Former Border Patrol agent warns what’s coming

By: James Simpson
DC Independent Examiner

Zach Taylor

The video interview posted here is worth watching in its entirety. Zach Taylor is a 27 year veteran Border Patrol agent with supervisory experience. He has testified before Congress as an expert witness on criminal activity in wilderness areas. His message is credible. He accuses the federal government in a coverup that is deliberately shielding critical information from the public.

Taylor says that whoever is perpetrating the border crisis is engaged in a perfect asymmetrical military tactic. While the American people focus on “the children,” he points out that they are actually only a tiny proportion of the people crossing the border. That we are apprehending about 10 percent of the illegal border crossers, and that the other 90 percent are not children. Since only 10 – 15 percent of those apprehended are children, that means we are focused on about 1 percent of the problem. The adults that we are missing are bringing in weapons, personnel and supplies while our attention is diverted by the needs of the children.

He says a very credible informer told him that that the most dangerous crime element in Mexico City is Russian Mafia. That means KGB. Few people know this, but the Soviets entered a secret pact with Mexico very early in the last century, almost certainly with the eventual aim of utilizing Mexico’s strategic position in offenses against the U.S. There is little doubt in my mind that the border crisis is an endgame strategy designed to bring in the people and weapons that will kill us. And Taylor asserts that Obama is in on the plan.

The only way to defeat this border swamping strategy is for state governments to initiate independent action with assistance from American volunteers. The federal government is betraying our country and its representatives are betraying their oath to “support and defend” our Constitution and country “from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Time for governors to stand up, seal the border and begin deporting aliens on their own. We need to get aggressive here. Otherwise Obama and his fellow communists will steal our country from us while we watch. And we are likely setting ourselves up for a terrorist attack. As Dick Cheney has warned, another attack is coming which will be far deadlier than 9-11.

Watch the video and support the “Back to the Border” film project.

8 thoughts on “Former Border Patrol agent warns what’s coming

  1. So if these Russian-Mexican KGB moles are swarming across the border, heavily armed…. How come we’re not catching even a single one of them?

  2. Mr. Reynolds. (And I use that loosely) unless you are a candidate for a plexiglass navel. Explanation as follows; because your head is so far up your (!) you need a porthole to see the light of day. There is over a thousand miles of border most of which has no roads to cross. That doesn’t even take into account how easily a boat could slip in. You must be one of those coincidence theorist since you don’t believe some may conspire to do evil. Am I right?

  3. The bad guys aren’t getting picked up because the BP is overwhelmed with women and kids. It’s been documented that Arab Muslims are here illegally. Muslim prayer rugs, Hamas shoulder patches and Arabic marked food packS have been found. Obama has no intention of letting a good crisis go to waste. He seems intent on ruining the Border Patrol and making our borders meaningless.

  4. A longtime friend and former federal agent who worked the border said the same as does Mr. Taylor. Only a very few of the ‘children’ are actually children. Most are adults of Mexican, central American, and middle eastern persuasion along with a number of Russian and former East Bloc operatives who have long been bringing in weapons as well as personnel.

    Kudos to Mr. Taylor for bravely speaking the truth.

    As for Mr. Reynolds, a blog poster above, he perfectly defines the phrase ‘Coincidence Theorist’ one so incredibly naïve as to believe that a multiplicity of simultaneous malevolent occurrences are mere happenstance.

    Of course we haven’t caught jihado-marxist subversives getting across the border: their job is to avoid surveillance and apprehension so as to hide deep within our nation until directed to attack. That’s their job: to not get caught.

    And it greatly helps their job that for years, twenty somethings with law degrees in DC have done their best to prevent, frustrate, and hamstring any and all border operatives from doing their jobs.

    DC lawyuhs who cite the alleged privacy rights of drug lords as a way of stopping vital surveillance activities are the subversives’ best friends.

    The communists have done their work very well.

  5. Actually 3 hardcore Ukrainians were picked up almost a month ago down south. After they broke into a ranch house, partied some, and got lost in transit to a pickup point. Their cell phone indicated someone in Seattle area was due to pick them up, but never showed. Arresting cops said they were “trained”, meaning military I assume. This is happening, but not being talked about due to national security.

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