Marine / Oath Keeper Needs Our Help

From: Oath Keepers

My name is Welles. I am a volunteer of David W. Hedrick’s and I am writing this message and posting it on his account with his permission. This Marine needs our help and there is no time to waste!

David W. Hedrick is an Oath Keeper who served in the U.S. Marine Corps and he is running for U.S. Congress. He is a Conservative Constitutionalist running as a Republican. As of today, Hedrick is the favorite to win. He has more than twice the volunteers of the other candidates in the race, Combined! Today, Hedrick was promised the endorsement and support of a VERY prominent national Conservative that everyone here will recognize. This endorsement and support will materialize in January if Hedrick can meet one condition. Hedrick must prove that he can compete financially against the establishments Rhino, oath violating candidate. Hedrick must raise at least $100,000 between today and Dec 31st. If he can do this, he will get the national conservative backing and we are likely to see our first official member of Oath Keepers in the U.S. Congress. This may seem like a lot of money in a short period of time, but it can be done. One thing members and former members of the military and law enforcement excel at, is accomplishing things that others see as impossible.

Almost all of you will recognize Hedrick from the following Youtube video that was recorded in August 2009 at a town hall in Washington State where he talks challenges a Congressman who has refused to honor his sworn oath.

The Congressman in this video is the same Brian Baird who called many of us, “Brown Shirts” (Nazis) and likened us to Timothy McVeigh. This Congressman has consistently refused to honor his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and Hedrick called him on it. Amazingly, rather than running against Hedrick, this six term incumbent decided not to seek a 7th term. Hedrick is now running for an open seat.

Since his now famous video was recorded, Hedrick have been traveling all over the country speaking to groups about the many virtues of the U.S. Constitution and the obligation of individuals who took an oath to defend it. He has repeatedly been a guest on Fox News and has been featured on talk radio shows all over the country including Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and Beck. Hedrick has also been traveling around this nation attending tea parties and 9/12 events as a guest speaker.

Many individuals who gain this type of national exposure would distance themselves from a group like Oath Keepers, but Hedrick has made it clear that this will not happen. In fact, he has embraced the group attending the Freedom March in Washington D.C. as a guest of Oath Keepers, where he spoke at the Oath Keepers dinner event. Hedrick is proud to be an Oath Keeper. Make no mistake, Marine Cpl David W. Hedrick will honor his oath.

The $100,000 goal is achievable, but Hedrick cannot do it alone. Think about this. If just 100 Oath Keepers made the commitment to raise $1,000 each, whether personally, through contacts, or by lighting up the Conservative forums, we could raise the whole sum. Or, if 1,000 of us raised just $100 we could do it. Anything we raise goes a long way toward defending our Constitution. If we achieve this, Hedrick we will prove that Hedrick’s Oath Keeping stand is viable and he will get the major backing and he will likely win this seat in the U.S. Congress.

Every Oath Keeper has sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Many of us have also pledged our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to this cause. I now pledge to raise at least $1,000 to support this Marine and our Constitution by December 31st. I meant that oath then, I mean it now, and I will not stop at words.

Please join me and stand with our brother in arms when he needs us most.

God Bless Every Oath Keeper,


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