“Unconventional Warfare”: Moscow Propanda Uses “Ferguson” to Demonize United States

***NoisyRoom.net Note: While I am still not a big fan of the over-militarization of the police, in light of Russia opposing it and threats that we are facing, my support leans more towards the police. If Russia is using propaganda warfare techniques to demonize it – to get us to disarm, then I’m for the modernization and upkeep of equipment for the police in any case. They have a job to do and need to be safe doing it – I just don’t want it used against law-abiding Americans. It has caused a bit of re-evaluation for me. But never fear… I still believe that the military equipment is overkill and a bad idea.

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Here’s an example of Russia’s unconventional warfare against the US. Kremlin propaganda station RT (Russia Today) uses “Ferguson” and gives us thirty minutes of almost unrelenting (and occasionally subtle) America bashing – including even an interview with Hamas loving radical Bassem Masri.

Bassem Masri

Bassem Masri

Please take your blood pressure pills first.


The New Axis of Evil Waging Unconventional Warfare

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

For years, we have warned about the solidifying new Axis of Evil between Russia, China and Iran. It is now fully formed and growing in strength. Already Russia and China’s militaries have grown arguably more powerful than ours if you consider their nuclear arsenals and Obama’s rigorous gutting of our military stockpiles and forces. The purge continues daily. All the while a military/security pact has flourished among the Axis of Evil players via the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Unlike the US, our enemies realize that the Cold War never ended… it shifted and put on a new face. We must confront the fact we are at war with these foes, because whether we recognize it or not, they certainly do. It won’t be long until they have formulated their strategies sufficiently enough and tested their capabilities thoroughly enough to ensure victory when they attack us full force and on multiple fronts.

While we have used diplomacy and have attempted to talk our enemies to death or to strangle them economically, said enemies have developed a whole cadre of unconventional warfare skills that include clandestine, strike forces, cyber, battlefield, drone/aerial, nuclear, space, economic, infiltration, information/data, legal, psychological, political, medical, propaganda, terrorism and media efforts. The US is stuck in viewing warfare as a one or two front venture, when in reality it is multifaceted and is a military hydra of immense possibilities. Where we are naive in this regard, unfortunately for us, our enemies are not. Our strategy to counter unconventional, information warfare threats from states and terrorists is wholly lacking.

To counter the threats that face us, we must think as our enemies do. Plan and strategize as they do. Take a look at the Chinese who have been waging unrestricted warfare strategies since the 1990s. While we dithered over political correctness, the Chinese have been conquering space; the Russians have taken over the Arctic; both own the oceans and skies, and both have been regularly attacking us via cyberspace as has been Iran. China is suspected in numerous power outages in the Eastern US. These are dry runs – tests, since the Russians and the Chinese have malware cozily nestled in all of our major infrastructure now just awaiting the right moment of activation.

From Bill Gertz:

The 48-page white paper, published Sept. 26 by the Fort Bragg, North Carolina command, urges building new, non-kinetic warfare tools into a comprehensive U.S. and allied strategy.

The tools should include covert and clandestine special operations commando activities combined with political, intelligence, diplomatic, and financial warfare methods to counter the activities of states like Russia, China and Iran, and insurgent activities by terrorist groups such as the Islamic State.

Countering unconventional warfare also should be made “central to U.S./NATO security policy and practice over the next several decades,” the report states.

The Army study said the U.S. government “lacks a cohesive [information warfare] strategy to counter adversary [unconventional warfare] campaigns conducted by state and non-state actors, and this has hindered the U.S./NATO response to Russian aggression in Ukraine.”

“The U.S. government must develop a comprehensive framework to plan and execute regional and global IW strategies and operations that counter adversary UW campaigns as part of a whole-of-government approach,” the report said.

One wonders why the sole remaining Super Power on Earth would let their enemies so outpace them militarily. There is a very simple, brutal answer: we have an enemy from within as President. Obama wants us gutted as a military power so we will fall to our enemies. It’s as simple as that. Every action he has carried out screams it. The latest being getting rid of Hagel. Albeit, Hagel was a weak military agent, but at least in the end he had the nerve to say Obama was screwing things up. He paid the price for his honesty. Obama is sending weapons and supplies not to our allies, but to our enemies in the Middle East. The Pentagon and the military know that the Commander-in-Chief is sabotaging them. Oh, yes they do. There is severe conflict in the military ranks and it will get worse and may come to the breaking point.

