LaPierre: ‘Gun Registry Will Be Used to Confiscate Your Guns’… As DOJ Memo: ‘Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns’ Surfaces

By: Marion Algier

Making the Sunday show rounds, Senator Tom Colburn (R-OK), one of the most respected Senators in Washington, told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that Senate Negotiators Are Not Close to a Deal on Gun Background Checks … As one of four Senators working on legislation to expand background checks for firearm purchased, he made it very clear that there would be no record keeping (lists or a national registry created) on law-abiding gun owners in this country.

Coburn has been working with Illinois Republican Mark S. Kirk, New York Democrat Charles E. Schumer (a definite Progressive anti-gun guy) and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin III on developing narrower ‘background check’ legislation which aims to ensure that criminals and those with mental health issues are not able to access/purchase firearms.

Being in full agreement, my first reaction is how do you stop the government from creating and keeping a list and can you believe them? Just look at all the falsehoods and indiscretions that have been leaked about the TSA and other government entities, including the White House. NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre spoke out and continues to speak out on universal gun registration, realizing that it will ultimately lead to the disarming of Americans. The Founding Fathers painstakingly chose every word that is in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for a purpose and giving the American people the right to keep and bear arms is the lynch pin to guarantee that we can keep the rest.

So, when you have memos leaked from the DOJ about outlawing and confiscating all guns, whistleblowers from the FBI warning about Obama and his team will destroy America once he has the guns, and others leaks about events like Aurora and Sandy Hook being False Flag events it is time to worry, get-involved and to stand-up!!

NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre speaks on universal gun registration. (Photo: NRA)

The Blaze: National Rifle Association executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre continued speaking out against President Obama’s recent gun control proposals Saturday night, zeroing in on “the real consequences of background checks,” according to the NRA.

The organization has been targeted by many on the left in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary last December. While the NRA argues that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens creates a safer community, many in the administration and on the left disagree, saying it leads to more gun violence and accidental deaths. But, Gun Ownership at All-Time High and the Nation’s Murder Rate at Nearly All-Time Low… Hmmm?!? Has Someone Told Obama and the Progressive Left?

Most recently, the NRA has been publicizing a memo it obtained from the Justice Department that says the success of universal background checks would depend in part on “requiring gun registration,” and says gun buybacks would not be effective “unless massive and coupled with a ban.”

Video: Universal Background Checks Means Registering Your Guns – NRA Wayne Lapierre

LaPierre began his speech with a reminder on why he believes it’s so important to counter strict gun control measures:

“The Second Amendment — it’s not just words on parchment. It’s not a frivolous suggestion from our Founding Fathers to be interpreted on a whim. It lies on the very heart of what our country was founded upon. Our Founding Fathers knew that without the Second Amendment, all of our other freedoms could be in jeopardy. [And] our freedoms are the very essence of America. They are what make America unique!

Now, he said, we’re witnessing the single-most devastating attack on that right that “our country has ever seen.”

He discussed NRA proposals to make schools safer, noting that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) admitted that she had gun control legislation in her desk for a year and was waiting for the “right time” to introduce it. In his opinion, many gun control opponents more about politics than they are proven solutions.

“Waiting for an unspeakable act to occur so the American people could be persuaded to buy her political agenda?” LaPierre commented with disgust. “It’s not about making our kids or our streets safer, it’s all about their decades-old agenda.”

He soon got to the heart of his speech: universal background checks, and what he claims they’re really all about:

“Don’t you be fooled. There is nothing “universal,” nor “reasonable” about it. They ought to stop pretending and stop calling it what it will never be. Criminals will never be a part of it, and I have come to believe that the adjudicated mentally incompetent [won’t either]…This so-called universal background check that you’re hearing about is aimed at one thing: it’s aimed at registering your guns and, when another tragic opportunity presents itself, that registry will be used to confiscate your guns.”

“Imagine right now, your name on a massive government list,” he asked the audience, noting that it would be pretty “handy” for a drug dealer, thug, or criminal. “How safe do you think that government list will be?” he continued, noting the flood of personal information released this year by various media outlets on gun owners.

The crowd stands and cheers after the NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre urges them to stand for their rights. (Photo: NRA)

LaPierre proceeded to highlight other gun control proposals state by state, concluding with a word on how the Mexican government has asked the U.S. Senate for a registry of all gun owners in the United States.

