America’s Currency Crisis is Now Underway

From: National Inflation Association

According to minutes that were just released this week from the Federal Reserve’s meeting on September 21st, the Federal Reserve is now trying to figure out ways to boost inflation expectations. The mainstream media is reporting that the Federal Reserve wants to publicly declare their intention to seek a higher inflation rate so that Americans are encouraged to spend more before their money is worth less. Unfortunately, what the mainstream media fails to realize is, not only will their money soon be worth less but it will literally become worthless.

If the Federal Reserve doesn’t immediately raise interest rates dramatically, there is serious risk of the current “meltup” turning into hyperinflation before the end of 2012. The Federal Reserve’s words can no longer control the present situation. They are saying they want inflation so that when massive inflation does arrive, it appears as though they still have control. With gold up 19% and silver up 38% since NIA’s July 28th article “Gold and Silver Capitulation is Near” in which we said, “the big move to the upside (for gold and silver) is right around the corner,” it is obvious that the Federal Reserve has completely lost control of inflation and a major currency crisis is already underway.

The world is flooded with excess liquidity of U.S. dollars. Up until now, Americans have been blessed by the fact that the world has been hoarding these dollars, believing they are a safe haven during these uncertain economic times. The world’s confidence in the U.S. dollar and strong demand for U.S. treasuries despite the need for the Federal Reserve to monetize our $13.6 trillion national debt will one day be looked back at as the most mysterious paradox of our generation.

The average American today is pouring money into U.S. treasuries. They got crushed when the dot-com bubble collapsed, they got decimated when the Real Estate bubble burst, and now they are loading into dollar-denominated assets. Simultaneously, the Federal Reserve is trying to destroy the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. The only thing the Federal Reserve should be focused on today is preventing hyperinflation, because hyperinflation always leads to complete societal collapse.

Almost all American investment advisors tell their clients today that government bonds are the “safest investments there are” because they “are backed by the full faith and credit of the government.” It is very common for investment advisors to recommend to their clients that they put 25% or more of their assets into U.S. government bonds and keep another 25% of their assets in U.S. dollar cash. Yet, there are almost no investment advisors in existence who recommend to their clients that they put more than 5% of their assets into gold.

Investors who only put 5% of their assets into gold might find that they only retain 5% of their purchasing power in the future. Neither NIA nor its co-founders are investment advisors, but our commentary has consistently highlighted our beliefs that there is no such thing as owning too much gold. NIA believes that individual investors’ portfolios should be 100% in assets that will retain or increase in purchasing power during hyperinflation. The only question today that smart investors should be asking themselves is what percentages do I put into physical gold, physical silver, mining stocks, agricultural commodities, etc.

Obama continues to state he will not raise taxes for those earning less than $200,000, yet he is doing absolutely nothing to reduce government spending. With China and Japan getting ready to pull the plug on the U.S. dollar, future U.S. deficit spending will have to be paid for by outright money printing. The price inflation that is ahead as a result of monetary inflation is the absolute worst thing that can happen to middle class Americans. Obama’s inflation won’t hurt the wealthy as much because the wealthy, if they become educated and act quick enough, can still preserve the purchasing power of their wealth by buying gold and silver.

Obama’s plan to reduce our budget deficit from $1.6 trillion today down to $752 billion in 2015 is contingent on 5.58% annual GDP growth and interest rates on our public debt of only 4.1%. The only way we will see 5.58% annual GDP growth is with massive inflation and when inflation spirals out of control, so will interest rates. There is no doubt that our nation’s budget deficit come 2015 will be substantially higher than it is today, if our nation survives until then.

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