SURPRISE: CO-1 Added to Tea Party Express Target List – Race Now In Play

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Political Surprise: Colorado’s 1st Congressional District Is Now “In Play”

Tea Party Express Announces Endorsement of Dr. Mike Fallon for Congress

The Tea Party Express (website: http://www.TeaPartyExpress.org) is pleased to announce it is endorsing Dr. Mike Fallon for U.S. Congress in Colorado’s 1st Congressional District, against Democrat Incumbent, Diana DeGette.

With this endorsement, the Tea Party Express will also launch a radio and TV ad campaign supporting Fallon in a seat that had been previously considered “safe” for the Democrat Incumbent.

“Diana DeGette is a disgrace. She epitomizes everything wrong with Congress, from her naive declaration that the recession is over, to her arrogant decree that her constituents are not her boss, but instead citing Nancy Pelosi as her boss,” said Amy Kremer, Chairman of the Tea Party Express.

“We look forward to sharing Diana DeGette’s shameful voting record in Congress with her constituents, and we applaud Dr. Fallon for running a superb campaign. He is indeed the “Cure for Congress” and it is a testament to his strong campaign that a seated Congresswoman DeGette won with 72% of the vote is now competitive in what would normally be considered a “safe” Democrat district,” Kremer concluded.

The endorsement was made as the Tea Party Express steamed across the country, drawing thousands of people at rally stops that have thus far featured: Gov. Sarah Palin, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Pat Boone, nationally syndicated radio hosts Roger Hedgecock & Tammy Bruce and many others.

If a reporter or news organization is interested in speaking with a representative of the Tea Party Express or embedding for either part or all of the way along the tour route, please contact Communications Director Levi Russell at: [email protected] ASAP to try to confirm one of the last remaining seats.