“What is the point of that?” he asked.

“They have all the security they want,” LaPierre said, referring to politicians. “Our ​only​ means of security is the Second Amendment when the glass breaks in the middle of the night, and we have a right to defend ourselves…They don’t have the right to take that right away.”

“Was this what our Founding Fathers intended?” he asked. What Washington needs to do is recognize that Americans really have shared goals: they want their communities to be safer, and they will do anything to protect their kids.

Start focusing on that, he said, and “stop trying to convince the American people that all law-abiding gun owners are criminals in waiting.”

He concluded with an inspiring statement on how many gun control proposals have failed, and NRA members and Americans need to continue standing up and making their voices heard. He told the crowd to call their congressmen and senators this week, then sit down and write a hand-written letter, and follow up with an email.

“We will not be duped. We will not be demonized. And we will not be divided,” he said.

“As lawful gun-owners, we deserve nothing less than absolute respect as people that believe in our individual rights, believe in individual responsibility, believe in protecting our families, and believe in defending our country.”

DOJ Memo: Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns:

DOJ memo states: “Buybacks are ineffective unless massive and coupled with a ban.”

The National Rifle Association has obtained a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The nine page “cursory summary” on current gun control initiatives was not officially released by the Obama administration.

The DOJ memo (downloadable here as a PDF) states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation,” according to the NRA, and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration.” Obama has yet to publicly support national registration or firearms confiscation, although the memo reveals his administration is moving in that direction.

The memo stands in stark contrast to the administration’s public stance on so-called gun control. White House spokesman Jay Carney said last month that laws proposed by Obama would not “take away a gun from a single law-abiding American.”

The NRA declined to explain how it obtained the document. The memo was written by the acting director of the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice, Greg Ridgeway. It is dated January 4, two weeks before Obama mounted his attack on the Second Amendment following the Sandy Hook massacre. Ridgeway came to the Justice Department from the RAND corporation.

The memo says universal background checks on firearms purchases may help the government push to control and eventually outlaw firearms, but it would lead to an increase in illegally purchased guns.

It pointed out that banning high capacity ammunition clips would be ineffective due to the fact there is a large number of them already in circulation.

A Justice Department official said the memo is an unfinished review of gun violence research and does not represent administration policy.

The DOJ memo arrived a few weeks prior to a letter sent out by the Department of Veterans Affairs. “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition,” the sent to military veterans states. “If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159, as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).”

“US veterans are receiving letters from the government informing them that they are disabled and not allowed to own, purchase or possess a firearm. If the veteran does decide to purchase a firearm he will by fined, imprisoned or both,” the Gateway Pundit remarked.

NRA’s Chris Cox talks about the DOJ memo:

California Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein reveals the government agenda in 1995 — confiscation:

The Gun Control Playbook: The REAL agenda formulated in 1994 – Rough Draft Proposal for Internal Memo and Five Year Plan


Pain Relievers – a Prescription for Trouble?

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

There’s a news item on KPRC’s website today worth considering before you head out on the highway, New kind of DWI turning deadly, which goes on to explain, “Drivers hooked on prescription pills (are) causing wrecks.” I’m not so sure calling it a ‘new kind of DWI’ really fits since this has been going on long before I rode in a patrol car. Being intoxicated and operating a motor vehicle; it really doesn’t matter if it’s from ‘illegal drugs,’ prescription drugs or excessive use of alcohol.

“Intoxication is intoxication, no matter what substance causes it,” said (Warren) Diepraam, an assistant district attorney in Montgomery County.

The responsibility to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner rests squarely on the individual sharing the roadway with everyone else. There is no waiver of responsibility for having your abilities impaired simply because a prescription drug was taken. There are warning labels on these items explaining how they can often impair judgment or physical abilities along with warnings not to operate machinery or in other ways endanger yourself or the public.

There are some folks who either accidentally or intentionally abuse prescription drugs in order to get a ‘buzz’ or in some other way alter their perception of reality. When this occurs in a motor vehicle it becomes more than a mind trip; often times ending in serious injury and death.

“…Diapraam cited two recent hospital studies show that twice as many car accident victims said they were under the influence of prescription pills than alcohol. In just two years, there’s been an almost 20 percent increase in DWI blood tests coming back positive for prescription drugs.”

