Dads on Duty in Public Schools has Remarkable Results

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Primer: In 2020, USAToday published in part the following:

Schools are safe, safer in fact than they’ve been for decades, and not because of the presence of an armed police officer in the hallways. Rather, schools provide structure and supervision that many kids lack during their out-of-school hours.

Although SROs may give parents some sense of comfort that their children are protected while at school, students actually face certain perils because of constant police presence. The well-traveled school-to-prison pipeline has been documented by research in terms of greater reliance on the justice system in response to student infractions, especially for minority youngsters.

'The School has Just Been Happy': Concerned Fathers Form ...

If children are not punished in some form for violence and criminal activity it adds to the already broken juvenile justice system.

SHREVEPORT, La. — A group of fathers in Shreveport are taking safety into their own hands after repeated violence broke out in one school, where 23 students were arrested over a short three-day period. “Dads on Duty” showed up and the daily brawls suddenly came to an end.

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