If only ALL Senators Spoke Like this Senator! MUST WATCH!!

Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques


Nathan Dahm, Senator from Oklahoma delivers a fiery, blistering speech before a crowd of fed-up pro-second amendment citizens. If only all senators and congressmen believed and spoke like this guy!!

Obeying the constitution. Hmmm. What a concept.

This video should go viral and this message needs to be popularized!

7 thoughts on “If only ALL Senators Spoke Like this Senator! MUST WATCH!!

  1. I live in Virginia and I’d give almost anything to have a representative that was this good. My senators want to be Obamas pupits. I have tried to defeat them and will continue to do so. They should be tried for Treason,

  2. I think I’m living in the wrong state. Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma are looking really good these days.

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  4. TN here. Are there not any others? Surely I am not alone. Anyone want to speculate on the traction 3rd Term Oblabla will get in the next 4 years? With the EU on the edge of collapse, the U.S. in the only nation that could save them. No one else wants to. Nice Vid and thanks for sharing.

  5. Keep up this kind and quality of presentation !! Obama must be removed. How he got re-elected deies me, Only a fraud vote count can be the answer !!

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