Where do you stand, Senator???

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By: Carolyn Cooke

Idaho Senators,

My name is Carolyn Cooke and I have been working with Senator Jorgenson to educate Idaho citizens on his bulletproof Idaho immigration legislation, to promote it and to publicize it. Some of you may recognize my name from my many, often critical letters to the editor in local papers and my activism against various members of the Idaho legislature and Idaho elected officials in D.C. I cause problems for those who fail to represent the citizens who elected them, those legislators who are beholden to the ‘good old boys club’, be it in D.C. or Boise, and the special interests that line their pockets.

I am a Constitutional Conservative, first and foremost, and have been long before it became fashionable.

I am a national sovereignty grass roots activist with a focus on illegal immigration. I research and write articles for national websites about such various concerns as immigration issues, UN Treaties, federal legislation, healthcare, etc… I have contacts in national groups such as NumbersUSA, the Center for Immigration Studies, Judicial Watch and the Concerned Women for America and am very close to the US House of Representatives Immigration Reform Caucus Executive Director, Emily Sanders. I go to D.C. on my own dime to lobby for the citizens of this country. My work has been presented to members of the US House of Representatives and referenced by Senator Jim Inhofe. The Washington Times has graciously printed my Letter to the Editor. I have been offered a job at the Washington Examiner, but I choose to work for no income and support FamilySecurityMatters.org.

I have recently been forced to include my husband’s name as co-author when I write letters to the editor in local newspapers in Idaho. His name is Dr. Dennis Cooke. I cannot tell you how many times I hear what a wonderful doctor Dennis is, and how so-and-so is alive because of him. And being his wife has an upside because so many of his patients have brought my letters to him, asking if I am his wife, and wanting to talk to him about what I have written. They always understand the gravity of the situations I write about, agree with my conclusions and are appreciate of my efforts.

I now include Dennis’ name as co-author because a calculated attempt to undermine my credibility was launched by Idaho State Representative Bob Nonini when he took to the CDA Press to accuse me of having a group, being a ‘sensationalist’, controlling other citizens’ actions, etc… Nonini said I should have fact checked an article in the Spokesman Review. Excuse me! Bob Nonini did not bother to have the Spokesman-Review retract the statements made about him to which he so adamantly objected to me sourcing! Rather unseemly behavior for an elected official, don’t you think?

Backlash has been enormous. This surprises me because I am not well-known in Idaho. I do not have the well-deserved, distinguished career and the many friendships of Senator Jorgenson to back me up. I say this because Senator Jorgenson and I are both, according to Nonini, ‘sensationalists’.

Nonini’s attack was a blessing in disguise because I realized that my husband’s endorsement of my work gives it much more credibility. His practice has 14,000 patients in N. Idaho. He has taken care of most them at one point in time because he is the only interventionalist practicing in N. Idaho full time. He knows their families as well.

The point being, gentlemen and gentlewomen of the Idaho State Senate, this Idaho of today is informed, and receptive to being educated like never before, thanks to events on the national level. All politicians are taking a beating. I believe I read where 35% of US citizens polled want a new political party!

Bottom line, the citizens of Idaho do not trust you!

To mistake a lack of overt participation in the political process through emails, faxes and phone calls on the part of most Idaho citizens is a grievous error on your part. The ‘silence is deafening’, so to speak. You all are being watched and judged by how well you choose to protect Idaho citizens like never before — bad news for your shenanigans on immigration enforcement legislation and ‘shenanigans’ they are.

I am writing to you all today because of the situation you find yourselves in regarding Senator Jorgenson’s inviolable and effective immigration enforcement legislation, Senate Bill 1303.

UMKC Constitutional Law Professor and candidate for Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach authored S1303 legislation which will effectively and efficiently deal with the illegal alien problem in Idaho. The law is bulletproof. No lawsuit could render it unConstitutional. It contains MANDATORY E-Verify, the Department of Homeland Security Program used by over 500,000 businesses in the United States and is mandated for federal government contractors.

E-Verify is already mandatory by federal law.

You are aware that a bill without a sound enforcement mechanism is useless in curtailing the employment of illegal alien labor in Idaho. Any such bill presented to the Idaho legislature will therefore will do nothing to end the magnet of jobs in Idaho for illegal alien labor at the expense of Idaho’s unemployed and Idaho taxpayers.

Attrition through enforcement of immigration law works every time it is tried!

Yet, you have agreed to have one or two of these fraudulent bills printed.

Yes, all, you read correctly, fraudulent, by printing or hearing these bills you are committing fraud against the citizens of Idaho. You know very well you are attempting to prevent S1303 from becoming law by gumming up the works with immigration enforcement legislation that is useless in protecting Idaho’s unemployed and Idaho’s taxpayers.

You have one of three options:

1. Pass Senator Michael Jorgenson’s Bill, S1303, out of the Senate State Affairs Committee and allow it an ‘up or down’ vote on the floor of the Senate and the House. Idaho industries have until January 1, 2011 to comply—plenty of time to get right with the federal immigration laws they have been guilty of violating with your collusion.

2. Pass Senator McGee’s Bill, which all of Idaho will find out is a worthless piece of garbage written by the Idaho Dairymen’s Association attorneys. Besides the fact I and others will let citizens know of your treachery, it will have no effect on stemming the tide of illegal immigration in Idaho. (This will become readily apparent as taxes increase to service the growing state budget deficit, created in a large part by taxpayers having to fund the Dairy and Ag industries cheap slave labor’s social costs. And to hell with Idaho’s unemployed, right??? There are no jobs Americans will not do for living 2010 wages. )

Or pass the Hart/Labrador Bill, which again has no enforcement mechanism and does nothing more than re-enforce federal law and voluntary E-Verify and affects only those who “knowingly hire” illegal aliens. What mechanism does the bill provide to prove employers “knowingly hire?”

3. Tie up all of the legislation or let it go down in flames in committee, unheard and unvoted upon, which will tell Idaho citizens where your priorities lie. They will understand that you are not concerned with their best interests. Instead, it will tell them that you are representing the pro-amnesty industries in Idaho that employ cheap illegal alien labor.

What about the almost 70,000 Idaho citizens who are out of work?

I suggest you read, if you have not already read, “Immigration in Idaho” @ http://www.mike4idaho.com/docs/ILLEGAL%20IMMIGRATION%20IN%20IDAHO.pdf and http://www.mike4idaho.com/immigration.php before you come back to me with questions.

And, very importantly, for those Idaho State Senators and Representatives who support S1303, thank you, you are patriots, too often overlooked and too often underappreciated. Do all that you can to support this very important legislation by co-sponsoring S1303! Go on talk radio, send out newsletters, be assertive. The citizens of Idaho support you!!!

Carolyn Joy Cooke


“E-Verify is already mandatory by federal law”

My bad:

E-Verify is already VOLUNTARY by federal law. And Phil Hart and Raul Labrador know it. This makes their supposed immigration enforcement bill meaningless.

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