Trump’s Victory in the Midterms was Fake News

By: Cliff Kincaid

A special report from America’s Survival, Inc.

Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel claims the forecasted Democratic Party blue wave tsunami turned into a ripple.  In fact, Democrats could win 40 House seats, the most since Watergate. And another Watergate is what House Democrats have promised for President Trump. Democratic Party moneybags Tom Steyer spent more than $100 million promoting impeachment. He wants a return on investment.

The actual ripple, meaning something small or practically insignificant, best describes the Republican victories in the red states of Texas and Georgia. Republican Senator Ted Cruz barely survived, winning by three points, and Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp is claiming victory with just over 50 percent of the vote.

Nevertheless, former Fox anchor Eric Bolling, now with CRTV, claimed that “the blue wave never came” and that “It was all just fake news to try to hurt President Trump.” These deceptions must be challenged. The massive conservative defeats on November 6 are the result of “progressive” determination and conservative weakness, ignorance, and indifference. Fox News, with openly gay Shepard Smith spouting anti-conservative and anti-Trump remarks one hour a day, proved not to be the effective counter-balance to the liberal media. What’s worse, Fox became part of the problem when it banned criticism of hedge fund billionaire and Democratic Party donor George Soros.

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NoisyRoom Daily News Links – 11/12/18

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A Legal Path Forward For The Florida GOP

Stalin Snipes Florida


Broward Judge Denies Rick Scott’s Latest Demand, But Agrees Armed Deputies Are Needed at Election HQ

‘That’s just a lie’! Did Andrea Mitchell really think she’d get away with this whopper about Broward SOE Brenda Snipes?

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Broward County Elections Officials Block View as Ballots are Bundled and Bagged in Davie, Florida Voting Center

‘PALESTINIANS’ ATTACK ISRAEL: Hamas Launches 80 Rockets at Civilians of Israel at One Time


Stalin Snipes Florida

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”

Who said it?

Joseph Stalin of the USSR?

Or Brenda Snipes, the Broward County (Florida) Board of Elections Supervisor?

Does it matter?

Books such as The Gulag Archipelago detail the ruthlessness of Stalin, responsible for the death of millions (with Communism overall estimated to be responsible for approximately 100 million deaths during the 20th century).  While we are not suggesting Ms. Snipes and her fellow Democrats are at present plotting Gulags and mass murder, we are asserting that there is a shared propensity for totalitarianism.

As David Horowitz has observed: “Inside every Progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

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A Legal Path Forward for the Florida GOP

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

UPDATE: November 11, 2018 7:05 EST.  Within a couple of hours after this was first posted word arrived that FDLE (discussed below) has thus far refused to investigate voter fraud in Broward and Palm Beach counties.  State Attorney General Pam Bondi has sent a letter to the Commissioner of FDLE (here Bondi Letter to FDLE); unfortunately it is worded in such that while at first glance it may appear to be ordering an investigation, it is sufficiently vague to provide him with an out and to either not investigate at all, or perform an ineffective, cursory investigation.  Obviously the FDLE, like the FBI, is compromised at the top.  IT IS TIME FOR ACTING ATTORNEY GENERAL MATTHEW WHITAKER TO ORDER TRUSTWORTHY DOJ PERSONNEL TO FLORIDA; THE “VOTING RIGHTS ACT” AT A MINIMUM WOULD PROVIDE FEDERAL JURISDICTION.

It is not necessary here to reiterate all of the indications of deliberate election fraud being committed on behalf of – and, this writer is convinced, at the behest of – the Democrat Party (national and state).

The indications are all over; but forget the misnamed “mainstream media” coverage.  In addition to this site, consult instead alternative outlets such as (in alphabetical order) Breitbart; Conservative Treehouse; Frontpage Mag and Gateway Pundit.  Space does not permit listing several more great sites, but the facts that you find on those alone will join the ranks of those convinced about the “behest of.”

Being master manipulators, the uniform mantras amongst Democrats (and Progressives generally) has been:

  • “No evidence” (of election interference or voter fraud), and
  • “That every vote should be counted.”

We will deal with these in order.

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Tucker Carlson And Family Harassed At Country Club – Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Pounces

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I have an extremely low opinion of attorney Michael Avenatti – especially when it comes to how he is treating Tucker Carlson. He’s the lowest of bottom feeders and a true scumbag. Leave it to that dirtbag to pounce on Carlson when he is targeted by the communist left.

Just recently, violent Antifa thugs descended on Tucker’s DC home and mobbed it. They chanted outside and threatened Carlson and his family. One of them spoke of a pipe bomb and they cracked his front door while Tucker’s wife hid in a pantry until police could get there. They defaced his driveway and car as well. Thankfully, none of Tucker’s four children were there at the time. The police are treating it as a hate crime but I don’t think anyone has been arrested over it. I doubt they will be. It is DC after all.

Antifa chanted, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night.” “No borders! No walls! No USA at all!” the protesters chanted in another video posted to Twitter. “Tucker Carlson, you cannot hide from the people you hurt with your rhetoric, your lies, and your hate,” the group wrote on Twitter, adding the hashtag “#KnockKnockTucker.” Antifa also doxxed Carlson and his family on Twitter.

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