That’s an alarming thought since most of the folks found to be intoxicated via prescription drugs tend to be driving during the daytime rather than going home from the local bar in the middle of the night as with a goodly number of alcohol related DWIs.

“The most popular prescription is a combination of Soma, Xanax and Hydrocodone. It’s the same combination showing up in many of those DWI blood tests.”

Soma and the many generic labels which cover the same basic drug are intended to be used as a muscle relaxing agent. It’s often prescribed to be used with Hydrocodone which is a codeine based narcotic for pain symptoms.

I should know; having dealt with a bad back most of my adult life, these medicines really do work. Responsible individuals recognize the inherent dangers associated with such powerful drugs and stay home, get plenty of bed rest and allow the medicine to work as it was intended.

There is an element within our society which disregards the conventions of safety in favor of ‘turning on,’ getting a ‘buzz’ or simply forgetting the problems which beset them. What ever you call it, getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while consuming ‘mass quantities’ of controlled substances is a criminal act. If you’re lucky enough to get caught prior to maiming or killing a fellow citizen, you deserve the trip to the police lock-up, the expense of hiring an attorney and even an extended stay at the local jail.

There is a minor point which bothers me, at least from the legal stand point of making a case hold up in court. How does the State determine the level of controlled substance necessary to influence behavior negatively, to the point of being criminally definitive?

As with any criminal proceeding, each point of law must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In the case of DWI, Alcohol, each State has its own ‘arbitrarily’ established guideline when it comes to alcohol consumption. If the State can prove the individual had, at the time he/she was operating a motor vehicle, a specific amount of alcohol which was measured and exceeded the legally established level, either by breath test or blood sample, then the point of law could be proven in court.

What is the ‘arbitrary’ established guideline for a controlled substance in your system, as determined through a blood sample taken by a law enforcement entity? Well now, how much, as a percentage of other elements in that blood sample, how much is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual was physically or mentally impaired?

Is that amount important? I’ve been told certain ‘trace’ amounts of Hydrocodone can be obtained in a blood or urine sample months after having ingested this particular medicine. If this is true, then anyone who’s taken a pain pill in the past month or so could be arrested, tried and convicted in a court of law unless there are scientifically defined parameters assigned for criminal interpretations regarding controlled substances collected via blood tests.

Speaking as a retired police officer, there needs to be a very tight leash on law enforcement and the courts as pertaining to bandying a charge of DWI, Controlled Substance, toward any individual. Without such restrictions on law enforcement, pain relievers identified in a blood sample, regardless of when taken or to what degree, are a prescription for trouble.

This article has been cross-posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government & The American Constitution.”


Decidedly Negative

Arlene form Israel

What’s negative? Oh, I won’t say everything. Should never say that. But there’s a great deal that is, and the sense one gets when surveying the situation is an enormous weariness.

Let’s begin with coalition formation here in Israel. PM Netanyahu was given 28 days to form that new coalition. By my calculation, his mandate from President Peres began on February 3, which brings us to this Sunday, March 3. He can then request an extension of 14 additional days. After that, if he has no government, he will have struck out.

Maybe he will get his act together. A good number of people continue to think so. (See the latest news, below.) But he’d better hustle. So far, the only one officially on board is Tzipi Livni and her party of the same name. Already there’s dissension within her party, because she seemed to have passed over number two on the list, Amram Mitzna, for number three, Amir Peretz, with regard to a ministry. Although this is hardly worth belaboring, it gives a sense of how disorganized, how unpleasant, matters are.


Good old Tzipi. She has given an interview to (the US) Channel 2’s program “Meet the Press,” during which she said that she objected to construction in E1, as well as in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo. We should renew negotiations with the PA, she said (although she did not indicate how that would happen if the PA was unwilling to do so) and “avoid provocations that only turn the world against us.”

No surprise that she would say this — it’s a reiteration of her earlier refrain as foreign minister. But it remains just as offensive as it was the first time around.

As to the building in Ramat Shlomo, it’s been on the books for years. It was back in 2010 that a routine announcement was made about the building while VP Biden was here. The Americans went ballistic, claiming we had embarrassed the vice president, and so the project was shelved. That is, until this past December. As I write, no actual building has been started. And if Tzipi had her way, it would never start, so as to keep the US and EU content.


