One thought on “RUSH: Anti-War Movement Doesn’t Really Exist

  1. Rush,
    You, as usual hit the nail on the head. The liberals have a set of rules for conservatives and a different set of rules for themselves. The left can do scandalous things and demand a gag order for any criticism challenging their authority. If anyone dares to challenge their scandalous acts then the problem is in the challenger. Hillary and Benghazi come to mind. You are absoloutly right; there is no anti-war movement. When liberals are in charge all is forgiven. What happened to the cries from the liberals for separation of “Church & State when OBamaCare mandated the Catholic Church to fund abortion. As you said, liberals only criticize when Conservatives are in power. They grab at anything and everything to protest, and the left-wing Main Stream Media cheers them on.
    Thanks for being the thorn in the lefts utopian balloon.

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