While Islamic threats are incredibly dangerous and horribly barbaric in their bloody Caliphate building across the Middle East, the bigger threat is Russia and China. If Obama wanted to, he could decimate ISIS militarily, but you won’t see him do that because they serve his agenda. He is using ISIS as a distraction to justify other maneuvers, such as forming an alliance with a nuclear Iran and further weakening us. It’s been planned all along. And Obama’s agenda serves Russia and China. We are watching bloody Kabuki Theater in the military arena. Nothing is as it seems and we are being played.

More from Gertz:

“Russian unconventional warfare is thus the central, most game-changing component of a hybrid warfare effort involving conventional forces, economic intimidation of regional countries, influence operations, force-posturing all along NATO borders, and diplomatic intervention,” the report said.

“The brazen audacity of unconventional warfare within Russian hybrid warfare has produced urgent concern among America’s NATO and non-NATO partners that Russia may apply similar approaches to other regional countries in the region with dissenting Russophile populations, such as the Baltic States, Moldova, and Georgia,” the report adds.

According to the report, Russia is using special operations forces, intelligence agents, political provocateurs, and news media reporters, as well as transnational criminal elements in eastern and southern Ukraine.

“Funded by the Kremlin and operating with differing degrees of deniability or even acknowledgement, the Russian government uses ‘little green men’ for classic [unconventional warfare] objectives,” the report says.

The objectives of Russian covert warfare include “causing chaos and disrupting civil order” and provoking an excessive reaction from Ukrainian security organs that Moscow hopes will delegitimize the Kiev government.

The Russians have engaged in a successful unconventional warfare campaign against Ukraine by organizing pro-Russian separatists and dispatching advisers and fighters from Russian special forces and intelligence units to assist them. Activities include funding and arming, tactical coordination, and fire support for separatist military operations.

The report identified retired Col. David S. Maxwell, a former Army special operations officer, as a “chief advocate” for a new counter unconventional warfare strategy and methods.

“Our enemies are conducting unconventional warfare and political warfare: Russia and its new Generation Warfare, Iran and its Iranian Action Network, and the Chinese Three Warfares,” Maxwell said in an email to the Washington Free Beacon.

“Non-state actors such as al Qaeda are conducting unconventional and political warfare,” he added. “We need to understand their strategies and we need to be able to counter their strategies. Counter unconventional warfare provides a foundation for strategic thinking about the threat strategies we face.”

Maxwell told a U.S. Special Operations Command briefing in July that counter unconventional warfare, or U-CW in Army parlance, can prevent states and groups from achieving their strategic aims.

Counter programs against unconventional war are likely to be “protracted and psychological-centric in nature,” Maxwell told SOCOM and added that the United States should “comprehensively employ political, economic, military, and psychological pressure” to degrade both the will and capability of enemies to use the new form of warfare.

The US must resume political warfare that was utilized before the end of the Cold War. Time to get our spies and operatives ready to go again. It’s a new, ruthless game out there and we are way behind.

We need to use special forces such as SEAL teams and the Green Berets for targeted assassinations and surgical strikes. They are among the most deadly players on the planet – let’s use their special talents to our full advantage. It is a game of war we dare not lose. Set loose the dogs of war and play to win.

I would caution America to get with it and to realize just how big an enemy both Russia and China are. The Chinese are incredibly brilliant strategists and can be ruthless and absolutely cold-blooded.

The Washington Free Beacon:

China’s use of unconventional warfare was described in the Army report as based on the 1999 book by two Chinese colonels called Unrestricted Warfare that calls for using all means to defeat enemies, including cyber attacks, ecological warfare, financial warfare, and terrorism.

“China will use a host of methods, many of which lie out of the realm of conventional warfare,” the report said. “These methods include trade warfare, financial warfare, ecological warfare, psychological warfare, smuggling warfare, media warfare, drug warfare, network warfare, technological warfare, fabrication warfare, resources warfare, economic aid warfare, cultural warfare, and international law warfare.”

Examples include China’s threat several years ago to sell off large U.S. debt holdings to protest U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, and cutting off sales of rare earth minerals to Japan in a dispute over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

Chinese news outlets also are used in media warfare, including at the White House. “The Chinese state-controlled television station network CCTV has a White House pool reporter that could influence U.S. media reporting on China issues,” the report said.

Cyber attacks also are a key Chinese unconventional warfare tool and the report said Chinese hackers are suspected of causing power outages in the northeastern United States and Florida, the report said.

“China’s cyber-attacks clearly show the vulnerabilities to the U.S. public and private sectors information and infrastructure security,” the report said. “States like Russia and China will continue to exploit weaknesses in cyberspace to gather information and influence others.”