Neither Bennett of Habayit Hayehudi or Lapid of Yesh Atid have yet joined the coalition. And there is question as to whether Shas will — and whether Shas and Yesh Atid will sit together. As well as whether Lapid and Bennett will continue to honor their reputed agreement that neither would join the coalition without the other.

We are facing a world that is smoldering and close to going up in flames, and the first order of business now should be coming together in strength to cope with the threats Israel faces.

And so I have had limited patience with the fact that, at least until now, coalition discussions have reportedly revolved around such issues as whether hareidi yeshiva students will have military deferments until age 21 or age 24, whether there will be 200 exemptions or 1,000. Yes, these issues must be resolved, slowly, in my opinion. In the long run it’s important for the country. But first things first.

The qualified positive news — as I write — is that Bennett has said that for the first time negotiations with Likud are making progress: “have finally begun to deal with essence [policies that would be adopted by the government]. This is good news.”

Credit: Flash 90

The next meeting between Likud-Beitenu and Bayit Hayehudi is said to be critical. And Yesh Atid? Not part of these negotiations, apparently — although Lapid is aware of them. He has to make a decision as to whether to also join the coalition. (That means, the way I’m reading it, that it’s not that he’s being excluded, which would mean Bennett broke the deal, but that it’s not clear if he wants in.)


Let’s look, briefly, at some of the ways in which the world is smoldering:

The Palestinian Arab violence in Judea and Samaria has not abated, but, if anything, has increased. This is all about the prisoners, but now with a new hook. On Saturday, Arafat Jaradat, who had been arrested because of his involvement in street violence, died in the Megiddo Prison.

His death is said by Israeli authorities to be the result of heart failure. At first it was thought a heart attack killed him. An autopsy, which ruled that out, has found no evidence of foul play and no definitive reason for his death. Some signs of external injury were found that are consistent with attempts to resucusitate him — such as broken ribs, but not sufficient to explain his death. More tests are being run.

See here for an article about how CPR resuscitation can legitimately cause broken ribs and more:


The Palestinian Authority is claiming that he died as the result of torture. Declared Abbas, “Israel wants anarchy by killing our children.” The funeral, attended by thousands, was in the village of Sa’ir near Hevron yesterday. Jaradat was given a 21 gun salute at his funeral. A hero. A martyr.

Credit: Guardian (uk)


PM Netanyahu has sent messages, both directly and via third parties, to the Palestinian Authority, telling them to use their influence to cool the riots. This was seen as a way of telling Abbas that he was seen as having control here.

There are at present varying opinions at the whether the violence will cool down. Right after the funeral, it was high. Roughly 150 Arabs tossed Molotov cocktails, and improvised grenades at IDF soldiers at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem, endangering worshippers at the Tomb as well. There were also 500 rioting in Beitunya, 100 rioting near Kalkilya, and clashes between some 50 Palestinian Arabs and Israeli security in Beit Omar. Another 200 rioted in Beit Anunu, while Hevron was the site of violence as well.

A statement by Abbas yesterday, however, is being interpreted by some as a sign that he did want to cool it without seeming to back down: “We know how to act and we won’t allow them [Israelis] to drag us to their square.”

Seems to me wishful thinking, as the violence has continued during the day today.


There are two interpretations of what this violence now is about.

One position maintains that this is the beginning of a new intifada and the other, that this is a tactic being employed before Obama visits. The two positions are not mutually exclusive.

Khaled Abu Toameh says this:

“There are many signs that the Palestinian Authority is seeking to escalate tensions in the West Bank ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit to the region next month.

“Although the Palestinian Authority probably does not want an all-out confrontation between Palestinians and Israelis at this stage, some Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah believe that a ‘mini-intifada’ would serve the Palestinians’ interests, especially on the eve of Obama’s visit.

“The officials hope that scenes of daily clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians in the West Bank will prompt Obama to exert pressure on the Israeli government to make far-reaching concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

“This is why the Palestinian Authority leadership has been encouraging its constituents lately to wage a ‘popular intifada’ against Israel, each time finding another excuse to initiate confrontations between Palestinians and Israel.

“…By encouraging a ‘popular intifada,’ the Palestinian Authority leadership is hoping to bring the Palestinian issue back to the top of the agenda of the US Administration and Israel.

