Larry Klayman’s “Common Sense” Agenda

By: Cliff Kincaid

In an interview on November 11, just about a week after the election, Larry Klayman appeared on my television show to argue that Trump had a dead-end election fraud legal strategy. He didn’t have much confidence in Trump’s legal advisers.

Then, on November 24, 2020, Larry Klayman was on my show again, reiterating that Trump couldn’t and wouldn’t win.

The founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, Klayman understands that the federal courts are corrupt and were unlikely to rule in Trump’s favor. He said that Trump, despite proclamations about vote fraud and his own victory, would exit the White House because the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, wouldn’t intervene.

Of the many guests I interviewed about election integrity, Larry Klayman was the only one who predicted that Trump would ultimately be forced from the White House and that China Joe Biden would be installed.

Not learning their lesson, we find some Trump supporters today saying that the former president will be back in the oval office by August.

Meanwhile, Russia, China, Iran, and other enemies of the United States continue to wage war on America and our allies, as our southern border continues to decay and the China virus continues to kill.

It was Klayman who did what the U.S. Government should have done. Early in the pandemic, he filed a complaint in federal court seeking to hold China legally responsible for the China virus and its source, the biological weapons program based at the notorious federally-funded Wuhan lab.

Virtually everything Klayman documented in his complaint has been reluctantly and subsequently verified by other so-called “experts.”

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