The Hard Truth Concerning Health Care – Responsibility is a B**tch

Awww… Just in time for the holidays, Zombie writes a tremendous post on healthcare and wrapped it in hard-core truth with a blunt bow and put it under my tree. It’s probably the best present any of us could or will get this year and we don’t even know it. Read it all – stunning…

In this post Zombie spells out the real reason America hates universal healthcare – each of us down deep wonders why we should have to pay for the poor choices of others and the massive irresponsibility brazenly displayed by a ‘gimme society’ who demands that they be taken care of.

I long for the days when a doctor could charge a fair fee and we could pay with the money we earn or barter in exchange for services. When a doctor would operate out of his home or a small office. Healthcare never got into trouble in this country until insurance companies, pharmaceutical giants and the government stepped in and said that they collectively knew what was best for us and that they would ‘take care’ of Americans. Right… All the government has managed to do is bankrupt the US and her citizens, break the spirits of our most esteemed physicians and rape the system of every dime they can get while coveting ever more power in the name of the elite. Trust me – those said elite will never have to worry about healthcare, money, slaves, expenses or any of those other sordid details that the rabble worry about. Let them eat cake! Then the government will pay for their diet and liposuction thus enslaving the slaves even more.

Zombie bluntly spells it out and it’s about damn time someone did. Key excerpt:

Since it’s nearly impossible to sort out who is personally responsible for which ailments, the only logical solution is to let each person pay for their own care, because that way there’s nothing left to argue about. But if we share costs, we share blame, and that’s the origin of resentment and anger that the average American feels about socialized medicine.

Instead of bankrupting the country to pay for foolish people’s foolish decisions, I want to take a giant Sunderhaus finger and poke each American in the thigh and shout: “Shape up!”

So instead of crying, “I deserve it!” and looking for the next handout or place in line at the government teat, why don’t we all do what our founding fathers did and handle it ourselves? Isn’t that what Capitalism is? Isn’t that the American way? As far as I’m concerned, the government can stuff their healthcare, their taxes, and their suppressive, power-grabbing, liberty-sucking laws right where the sun don’t shine. I’m proud to be a God-loving, gun-toting Tea-Partying redneck. This is one redneck who has read history and appreciates the parallels between our current government and the French Revolution. Viva la Independence!

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