“Palestinian Authority officials have in recent months expressed concern over the lack of interest in the Palestinian issue both in the US and Israel.

“The Palestinians have been absent from speeches delivered by Obama over the past few months, and the majority of parties that ran in the last Israeli elections did not even mention the Palestinian issue.

“But now that all eyes are once again turned toward the Middle East in anticipation of Obama’s planned visit, the Palestinian Authority is working hard to draw the world’s attention to the Palestinian issue, and hoping to achieve its goal by encouraging clashes between Palestinian protesters and the IDF and Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

“Although the violence has thus far remained on a low flame, it is expected to intensify as the date of Obama’s visit approaches.” (Emphasis added)



Note that Abu Toameh says, “…the Palestinian Authority probably does not want an all-out confrontation between Palestinians and Israelis at this stage,” which means they may seek a larger confrontation later.

But even if the PA intends to foment only a “mini” intifada, matters could well get out of hand.

What fascinates me is that the PA believes that by behaving violently they can gain points with Obama. They are not necessarily wrong. But how perverse is this situation. Violence works. The Palestinian Arabs should receive concessions when they’ve put aside violence, and show eagerness for genuine compromise, and only then.


A Grad Katyusha rocket was fired from Gaza into Ashkelon this morning. The first time that this has happened since the end of Operation Pillar of Defense in November. No one was injured but a road was damaged.

A connection between this and the increased violence in Judea and Samaria?


According to several sources, Assad has fled from the border area of the Golan, which is now controlled by rebel forces.

“The regime wants the rebels to take control of all villages on the border area so that Israel intervenes in the conflict, and then Assad can accuse Israel of conspiring against him,” according to Aiman Abu-Jable, an anti-Assad activist on the Israeli side of the Golan.

See here for further details:



There are reports that Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah has flown to Iran for treatment for cancer. According to the Voice of Lebanon, he has severe cancer-related complications. Hezbollah is denying that he has died.



Top of the list in terms of our smoldering world is Iran/Hezbollah. But the subject is sufficiently complex so that I have decided to table serious discussion for my next posting.


I will close with a very positive, inspiring Youtube — “This is Israel: Resilience.” We have so very much to be proud of. With all the frustrations, Israelis are special.



Want to Know Who the Enemies of the Republic Are?: Why KeyWiki is Better Than Wikipedia

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Wikipedia is an amazing source of information, but it has one glaring weakness.


Because anyone can edit Wikipedia, unflattering or controversial information about politicians or public figures is very easily removed or “censored.”

That applies particularly to the political left. It is a waste of time adding something about a contemporary politician’s socialist ties or communist background… it will be deleted faster than you can type it.

The left has armies of trolls, surfing the net, purging all information that reflects badly on their heroes.

That fault is exploited by the left to give the public a totally distorted view of many leading politicians.

Our sister site KeyWiki is different. Only approved people can edit our profiles. We’ve had several leftists, including the editor of Communist Party’s People’s World offer to help us. We have politely declined. Only vetted people may edit or alter our pages.

Check out Wikipedia’s page on communist poet Frank Marshall Davis.


Zero about Davis’s long time membership of the Communist Party USA. Zero about the FBI’s 600 page file on the man. Zero about Davis’ mentorship of the young Barack Obama. The two most important features of Davis’ life get ZERO coverage in Wikipedia.

Woefully inadequate and misleading to put it mildly! Dangerous even, because many people swear by Wikipedia.

Now check out the KeyWiki page on Frank Marshall Davis.

Which is more informative? Which better reveals the true character of the man? The reasons why we should be concerned over his links to President Obama.

Check out Wikipedia’s page on Vermont’s socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Virtually nothing on his extensive Marxist background. Compare it to KeyWiki’s article on comrade Sanders.

The same disparities can be found with thousands of US politicians and public figures.

KeyWiki has had more than 30,000,000 page views. We are a growing and much needed resource. We are fast becoming the first port of call for anyone seeking to understand the hidden power and breadth of the US left.

Where else but KeyWiki can you get this uncensored information? Who else has the tenacity to gather this information and the willingness to disseminate it?

Do you want KeyWiki to continue and grow? We need your support!

Please help the KeyWiki team get this vital information before the American public.

Help us to research and input more information on the US’ leading leftist politicians and public figures.

