Tough Night for Michigan RINOs

By: Dick Manasseri

Establishment GOP Overthrown 235-185 at Oakland County Convention

In politics, 235-185 against the incumbents is considered a landslide victory. That’s exactly what happened Thursday night at the Oakland County Republican (OCRP) Convention of recently elected Precinct Delegates..

The Party base had had enough:

  • unfair convention rules to perpetuate the incumbents
  • open antagonism towards Liberty and Tea Party Constitutionalists seeking to enforce the Party Platform
  • candidates more focused on the wishes of the Chamber of Commerce than adherence to will of the People

District 29 Caucus Leader, David Lonier, commented, “In a 235 to 185 vote, we [Constitutionalists] substituted inequitable convention rules with “fair” rules, and went on to elect a principled permanent convention chairman, who appointed the permanent convention officers and conducted the rest of the Convention in a most fair and orderly fashion. The body voted to appoint 9 principled members-at-large to the OCRP Executive Committee, and the District Caucuses, which were chaired by “elected”, “not appointed” chairs, elected some 39 more members to the 2014-2016 OCRP Executive Committee.”

Lonier continued, “It was an evening not soon to be forgotten by the 420 voting delegates …  Feelings of good will and camaraderie have not been so high in an OCRP event within the memory of most who attended.  There’s great excitement with the prospect of Oakland County leading the way in a new, clean, transparent and principled direction for politics in Michigan and beyond, as other counties and states join us in our peaceful determination to regain our freedom through the Republican political process.”

The accomplishment of the loyal opposition to unseat the all-powerful OCRP leadership team was “monumental”. Unifying the base and mentoring them to effectively use Robert’s Rules took commitment and practice. Challenging the Temporary Convention Chair, Jim Thienel, on the grounds of an unfair agenda to force the adoption of unfair rules took the courage to withstand multiple threats of ejection from the convention. The unified and vociferous outcry of the assembled delegates demanded an honest vote on the rules. Multiple recesses to find a way to escape the wave of change proved fruitless for Mr. Thienel and his leadership team.

Unanimously-elected Convention Permanent Chairman, Matt Maddock, reveled in the victory of the party base, “Fairness won the night and added dozens of new foot soldiers. This will set the stage for years to come. The days of discouragement and uncomfortable votes that we know are tearing the party apart are behind us. Let’s seize the day and continue this new direction towards transparency and build this party into a Democrat beating powerhouse!!”

Next Monday November 24th, the newly elected OCRP Executive Committee will elect the 2014-2016 ORCP Chairman. Matt Maddock will be challenging the Establishment candidate Theresa Mungioli.


Communist Party USA Praises Obama for Violating the Constitution on Amnesty

By: Sara Noble
Independent Sentinel

communists marching

Communists marching. They must destroy the Republican party to succeed.

The Communist Party USA, in their Peoples’ World magazine, praised Barack Obama’s decision to violate the law and bastardize even a valued legal tactic called “prosecutorial discretion.”

They say he is bringing millions out of the shadows. Their article by Tim Wheeler started with Helen Chavez’, César Chavez’ widow praising the president. Of course, her husband, though one of them, didn’t approve of illegal immigration.

“Today, President Obama kept his promise to me and to the American people,” Chavez said in a MoveOn petition expressing support for Obama’s actions. The President took these steps despite threats from the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill to close down the federal government or even impeach him on specious grounds that he has exceeded his constitutional authority. Every president in the past half century including Republicans has issued executive orders to deal with issues of immigration when Congress failed, or refused to act.

Impeachment talk has been coming from the leftists in our government to be honest but communists aren’t honest.

La Raza (NCLR) is also thrilled with the decision but describes it as only a first step. Many in the LaRaza movement believe much of the West is theirs and was taken illegally in 1848.

I say give them California and call it even.

The AFL-CIO also backs the president. Illegal immigrants are the unions “brothers and sisters.” It doesn’t seem to phase them that they have welcomed in more workers to compete with their members.


Edward Snowden’s Bloody Hands

This November 17, 29014, National Press Club news conference outlines how Snowden has provided highly classified intelligence information to Russia and China, helped ISIS evade NSA surveillance, disclosed documents designed to undermine the U.S.-Israeli intelligence-sharing relationship, made Israel more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and undermined the U.S. ability to monitor any nuclear deal Obama may make with Iran.


Rand Paul’s Anti-NSA Campaign Backfires

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Michael Hirsh is a Politico reporter who occasionally stumbles on the truth. In a piece on how the anti-NSA campaign has run out of gas, he says the critics of the intelligence agency have failed to come up with “actual instances of state abuse of surveillance” in the United States.

Wait a minute. You mean they have no hard evidence for their sensational claims of “domestic spying” on innocent Americans?

