5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama whispers to Obama at 911 Event: All this just for the Flag and Shakes her head

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  2. What was said is debatable, but the fact that anything was said and the body language and reactionary smirking tell the tale. When everyone else had their heads bowed and eyes closed in solemness (including the president) Michelle stood there looking down and blinking.

    The woman is on record as never having been proud of this nation before they elected her husband president and i for one don’t believe a lot has changed in her mind since then.

    If it’s any consolation, I am as disgusted with her as she is with this nation. What a no class individual to be occupying the office of the presidency.

  3. If she has no reverence for the flag, she has no reverence for AMERICA & if nothing before made it obvious, this surely does!!! What a SHAME that these people occupy the White House. Sickens me! God please send someone to that house in 2012 who truly loves this country!!!

  4. I can’t stand the Obama’s as much as anyone. I know Hussein was raised to be a Communist/Marxist Socialist and his wife goes along with all of it. I hate making excuses for them but I’m not sure she didn’t say they are folding the flag wrong and he agreed. Be careful not to spin & assume things to fulfill your Ideology like the Democrats do all the time. you could ruin our credibility. The Dems. can get away with it because of the double standard in this Country!! Lets wait for a lip reading expert to confirm it.

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