The Two Things That Raise Eyebrows About the El Paso Shooting

By: Frank Salvato

There is no question that the recent shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas were a tragedy for those affected. As well, these shootings can be seen as nothing less than acts of domestic terrorism (they fit the basic definition of terrorism, and they were domestic at their core). But the El Paso shooting stands out as a hand over-played by the Progressive-Fascist Left, both domestically and internationally.

As usual, the mainstream media is committing sins of omission are a fast and furious rate, pun intended. Even as they paint the societally dysfunctional shooter, Patrick Crusius, as a “white nationalist”, they are conveniently leaving out his self-declaration as a neo-Progressive; a self-declaration proven by his own hand in his “manifesto”.

Gateway Pundit points out that Crusius was a proponent of both basic universal income and universal healthcare, two goals only valued by the Progressive-Fascist Left:

“In the near future, America will have to initiate a basic universal income to prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest as people lose their jobs (to automation). Joblessness is in itself a source of civil unrest…Achieving ambitious social projects like universal healthcare and UBI would become far more likely to succeed if tens of millions of defendants are removed.”

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El Paso Shooting: Latest Atrocity Exploited By Democrats

By: Lloyd Marcus

My prayers and heartfelt sympathy goes out to the victims of the El Paso mall shooting.  The gunman posted a manifesto.

One of the issues that angered the gunman is illegal immigration.  Democrats and fake news media will jump on this like white on rice.  Despicably, they will launch a bogus narrative that the gunman is a typical Trump voter, driven to violence by Trump’s racist rhetoric.

Don’t be fooled, folks.  The deranged gunman’s views are all over the ideological map.  However, his environmental views are clearly the result of the progressives dominating public education and fake news media.  This quote from the manifesto exposes his insane progressive environmental views.

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North Korea Stole $2 Billion For Its WMD Programs

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Primer: North Korea has launched 4 rounds of missiles in less than 2 weeks. Talks between the United States and North Korea have stalled. The missiles tested during the recent launches are short-range, however, can reach South Korea and can travel as far as an estimated 400 miles. These test missiles allegedly are very advanced such that they are being advertised as having the abilities to evade missile defense systems. Additionally, each launch took place from a different ground location.

Image result for kim jong un missile launches

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – North Korea has generated an estimated $2 billion for its weapons of mass destruction programs using “widespread and increasingly sophisticated” cyber attacks to steal from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a confidential U.N. report seen by Reuters on Monday.

Pyongyang also “continued to enhance its nuclear and missile programs although it did not conduct a nuclear test or ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) launch,” said the report to the U.N. Security Council North Korea sanctions committee by independent experts monitoring compliance over six months.

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