of pedophiles.

Democrats are sexualizing children beginning in pre-k with a mandatory LGBTQ curriculum. I Am Jazz, a book about a boy whose parents began his so-called sex change at age three, is required reading. 

Once you realize that Democrats only care about furthering their agenda and American lives do-not-matter, you understand their behavior. U.S. students are sick with strange diseases due to untested illegal alien children being sent to public schools.

Transsexuals who regret having sex change surgery are blocked from media.

Pediatricians whose research confirms that transgender ideology is child abuse are persecuted, fired, and blocked from media.  Women who regret aborting their babies are blocked from media. Women and little girls assaulted by men posing as women in transgender-friendly restrooms are hidden from the public. Feminists who fight transgenders destroying women’s sports are blocked from media. Every truth that undercuts Democrats’ lies and evil agenda is blocked by fake news media.

President Donald J. Trump is our only protection against Democrats and fake news media implementing their vision of a new America, removed from her position as leader of the free world. This is why they are repulsed by Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Their only hope is to separate Trump from his supporters via a thousand cuts; lying about him 24/7; spinning everything good he does into a negative; a reason to impeach him.

By reducing many of Obama’s over-reaching regulations, Trump has our economy at its strongest in 50 years. Black unemployment is at its lowest in U.S. history. Democrats hate that blacks are doing so well under Trump. Clearly, black lives matter to Trump, but not to their so-called advocates in the Democratic Party and fake news media.

Iranian terrorist Soleimani murdered and severely wounded hundreds of U.S troops using roadside bombs. Soleimani planned attacks on U.S. Embassies to murder thousands of Americans. Trump killed Soleimani. Remarkably, Democrats sought to spin Trump acting to save American lives into a crime, a reason to impeach him. The Democratic Party has become the home of pure hate and evil, obsessed with gaining power.

Elderly lifelong Democrats are unaware that their “working man” party has become an anti-American and anti-Christian mob of hate-filled activists at war with everyday Americans.

Straight white men like elderly Pop Kern are number one on Democrats’ hit list, targeted for destruction.

I ran into Pop Kern at the post office. With his great smile, he said, “I want to thank you for what you wrote on that internet.” I asked, “Did you read it?” He replied, “No, but I heard about it from Florida to Pittsburgh. Thanks for what you wrote. I really appreciate it.”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Biden Throws Blacks Another Racist Dog Biscuit

By: Lloyd Marcus

As usual, fake news media ignored a Democrat irresponsibly throwing a racial-hate-generating grenade into a crowd of blacks. On MLK day 2020, Joe Biden referred to Trump as “this president and his Ku Klux Klan…” This is extremely evil when you understand that Biden knows his accusation is absurd and easily proven false. Biden thought he was simply throwing the dumb black congregation a vote-winning racist dog biscuit.

As a black and grateful proud American, it turns my stomach the way Democrats repeatedly pander to us, pretending race relations in America have not progressed beyond the 1950s.

Irresponsibly, Hollywood, public education and fake news media join Democrats in selling black America their absurd lie that America is a hellhole of racism, overrun with white supremacists and KKK members. It is all a huge scheme to keep blacks believing they are victims, voting for Democrats to keep rabid racist white America at bay. This Democrat lie is insidiously evil and destructive when you consider that America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to pursue their dreams.

Not only are Democrats not concerned about strained race relations, they thrive on it. They seek to create as much racial division and hate as possible.

On the anniversary of the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren despicably ran to the microphones to proclaim that black Michael Brown was murdered by a racist white cop. This is a bald-faced lie, proven untrue by the evidence presented to a grand jury. Throwing her racist dog biscuit to blacks was Warren’s evil cold and calculated campaign trick to win black votes.

Folks, this evil Democrat lie that Brown was shot in cold blood by a racist cop has caused many of our brave men in blue to be ambushed and assassinated across America in revenge. Warren has zero compassion for the fatherless children and widows created by the Democrats’ Brown-was-murdered lie. This serial-lying wicked woman must never come anywhere near the seat of international power.

Because I am an outspoken black Christian, conservative and Republican, white Democrats have freely called me a stupid n***** all over social media for decades; even threatening my life.

It is not a stretch to believe they use the same vitriolic language at their high-dollar-fundraiser cocktail parties. “We got those n*****s right where we want them.” Blacks are only 13% of the population, which means white America obviously elected Obama two times. And yet, we successfully convinced stupid blacks to believe a majority of white Americans would never vote for a black man to be the leader of the free world.

I have been confronted by brain-dead black Democrat loyalists who call me an Uncle Tom for rejecting the absurd Democrat narrative that somehow Obama was elected under the radar of white America.

How long will Democrats get away with playing us blacks for a bunch of useful idiots every election cycle, throwing us racist dog biscuits to keep us lapping around at their feet for more as they pet us on our heads for good luck?

A caller on the Rush Limbaugh radio show said conservatism is really about love. I could not agree more. I became a conservative decades ago because I embraced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream that people should be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. I connected with Ronald Reagan’s call for all Americans to be the best they can be.

I rejected Democrats’ message of victimhood, class envy, and racial hate. Democrats are more determined than ever to punish the hard work of Peter to gift the fruits of his labor to lazy trifling Paul. Insanely, they even want to give Peter’s hard-earned money to illegal aliens.