Please contribute today!


Attempt To Use Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Against Yet Another Innocent Christian: The Case Of Jan Masih

By: Aeneas Lavinium

People will read a great deal on the ICLA website about the dangers that are posed by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC’s) quest for a global blasphemy law. Blasphemy laws are nothing more than a bully’s charter. Blasphemy laws are a means of forcibly imposing one person’s religious beliefs on another. They are a substitute for reason and they are put in place to defend the indefensible. Secular blasphemy laws are imposed in the West in order to support the false assertions of the secular religion of socialism. Blasphemy laws are the totalitarian tools of tyrants.

In present day Pakistan the destructive effects of blasphemy laws can be seen for all to see. Their deleterious effects are clear and incontrovertible to anyone with even a minute sense of decency. Blasphemy laws are wrong because they are at odds with the most basic principles of freedom. But their malign impact is even greater. In Pakistan blasphemy laws are abused, as they are always likely to be, to settle scores and terrorise religious minorities. Blasphemy laws, just like the ideology of political correctness, are used as a means to facilitate witch hunts.

In the short article below, our friends at WVIP highlight the case of Jan Masih, a Christian who has been accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. Please take note of the article’s appeal to the international community to speak out against these laws that cause so much harm and human misery. The article was originally posted at the WVIP site but is reproduced below:

The Local Muslims of Saddiqabad town Mandi Farooqabad district Shiekhpura , tried to charge a Christian man named Jan Masih under Blasphemy law . One of the residents of Saddiqabad named Sehar-ul-Zaman accused Jan Masih that he is using such a cloth sheet on which there is a foot print of the Prophet of Islam. He also stated that it is the blasphemous act against the Prophet as Jan Masih used to spread that sheet on the floor to sit, and sometimes sleep on the same sheet as well.

Sehar –ul-Zaman instigated other Muslims of the locality and they all gathered around Jan Masih’s home and started shouting against the Christians and Jan Masih. Sehar-ul-Zaman also contacted his senior leaders of Sunni Tehreek and Caravan-e-Islam. Meanwhile World Vision in Progress was informed by the local Christians.

Sehar-ul-Zaman is the same man who charged a young Christian boy, Sajid Masih under a Blasphemy law a year ago on 19th May 2012. However, after 28 days World Vision in Progress succeeded in getting him free from the jail.

Meanwhile the Christian people along with WVIP contacted the local Muslim leaders regarding this issue. They also informed the police that Sehar-ul-Zaman is always trying to blackmail and harass the Christians. One of the Muslim leaders Haji Rasheed initiated the investigation and they all found Jan Masih innocent as he was not the one who made foot prints on the cloth sheet. Haji Rasheed also stated that they should take action against the factory owner who designed such sheet not the innocent Christian Jan Masih.

After two days of dialogues with the police and other Muslim leaders, WVIP successfully saved Jan Masih from being trapped into such a false accusation. Due to WVIP’s effort the FIR was not registered against Jan Masih but still his life is in danger. WVIP is planning to relocate him within next 48 hours. We would like to request you to keep praying for the Christians of Pakistan. We have observed that from last two years Blasphemy laws are used more actively against the innocent Christians to persecute them. This is our request to the international Community to lift your voice against these Dark laws.


The Current Face Islamization and Jihad in India By: Achintya Sundar Das and Zemira Eli Natan


The following is from our friends at International Unity For Equality:

The Current Face Islamization and Jihad in India By: Achintya Sundar Das and Zemira Eli Natan

