4 thoughts on “Millions Of Native Americans Exempt From Obamacare Individual Mandate – America’s Newsroom

  1. not only are we continuing to pay them but they to are exempt now, who the hell is going to be left to pay anything. Obama is a crack and heroin addict and is mentally ill in need of hospitalization, he is the anti Christ people, if you like it of not. you are being led by an evil man that has been inculcated by Satan.

  2. Sorry, I think we’ve screwed the Native Americans over enough. They deserve the $ they currently get and they should be exempt from this if we’re already giving them cash for insurance. Agree that the whole thing is retarded though. Hey Obama: YOU SUCK!!

  3. Natives like myself were slaughtered , and wiped out by whites , with few remaining to tell the story , what goes around comes around , one must contemplate the crimes of his ancestors has come back to haunt you…

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