But Hirsh goes on: “Even the American Civil Liberties Union, which once called NSA surveillance ‘a stone’s throw away from an Orwellian state,’ admits it knows of no cases where anything even remotely Orwellian has happened.”

A separate Politico article makes it plain that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and his campaign against the agency are also at a crossroads, threatening his anticipated run for the presidency. A former National Security Agency (NSA) executive is calling him a clear threat to U.S. national security.

The Hirsh piece carries the ominous headline, “The Surveillance State Lives On,” but the article shows that innocent people are not at risk—terrorists are.

Throwing a lifeline to Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden’s main media mouthpiece, Hirsh said that Greenwald had “told me in an interview over the summer that five Muslim-Americans monitored by the NSA were ‘harassed by the government in different ways.’”

He may have said that, but that didn’t make it true. The allegations fizzled.

As we pointed out, Greenwald’s actual story on this “monitoring” and “harassment” fell flat because one of the most prominent activists allegedly under NSA surveillance was an official of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Greenwald, who has spoken to conferences sponsored by CAIR and the International Socialist Organization, had insisted these Muslim-Americans were innocent victims of the NSA. Hirsh apparently bought into that.

But CAIR is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group banned in Egypt because of its terrorist ties. It was just designated an official terrorist group by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

(In the interests of full disclosure, this writer has been labeled one of many “Islamophobic Individuals” by CAIR, apparently because of my articles about CAIR’s links to terrorist groups.)

Hirsh notes that the anti-NSA movement is not over, and that Senator Rand Paul is prepared to carry its banner into the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Kentucky senator and CAIR collaborated on a “Restore the Fourth” rally against the NSA on July 4, 2013.

Left unsaid in the piece is how Senator Paul thinks an anti-NSA campaign will either win him more Republican votes or make the country safe.

Exit polls from the congressional elections found 59 percent of Republicans were either very or somewhat concerned about a major terrorist attack, but 78 percent of Republicans thought Rand Paul would make a good president.

This reflects ignorance among some Republicans about the nature of the Kentucky senator’s anti-NSA campaign—which has taken the form of a class action lawsuit against the agency—and how it could undermine counter-terrorism efforts.

The senator’s flip-flops may contribute to the confusion about his actual position.

He voted against the recent anti-NSA bill in the Senate because he said he didn’t think it went far enough in crippling the intelligence agency. The bill failed to pass.

In a David Nather article, Politico characterized this as “Rand Doesn’t Stand,” a play on words on one of the senator’s favorite slogans, “Stand with Rand.”

In this case, Rand was “standing” on both sides of the issue, sort of like former Senator John Kerry (D-MA) voting for a bill before opposing it. Now, Rand’s friends in the ACLU are upset with the GOP’s “most famous libertarian,” the article states.

However, Nather says the defeat of the bill means that Paul “can keep speaking out against intrusive surveillance practices, and maintain his unique brand within the Republican Party, without having to go through the kind of lengthy debate that would have highlighted his tensions with Republican national security hawks.”

In a 2016 Republican presidential primary, Nather argued, the issue would prove “divisive,” as “the purist libertarian beliefs that built the Paul brand are going to keep crashing into traditional Republican standards, especially on national security.” Rand Paul, he argued, will be pulled into a “drawn-out debate” with other Republican contenders.

All of this may be true. But how will the senator makes his case against the NSA if Snowden and his allies have failed to come up with one credible example of an innocent person being injured or damaged by the surveillance?

How will it go over with a Republican audience when Rand Paul repeats his comparison of Edward Snowden’s treason to the disobedience of Martin Luther King Jr.?

What will the senator say when a rival notes that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame had once declared he was “a big admirer of Ron Paul and Rand Paul?”

Former officials of the NSA have generally refused to comment on politicians by name. Some have spoken out regarding how Snowden’s disclosures have made it easier for our enemies and adversaries to wage war against us.

But former NSA executive Charlie Speight broke the mold when he published a blog post under the headline, “Rand Paul: Putin’s Best Friend.”

Speight lambasted Sen. Paul’s anti-NSA rhetoric and actions, saying, “Buying into the uneducated, no-deeper-than-headlines ‘scandal’ claiming NSA collecting everyone’s cell phone calls, texts and emails, Paul has decided to attack one of America’s greatest assets.”

He says the result of the anti-NSA campaign “has been to damage the reputation of the single most successful and important intelligence organization in the world. That means, the organization most feared by our adversaries, primarily Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and terrorists.”

He argues that Sen. Paul “is directly enhancing the fortunes of our adversaries, weakening the U.S.’s best interests and putting our country—and her troops—at risk. Rand Paul is becoming an accomplice of Edward Snowden and becoming Vladimir Putin’s and Xi Jinping’s, Kim Jung Un’s, Hassan Rouhani’s and Al Qaeda’s best friend.”

