Kony 2012: Obama Makes George Soros Richer

By: AJ

The Kony 2012 scam has been revealed and now it is time to look at Obama’s motivation to use American blood and treasure to wage war in Uganda even though Kony has not been seen for six years, is believed to be dead and American interests do not warrant this war.

Follow the money. Where George Soros invests, U.S. taxpayer dollars follow.


Recall that we recently learned U.S. taxpayer dollars were spent on the writing of Africa’s new Constitution. The obvious question is “Why”? In October 2011, WND’s Aaron Klein provided the answer [emphasis added]:

Also in 2008, the Africa Institute for Energy Governance, a grantee of the Soros-funded Revenue Watch, helped established [sic] the Publish What You Pay Coalition of Uganda, or PWYP, which was purportedly launched to coordinate and streamline the efforts of the government in promoting transparency and accountability in the oil sector.

Also, a steering committee was formed for PWYP Uganda to develop an agenda for implementing the oil advocacy initiatives and a constitution to guide PWYP’s oil work…

PWYP is directly funded by Soros’ Open Society as well as the the Soros-funded Revenue Watch Institute. PWYP international is actually hosted by the Open Society Foundation in London.

The billionaire’s Open Society Institute, meanwhile, runs numerous offices in Uganda. It maintains a country manager in Uganda, as well as the Open Society Initiative for East Africa, which supports work in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Soros will make millions – if not billions – off of Uganda’s oil industry and his other interests there.


Remember when we were perplexed that Obama’s 2009 stimulus plan (which is refunded each and every year) includes $2 billion per year for Brazil’s oil industry? We later learned that Soros was invested in Brazil’s oil industry prior to Obama’s 2009 infusion of $2 billion.

Public uproar caused Soros to liquidate those investments, but after the publicity died down, Soros went right back in and reinvested. Despite ‘paper’ losses in 2011, it appears Soros is staying in for the long-term gain.

Given that Soros has been a White House visitor since Obama’s election, do you think insider information, collusion and corruption may be in play?


Does Obama work for George Soros or for the American people? While only two oil connections are presented here, there are many other examples of Obama’s use of American assets to aide and abet Soros’ interests, investments and agenda – as well as Obama’s support to other anti-American subversives.

Will Congress investigate and hold Obama accountable? Not likely.

Without doubt, Soros’ financial interests are being directly supported by Obama at the expense of American blood and treasure.

Imagine what Obama would do during a second term when he is unrestrained. Inform others so that they may consider who Obama really serves (and the lies he tells on the campaign trail) before casting their vote in November.

Clearly Obama works for Soros and does whatever is necessary to make Soros richer and more powerful at America’s expense.

4 thoughts on “Kony 2012: Obama Makes George Soros Richer

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  2. This is a desperate article. How long did it take you to come up with this hogwash? Your readers deserve better.

  3. Awake, Are you kidding me? Do your homework. If you don’t know by now what’s really going on, you’re asleep at the wheel. Did you look into Libya? Did you look into who gets richer by blocking Keystone? Wake up and do your homework.

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