Why Obama barks about his ‘gains’ and the mainstream media ignores them

By: Jeffrey Klein

President Barack Obama barks on the campaign trail about Americans having a choice in November, between him and Republican challenger Gov. Mitt Romney, saying that a vote for him ‘will allow us to consolidate and leverage up on our [his] gains.’


If President Obama’s economic and jobs gains are so numerous and great–why is the mainstream media not trumpeting them everyday?

There are two main reasons.

First, Democrats have a mostly entertainment-driven demographic–clearly illustrated by the stark difference in content of the “Trending” stories they are following on Yahoo News, versus the content of the stories Republican’s are following on FOXNews.

On a typical day, the first 8 of 10 positions on the Yahoo News list mirror the cover of People magazine, for example Kim Kardashian and Kanye West begin dating or the Olsen twins get in trouble with PETA for using high end animal furs on their clothing lines.

In stark contrast, FOXNews trends are total “hard news” topics, like the bankruptcy of yet another taxpayer funded solar panel company, Republican Governors ignoring Obamacare because it will bankrupt their state, and the Muslim Brotherhood winning the elections in Egypt.

Democrats are more prone to share the witticisms of Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart, as though they were genuine political analysts and commentators–instead of prime time cable comedians.

Suffice it to say that most Democrats still know nothing about “Operation Fast and Furious,” mainly because their news sources, like NBC News, have never reported on it since it was first discovered 18 months ago–until they were forced to–three days before the Contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder last Thursday.

It was very embarrassing for Kelly O’Donnell to surprise her audience and report on events that happened chronologically over 18 months–as though she had been covering it all along.

And, remember the famous Jay Leno random walks down Hollywood Boulevard questioning pedestrians? Their incompetent, unintelligible answers prove that Democrats have no idea about anything of substance going on because the mainstream media keeps them “dumbed-down.”

However, the most important reason why the mainstream media doesn’t trumpet Barack Obama’s gains is because…

He doesn’t have any.

What he has are, in fact, a parade of expensive and brutal failures.

Why do you think Obama only makes teleprompter speeches in front of college students in swing states?

It’s the only place he can find truly uninformed, inexperienced and impressionable people.

Here are the hard facts of life for President Barack Obama–from just this past week:

Last Thursday, the Weekly Jobless Claims Report came in at 386,000–the fifth straight week above 380,000, according to reporting in Jeffrey Bartash’s June 28, 2012 Wall Street Journal-MarketWatch article.

To correct the week-to-week change in Jeffrey’s article, which he took directly from the Obama Bureau of Labor Statistics “summary” that has been written to favor the boss, the claims only declined by 1,000 from the prior weeks [initial] figure of 387,000, because…

The sticky truth is that figure has since been revised upward to 392,000–the 69th time that has happened in the past 70 weeks.

This makes it appear as though the jobless claims are declining–by withholding the defining context in order to favor President Obama in the eyes of the public–which is a complete fraud.

Then, seven paragraphs down into the story, below where most people will read and the mainstream media extracts facts, Bartash finally reports … ‘the average of new claims over the past month decreased by a scant 750 to 386,750, clinging near a seven-month high.’ The four-week average reduces seasonal volatility in the weekly data–and is seen as a more accurate barometer of labor-market trends.

Democrat’s don’t believe in clouding their narrative with the facts.

Now, for a broad, long term history of Jobless Claims we look at the Y-Charts monthly data table and interactive historical graph, which shows that although off the March 21, 2009 high of 656,000 weekly claims, the number has never dipped below 361,000–meaning the real unemployment rate could not have declined to its present 8.2 percent due to net job creation–it is due to another Obama-promoted fraud in mainstream reporting.

You will rarely, if ever, see or hear the mainstream media cover the Bureau of Labor Statistics “Labor Force Participation Rate,” which is the total number of people who are eligible to be in the labor force and actively looking for a job.

The reason is simple–at only 63.8 percent, it is at its lowest point in modern history.

As opposed to the 66 to 67 percent range during the Bush Administration.

The difference reveals that so many people have become distraught over being unable to find a job, mainly because 3 million have disappeared that will not return, they are no longer looking for a job and thus are no longer counted when figuring the standard “unemployment rate.”

The real unemployment rate–counting them–is nearly 17%.

Then just yesterday the Institute for Supply Management index for June comes out, showing that it has plunged from its May reading of 53.50 to just 49.7, badly missing forecasts of 52 and marking the first sub-50 reading since July 2009–when the U.S. economy was emerging from the Great Recession, according to Matt Egan’s FOXBusiness News article today.

This follows and is in alignment with the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Business Activity Index, which went into a free fall from -5.8 in May to -16.6 for June–but, more alarming was the total collapse of the forward looking Orders Index to -18.8 level, completely missing the -1.2 estimate.

According to Egan’s article the ISM index is a closely-watched economic gauge, and it revealed the U.S. manufacturing sector dipped into contraction territory in June for the first time in nearly three years–once again setting off alarm bells that the nation could be teetering back towards recession.

Unfortunately for President Obama, even though the people are not getting it in the news, they are “feeling” it, according to the latest Discover U.S. Spending Monitor results, a 5-year-old daily poll that tracks the economic confidence and spending intentions of nearly 8,200 consumers throughout the month.

This key economic indicator also worsened in June to its lowest level since January 2012, declining 4.8 points from May to 90.7 in June, and a full 6.0 points down from April’s reading of 96.7, echoing that consumer discretionary spending is coming to a virtual halt–and as consumer spending represents 70 percent of the United States economy–that is terrible news.

The morale of this story for Barack Obama is that any poll that shows him in a competitive position with Gov. Mitt Romney right now, has probably been manufactured to order for the mainstream media–because the facts clearly show his presidency will become a part of history this November.

One thought on “Why Obama barks about his ‘gains’ and the mainstream media ignores them

  1. Excellent article! Very informative and you’re right about the direction of the economy/jobs.

    However, I think that when Obama says a vote for him ‘will allow us to consolidate and leverage up on our [his] gains’, what he’s most likely referring to is the consolidation of our government to centralize power into the Executive Branch (which he said he wanted to do). His gains relate to the usurpation of Congress as he rules by decree (legislative EO’s, policy memos that change existing law and lawsuits against states that dare to enforce existing laws).

    “Gains” in Obama’s world relate to the progress he has made on fundamentally transformating America.

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