Some may consider these comments a natural defense of an agency that once employed Speight. But it appears that our enemies also acknowledge the damage Snowden has done.

Zhang Zhaozhong, professor at the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) National Defense University, is quoted in the pro-China Global Times as saying, “The damage to the U.S. of Edward Snowden’s flight equals the loss of 10 heavy armored divisions.”

Snowden’s “flight,” of course, was to Russia through Hong Kong, China.

Writer and researcher Nevin Gussack says the quote by the Red Chinese professor is “more of a statement on the impact of an NSA contract employee who posed as a whistleblower and human/civil rights campaigner,” one “who portrayed himself as a victim of the big, bad, evil national security state.”

Snowden’s campaign, Gussack argues, has diverted attention from “the very real threat of Sino-Russian cyber-warfare and other aggressive activities directed at the U.S. It also gives the U.S. a black eye internationally, as well as galvanizing the leftists and the ‘antiwar’ elements amongst the ‘conservatives’ and left-libertarians to cripple the functions of the national security organs.”

He says the professor’s use of the “ten divisions” term is meant to characterize “a knockout blow to an enemy,” a “well-placed, well-timed psychological attack” on the United States that would “cripple our resistance and contribute to our defeat as a power without firing a volley of bullets.”

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency, spoke about this possibility on Thursday, during testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

The Reuters news agency account said Rogers’ testimony included a warning that China and “probably one or two” other countries have the ability through cyber-warfare to disrupt or possibly shut down computer systems of U.S. power utilities, aviation networks and financial companies.

So while our media—and politicians like Rand Paul—have been waging war on the NSA, our enemies have been figuring out how to exploit Snowden’s disclosures and destroy the United States.


Obama Rolls the Dice on Immigration – America Comes Up Snake Eyes

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: BB

Day by Day Cartoon – Chris Muir

In an egregious violation of the separation of powers, Barack Obama last night declared that 5 million illegal aliens would be granted Amnesty. Well, in the end it will be more like 34 million, but who’s counting anymore? He does not have the legal standing to do so… however, he does have a pen and a phone and he believes that is all he needs as king. Well, the king, or more appropriately, the emperor, is a fink. One could hear the thunderous applause of the elitist Leftists and the invaders who have breached our nation in a silent coup last night. And trust me, many of them will not come from south of the border and many of them are communists. As The Hayride points out, last night was eerily similar to the proclamation by Padme Amidala, the character played by Natalie Portman in Star Wars Episode III:

So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.

And so it goes that something our President swore he would never do and that was illegal 25 or more times, has come to be. All to change the voting demographic, appease the National Chamber of Commerce, Hispanics and Progressives nationwide. The Executive Order is cheap, but the price America will pay is priceless. It could even devolve into Civil War.

Flashback to what Obama has said before:

The notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order. That’s just not the case. Because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed. There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system. That for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president. – March, 2011

I can’t solve this problem by myself. We’ll have to have bipartisan support to make it happen. – April, 2011

We’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition. And so the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend I can do something by violating our laws. – November, 2013

I can’t simply ignore laws that are out there. I have to work to make sure they’re changed. – October, 2010

I know some wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself.
But that’s not how a democracy works. See, a democracy is hard. But it’s right. Changing our laws means doing the hard work of changing minds and changing votes one by one. – April, 2011

Sometimes when I talk to immigration advocates, you know, they wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how a democracy works. – May, 2011

Now, I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books. Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the law on my own. Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.
I promise you. Not just on immigration reform.
But that’s not how our system works. – July, 2011

Evidently, Obama has been stricken with selective amnesia, because he has done exactly what he said he could not do.

In his speech last night, Obama spouted lie after lie. He claimed that border crossings are down. As Americans collectively rolled on the floor, alternately laughing and weeping, the truth still remains that it was a blatant lie. They have skyrocketed when you count the number of children and young adults alone over the last two years and the numbers are staggering. That doesn’t include your average illegal alien, terrorists, Ebola/disease ridden refugees, gang members, criminals or communists. But hey, Obama is fair minded after all – he also granted Amnesty to those who have found their way here from Ebola stricken countries. President Obama separately ordered up to 8,000 more executive pardons and special work passes for Liberians, Sierra Leoneans and Guineans illegally in the country. I’m sure people will feel smug and charitable as they lay bleeding from every orifice and dying on the streets and in the gutters. Justice and death for all.

Obama continued to assert that if the Republicans would just pass a bill, he would sign it and all this EO nonsense would go away. Just one catch… it has to be his way, or the highway. How’s that for thuggery? All that time in Chicago was well spent. As for increasing spending and security at the border, does anyone really believe that anymore?

In reference to getting rid of criminal illegals, he just set a whole slew of them free. Why in the world would he follow through with deporting them? Simple… he won’t. He figures Americans have it coming and that we deserve to be a third world hellhole. Crime and chaos add to the mix and he’s loving it.