The International Community is put on notice to recognize the following facts and issues that are effecting India currently and also the points in history that have led to the current situation in India and Pakistan. We are relating the Hindu experience versus the Historical and ongoing demand of Muslims to date. In 1923-1924 what was known as British India Muslims had no leadership and had a population of about 17- 20%. At this point in history Muslims in India started a movement to create a Muslim nation separate from India. The early 20’s witnessed the emergence of Muslim Nationalism. Under the Muslim leadership of that time the concept of Pakistan was born as a proposed state for Indian Muslims. Pakistan was formed on the basis thatIndia was not meeting the needs of Indian Muslims. The peak level of the popularity of this movement occurred between 1945-1946. The region known as undivided Bengal is now two thirds of what we now know of as Bangladesh, a Muslim territory currently and one third is now West Bengal. The important thing to understand is that Muslims took this land and occupied it. They also took the entire area of Sindh which is located in Pakistan. The Northwest Frontier Province was occupied by Pakistan and also Pakistan occupied Kashmir. During the partition, there was a Muslim majority in these states which became the Pakistan movement As we all know, Pakistan (what was known as West Pakistan before the creation of Bangladesh) resides in extreme western part of India. And Bangladesh (what was known as East Pakistan before its liberation from the Pakistani occupier) is situated in the extreme east, so there is no road in between India and Pakistan. It was a very painful situation for Pakistan to handle both of the two territories. Pakistan (West Pakistan) used to send their troops by plane or via ship to Bangladesh (East Pakistan). Also, families of both of the two territories of Pakistan used to have relatives in these two areas. They were facing big problems in order to reach and communicate easily. After the creation of Pakistan, within some months Muslim leaders started demanding a corridor or road between the two territories through Indian soil. India opposed that demand strongly and openly said we will never give you any corridor joining these two territories. Pakistan initiated a plan and programme in the mind of remaining Indian Muslims those started living in India after the formation of Pakistan that increased the population in the areas such as West Bengal, Assam, Northeast, Uttar Pradesh touching the border area of Nepal, Bhutan and joined it with Kashmir in order to force the granting of our demand. That old demand is now a bitter truth in India. The way they are increasing the Muslim population currently is the same way they will do it within 30 years.

1) Terrorist Attacks and Riots in every part of India.

2) Love Jihad

3) Expulsion of Hindus from Muslim ghettos and Forced Conversion.

4) Muslims doesn’t respect the law of the country, though the Indian government openly says we share equality under the law and the principle of we two ours two. We two ours two is a term that means every couple should take maximum of two children. Where an average Muslim couple has minimum 6-7 children, sometimes you will see 15 children of one Muslim couple. So that means Muslims do not follow family planning in a way that they can support their families.

5) India is secular country and the government encourages that a person should marry only woman, but Muslims do not practice this. Instead, they practice Sharia. The Indian government has given up just to avoid civil war and loss of lives and property of non muslims. The Indian government supports this very wrong political move.

6) Muslims of India are destroying Hindu shrines, temples in every part of this country.

7) The mainstream media is useless since they claim that if we show the truth about the current violence that is occurring in India that Muslims will start rioting, so it’s simply better to appease Muslims and avoid the interests of non Muslims.

8) Muslims of India have never followed modern education and they will never follow it.

9) Muslims practices SHARIAH and MADRASAH EDUCTAION, and it is becoming a threat now. Already in India Muslims made demands for a compulsory education in all government institutions and some secular government educational institutions already started its operation India.

10) India is a secular country so there should not be any use of religion to control the policy of the country. But in many states like West Bengal , the Andhra Pradesh government started offering jobs to Muslims on reservation and quota basis avoiding other true minority communities like Parsis, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Sri Lankan Tamils, and Bangladeshi refugees. Many are considered they less important minorities for acknowledgement by the government.

11) The demand of Muslims are already met everywhere and all political parties ofIndia are now a puppet of Muslim Militants. Now the government of India wants communal harmony of Muslims and non Muslims at any cost by sacrificing non Muslim interests and only offering for Muslim interests. It is just like a nightmare in a secular democratic structure, though officially India is known as a secular country but the reality is that it is not.

12) Infiltration of foreigners like Pakistanis and Bangladeshis through Indo-Bangladesh and Indo-Pak border is happening in full swing and they are converting the border districts of India into a Muslim majority.

13) DGFI, ISI, AL QAEDA and Communists have a lobby to dismantle India.

14) Muslims offer Azaan in the streets of many big cities and block the road by just breaking the traffic rules of this country. Police just does the opposite thing without arresting them. They provide them security and harass the non Muslims if they ask about it.

15) The Congress Government created a communal violence bill which is just a communal bill The bill says if there is any riot found in India then Hindus will be accountable for it. As they form majority in this country so it is their duty to maintain peace and integrity. But unfortunately we know who is actually accountable for violating human rights and peace in this country.

