Financial News Update – 02/26/10

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PAPER: Soros ‘at center of hedge funds plot to cash in on demise of the euro’


MORE BAILOUT: FANNIE Seeks $15.3 Billion in Additional Aid

AIG Loss Bigger Than Estimated

An Embarrassing Washington Trio

Ducking and Dodging (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Democrats Move to Ram Healthcare Into Law (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Paul Ryan: Obamacare Will Raise Medical Costs (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Yet Another Reason Why The United Stated is Going Bankrupt… (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

TIMES OF LONDON: Obama bores America into submission


President scolds Cantor for bill mountain on desk

New Dem Party tool aims at flooding talkradio airwaves

23,000 expected to lose jobs after space shuttle retirement

Clinton says deficit now security issue

Hillary urges rich Pakistanis to pay more tax

Obama May Ban All Foreclosures Without Review by Loan-Modification Program

Economy Grows by 5.9 Percent in Late 2009 Yeah right – and pigs fly…

Exclusive: What happens next in health care

Obama May Prohibit Home-Loan Foreclosures Without HAMP Review

Summit Strategems

Morning Bell: Someone Needs to Tell the President His Health Care Plan is Dead

Germany’s Economic Engine

Health-Care Reform ‘Reconciliation’: One View Inspired by Frank Zappa

Nancy Pelosi: Saving 504 Million Jobs at a Time

Davidson: Dollar, Market Headed for Collapse

Hillary Clinton: Greenspan’s Outrageous Advice Caused Deficit

Bank of America: Junk Bond Defaults Could Surge

UBS: Pound May Plunge on Lower British Deficit


Getting Medieval in London–The Planned New U.S. Embassy They are installing a moat… I’m not kidding…

The various state budget crises are increasing in severity. Here is the news from California, and Illinois.

Greece leads Europe’s winter of discontent

What, Me Worry? Credit Default Swaps on US Treasuries. Oh, don’t miss his advice at the end of the article: “Although sovereign defaults are hardly unknown, things would have to get incredibly bad for the US to default on Treasuries. And if they got that bad, you’d probably have been better off investing in a survivalist camp than CDSs.”

Quantitative Easing May Have to Restart. (They’re talking about monetization, folks. Be ready for some serious inflation, in coming years.)

A Desperate FDIC Begs Americans to Open Savings Accounts During “America Saves” Week

Chart of the Day: Banks Continue to Pull the Rug Out From Under the Economy

The Expanding Economics of Austerity

Spokane Tax Assessor Wants Low Altitude High Resolution Photos of Private Property.

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