Obama isn’t bringing people out of the shadows. He’s ushering millions more in to join those already there in the dark pit of poverty and slavery. As for him saying they won’t get healthcare or citizenship, do you believe that? I don’t. Obama is giving the Father of Lies a run for his money here.

Our immigration system is not broken. Nope. Our laws are not being enforced and our police officers and border agents are not being allowed to do their job. I’m tired of hearing from both sides on how we need to fix this. It’s easy… follow the damn laws and it is fixed. Secure the border for real and it is fixed. Stop pandering and rigging the vote and it’s fixed. Get rid of the Marxist Progressives on both sides of the aisle and it is fixed. Got it?

And for those genius Republicans out there that figure this can be reversed… that it can be funded and then defunded… you are either delusional or disingenuous in the extreme. Obama opened the floodgates last night and declared war on America. How are you going to undo millions of illegal invaders and a rigged vote when you can’t even seem to find your spine? I’m not holding my breath waiting for you to actually do something.

No president has used an Executive Order on immigration to contradict law as passed by Congress. Not Bush, not Clinton, not Reagan. The Amnesties under them as well were miniscule in comparison to this travesty. Obama is taking jobs away from actual Americans and giving them to those who are criminals. He has redistributed our hard-earned wages through Obamacare to the poor and the illegal as well. This is straight up Cloward and Piven – it’s Marxism.

Fortunately, some things did not make the cut:

  • Special, easy rules for illegal-alien farm workers;
  • A blanket legalization program for the parents of the DACA beneficiaries, those who had arrived illegally before their 16th birthday; a tabloid headline writer might have written “Devious Daddies of the DACA Dreamers Denied”; and
  • The admissions of lots more H-1B workers.

Cold comfort though as Obama hammered home the final nails in America’s coffin last night.

Perhaps the biggest insult last night was quoting scripture to justify his lawlessness. But that’s okay, in Islam it is okay to lie to the infidels to obtain your goals. That is what our President did last night. He lied to the stupid Americans – we’ve been Grubered.

As Senator Sessions said correctly, we have to fight this. We have no choice:

Americans defeated President Obama’s disastrous amnesty plans both in Congress and at the voting booth. Tonight, President Obama defied an entire nation and declared that he will impose his rejected amnesty through the brute force of executive order.

What Obama did last night set an evil precedent. He laid the groundwork that makes him a Monarch and Congress utterly irrelevant. It shreds the Constitution and the Republic. It was the most over-reaching Constitutional violation ever seen in our lifetime and that is not hyperbole. As Laura Ingraham said last night on Fox News, a law suit should be brought to bear, but there has to be standing. It should be filed by a member of Congress and it should reference a violation of separation of powers. Let the lawsuits nationwide begin. While we are on the subject, impeach the bastard. Even if it fails, it makes a much needed statement. Funding should also be wielded as Ted Cruz suggested, funding the military and those areas we absolutely must have as a nation, while starving behemoths such as DHS and the areas that feed the beast of Amnesty. Agencies could also be actually shut down and pressure brought to bear on areas of government that hurt Obama and his cronies. Freeze his appointments for the next two years. Don’t believe the Left or the Right when they say it is impossible to defund or to fight this. We are being played. There are many, many on the right that are screaming about what Obama has done, but it is an act. They want this and therefore threw up their hands, got on a plane and went home to celebrate over the Thanksgiving holiday.

IBD says we teeter on a Constitutional tipping point:

There’s more at stake here than mere political fortunes. We are at the constitutional tipping point that Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley warned us about as Obama continues to wield executive authority that he himself once said he did not have.

We live in a constitutional republic, and the president who says he cannot wait for the Congress to act ignores a Constitution that says he has to. Article I, Section 8 gives Congress exclusive authority to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” and Article II, Section 3 says that it’s the president’s duty “to take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

Professor Turley told the House Judiciary Committee at a Dec. 3 hearing that Obama’s abuse of executive power has grown to the point that “he’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.”

It’s time to protect the Constitution. Don’t show him the money, Congress.

As Glenn Beck put it… “We are now living in the shadow of a king: without the rule of law, there is no United States.” It must be good to be king.

In the November elections, Obama and the Left were roundly slapped around by American voters. They don’t want Obamacare and they don’t want Amnesty. They are tired of high unemployment and of wondering how they will pay their bills and put food on the table next week. A despot rises wearing a laurel wreath of golden thorns dripping poison. He has sworn to veto any bill undoing Amnesty. Obama is acting like an emperor and has issued an imperial decree. But, in reality, he is the emperor of the Caesar’s Palace of America. He has rolled the dice on the Constitution for Amnesty and America has come up snake eyes.