16) After the creation of India, Pakistan always tried to dismantle this country by promoting terror with their hundreds of organizations like LET, JAIS E MUHHAMAD, AL QAEADA PAKISTAN UNIT

HUJI AND INDIAN Mujahedeen are also working in Bangladesh and India for the same cause

17) Muslims of India get study loans with a lower interest rates, and they get discount of flight fare when thy go to attend the Hajj in Saudi Arabia with the hardly paid tax dollars of Hindus and others in India.

Muslims live on the welfare of India State’s money but they don’t abide by the law of this country.

18) A silent form of job jihad, media jihad, food jihad and clinical jihad is going on inIndia most of the people are not aware about this in India.

19) Indian government is highly careful to protect radical people like Asauddin Oaisi and Akbaruddin Oaisi , Zakir Naik, Moulana Madani and many people who propagate hatred, hate speech, and the end of secularism in India whereas the government refuses to provide security and visas to people like Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen. It clearly proves that India is a Pseudo secular state

20) Organizations like Simi( Student Islamic movement India) , MIM, ALL INDIA MINORITY FORUM , MUSLIM LEAGUE ARE RISING EVERYWHERE with more radical demands in India.

21) Already some states are having civil war in India in the absence of mainstream media for high Muslim populations like West Bengal, Assam, UP, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and in thousands of Muslim ghettos sharing the same problem especially the big cities.

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Equality

Achintya Sundar Das
Administrative Director
International Unity for Equality


Christian Boy Was Killed Due To An Affair With Muslim Girl


The following is from our friends at World Vision In Progress News:


A Christian boy named Mard-e-Khuda, resident of Tehsil Haroonabad, District Bahawalpur, aged 19 years was barbarically assassinated on 9th January2013. He was falsely accused of having an affair with a Muslim girl.

The local young Muslims had threatened him and they also used to proclaim openly that they will kill Mard-e-Khuda. On 9th January 2013, three Muslim men named Muhammad Shafique, Illyas(Eidoo) and Sufiyan broke into his house and brutally assassinated him at 5.30 a.m. Illyas and Sufiyan gripped his hands and legs tightly and Mohammad Shafique hit his head with an axe. Afterwards Illyas and Sufiyan also stabbed him with a dagger. In the meanwhile Mard-e-Khuda’s father woke up and as he started shouting and crying, the culprits ran from the spot.

On the same day an FIR bearing no.7/13 under section 302/34 was registered against them in Faqeerwali Police Station Bahawalpur. Unfortunately the Police is cooperating with the culprits and they have not yet arrested Mohammad Shafique, Illyas and Sufiyan. All three of them are living in the same vicinity and the police is not taking any action against them, even the S.H.O stated that such Christian who was having an affair with a Muslim girl was rightly killed by the Muslims.

In Pakistan, hundreds of Christian girls are raped and forcefully converted by the Muslims but if any Christian man does such thing, he is sentenced to death and even the Muslim girl is also apostated. Religious minority is facing this discriminatory law every day while living in Pakistan.

WVIP is filing a petition on Monday, 25th February 2013. One month has been passed but the police is still not arresting the culprits. Even Illyas has admitted openly that he had killed Mard-e-Khuda but the police is reluctant to arrest all three of them.


ICLA Now Working With Pakistan Based World Vision In Progress


ICLA is now working with Pakistan based World Vision In Progress (WVIP) that works tirelessly for Pakistan’s Christian minority. WVIP explains its work on its news website as follows:

“WVIP news is a project of World Vision in Progress a ground NGO working for the rights of Christians in Pakistan. It has been observed that every year 150 Million Christians endure from Persecution around the world. Almost every day Christians were persecuted in Islamic world due their faith in Christ, and local media hardly cover the reports.

World Vision in Progress is Pakistani based NGO, working against the social and religious Discrimination of Christians in Pakistan. Blasphemy Laws, forcible conversion, rape and Abduction are the level of Persecution in Pakistan.

Christian persecution in Islamic world is a modern Holocaust and WVIP felt its obligation to share and reports to international world through the Web-media, so together we all can lift our voices for our brothers and sisters.”

The work of WVIP is crucial and deserves widespread international support and recognition for its important work. We would like all our readers and supporters to publicize its work. The organisations news site can be found at: http://www.wvipnews.com

WVIP is not just an Internet based organisation but is is engaged in important human rights work on the ground in Pakistan. ICLA feels proud and privileged to be associated with World Vision In Progress.