Rather than relentlessly instilling hate and victim mindsets, Conservatism encourages and celebrates all Americans becoming their best.

Democrats have been deceiving blacks for 50 years, throwing them racist dog biscuits. Due to their faithful monolithic voting for Democrats, blacks are suffering big-time in Democrat-controlled cities; epidemic school dropouts, high incarcerations, high fatherless households, generational poverty and record-breaking black on black homicides.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is on the campaign trail claiming the most black-empowering president in U.S. history is the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Not only does Trump have a long history of hiring, empowering, advocating, and promoting blacks, his presidency has black unemployment at its lowest in U.S. history.

How many stupid blacks will stay on the Democrats’ plantation, believing Biden’s outrageous lie that Trump is a n*****-hating white supremacist? My fellow black Americans, please stop scarfing up Democrats’ racist dog biscuits.

Trump is offering blacks “real” hope and change. C’mon, black brother and sister Americans. It’s time to get aboard the Trump Train.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Confronting Trump Derangement Syndrome

By: Lloyd Marcus

My wife Mary and I spent a wonderful weekend in California with fellow Trump supporters filming the music video for my Trump Train 2020 song.  We boarded our flight back home to the East Coast on Sunday at 8 P.M., arriving at BWI airport in Maryland on Monday at 10:30 am. We were exhausted.

The taxi driver taking us to our car was listening to NPR. A radio show host and his caller were lying about Trump, venomously declaring him a serial liar. Perhaps it was because I was so tired that I had zero tolerance. I spouted, “Those guys are lying jerks!” I launched into a rant defending my president.

The taxi driver pounced. In a heavy Middle-Eastern accent, with a smirk, he said, You actually believe the president is not a liar? I have lived in this country for 40 years. I am not stupid. Bush left Obama a horrible economy. Obama made things better for everyone.”

My feisty wife jumped into the conversation, passionately educating the duped driver. I tapped Mary on the leg, signaling her to stop talking because as their exchange grew more heated, the driver began flailing, taking his hands off the wheel and eyes off the road. I wanted him to calm down and focus on driving. Clearly, our taxi driver was crazed with fake news media-induced Trump Derangement Syndrome. He was not open to hearing the truth. Some people are stuck-on-stupid.

Trump-deranged black family and friends believe I am a traitor to my race for not worshiping Obama and supporting Trump. They ignore the truth that blacks moved economically backward under Obama.

Blacks are thriving under Trump, enjoying the lowest black unemployment in U.S. history. And yet, my siblings are routinely asked by fellow blacks, “What is wrong with your brother who supports Trump and votes Republican?” Either these blacks are infected with Trump Derangement or stuck-on-stupid.

I’m a former Baltimorean. Several Baltimore blacks insist on remembering their Trump-hating late Congressman Elijah Cummings as a hero. Because Cummings was black, they accuse me of betraying my race for writing about Cummings’ corruption.

Cummings received over $15 billion in federal funds to clean up his rat-infested, record-breaking black-on-black homicide district which has endless blocks of rundown vacant houses. The federal funds magically disappeared without fulfilling their purpose. Cummings’ loyalists absurdly say I am the bad guy, an Uncle Tom tool of Trump and Republicans. These blacks are stuck-on-stupid.

The shocking truth is Elijah Cummings did not give a rat’s derriere about improving the lives of or empowering blacks. The same thing is true about the Democrat party, NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, fake news media, and other faux advocates for blacks. To these leftists, blacks are nothing more than a faithful monolithic voting-bloc of useful idiots.

It does not take a genius to recognize that everything good, liberating, and economically empowering for blacks is vehemently opposed by a coalition of leftist faux civil rights activists. The Evil Civil Rights Empire rolls out the red carpet, welcoming illegals who harm blacks economically.

The Evil Civil Rights Empire opposes school choice, sentencing urban black students to suffer in failing violent schools. It opposes traditional marriage and defunding Planned Parenthood which focuses on killing black babies. It also opposes academic standards and black behavioral accountability.

By its bigotry of lowered expectations, the Evil Civil Rights Empire insinuates that blacks are inferior. It always insists that standards be lowered to make things fair for blacks. Remember the insulting Democrat lie that requiring a photo ID to vote disenfranchises black voters?

When Trump announced at the State of the Union that black unemployment was at a historic low, the members of the Congressional Black Caucus sat on their hands, stone-faced, while everyone else in the chamber applauded and cheered. The CBC does not care about blacks. The Evil Civil Rights Empire only cares about gaining the power to control every aspect of Americans’ lives to implement its socialist/progressive and anti-Christian agenda.

The disgusting dirty secret is the Evil Civil Rights Empire wants blacks solely dependent upon government and uneducated about their constitutional freedoms. It wants blacks believing the lie that a majority of Americans are white supremacists, obsessed with concocting ways to suppress blacks. Its bogus, divisive, destructive, and insidiously evil narrative is “vote for Democrats to keep rabidly racist white America at bay.”

That’s the bad news. But be of good cheer, folks. I am extremely pleased to announce great news. Shockingly, 34% of blacks say they support Trump.  Wow! That is awesome!

To blacks who have seen the light, welcome aboard the Trump Train!  To blacks who insist on staying on the Democrats’ government plantation, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Even though the taxi driver was annoying, we tipped him.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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