Iran’s strong point is terrorism and the funding of such across the planet, especially Hezbollah. But they also use HAMAS, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Taliban and Iraqi Shia groups. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Qods Force is infamous for their military prowess and the willingness to be brutal as needed. In Iraq, they target dams, power plants and pipelines. In 2012, Iran was responsible for cyber attacks on US banks that produced “debilitating” effects. Iranian hackers also infiltrated Navy and Marine Corps computer networks and they are backing the Syrian Electronic Army cyber group.

Obama wants an alliance with Iran and is angling for them to go fully nuclear – he is in bed with the enemy – via Trevor Loudon:

Here is the bait which will be used to lure the American public onto a viciously barbed hook.

Michael Ledeen maintains that Obama has wanted an alliance with Iran since the beginning of his first term of office. Obama would know that it would take something pretty dramatic to get the American public to swallow such a repugnant policy reversal.

To accept Iran, the public would have to be conditioned to fear something even worse.

It is known that Obama knew about ISIS for months and did nothing until they gathered so much strength and committed so many atrocities that he could no longer ignore them.

Now with horrific mass killings and brutal filmed beheadings, much of the American public believes that a ragtag army of Islamist extremists is public enemy number one. Not to diminish the threat from ISIS in any way, but what about Russia and its 8,500 nukes, China with its rapidly growing political, economic and military power, and an almost nuclear capable Iran? The focus is now all on ISIS – a threat that the president was at least negligent in allowing to grow.

Did the President deliberately allow ISIS to get out of hand in order to gull the American public into accepting an alliance with their former sworn enemy, Iran?

Is Obama deliberately exploiting the “Isis Crisis” in order to create the unholiest of unholy alliances?

Was ISIS allowed to grow unchecked, so that Obama could hold out his hand in friendship to a sworn enemy of liberty and American values? To a nation that still plans to annihilate America’s only real real friend in the Middle East, Israel?

I suspect that President Obama does not plan to let the “Isis Crisis” go to waste.

The US needs to have leaders that lead, who aren’t craven cowards and who aren’t afraid of offending someone. They need those that act decisively on their own, while at the same time are part of a strong military command. If killing and destruction are called for, do it and don’t look back. Don’t clean up the mess, leave that to our enemies. It sends a message and projects strength. We win and go home. The new Axis of Evil is waging unconventional warfare against us and we better wake up to the fact we are in a world war before we wind up permanently crippled or dead as a nation. War is unforgiving and so are our enemies – strategize, plan and execute before our enemies do.


Watcher’s Council Nominations – What Stays In Vegas Edition

The Watcher’s Council

Snake Eyes for ol' Snake eyes.

Snake Eyes For the Snake-In-Chief!

From the awesome Chris Muir at Day By Day, of course.

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council. Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday morning.

Council News:

The Council In Action!!

Tom White of Virginia Right is increasing in awesomeness every time we turn around! Aside from his status as a political guru in the Old Dominion, being virtually alone in predicting Dave Brat’s upset victory, he’s now becoming a local go to on other issues as well.

This week, he was cited in the Richmond Post-Dispatch, was interviewed on WRIC, the local ABC outlet and linked to on the station’s website after he wrote a big story locally about how parents in his locality were upset by the odd use of the name ‘Jihad’ in a kid’s math problem, which goes along with the Muslim Brotherhood line about ‘Jihad’ merely meaning ‘struggle’ and thus normal behavior… even though all four Muslim fiqhs (Muslim schools of jurisprudence) agree that it’s primary use is to refer to holy war against the infidel. Here’s Tom in action:

You just know that the retired teacher they let follow him is a hardcore Democrat, right? Outstanding, sir.

And speaking of outstanding, there’s another little matter we need to get to. Tom White just had a birthday that slipped by my notice, so it’s time for a belated festiva, que sabe?

Shadow Birthday Cake

This little number is called a Shadow Cake… yellow sponge with homemade chocolate buttercream, with some candy roses on top.


And to drink, I’m going to resist the urge to go local and splurge on some Veuve Cliqot.

And, for those of you whom indulge, some wondrous Virginia moonshine, manufactured by men who despise both the revenooers (don’t we all?) and the idea of turning perfectly good corn into ethanol. Instead, they provide us with this nectar.

Slanje, Lechaim and Kempai!

Tom is what used to be referred to as a Renaissance man, someone who does many things superbly well. Aside from his undoubted blogging talent (he was chosen a top political blogger by the AFP in the 2012 elections), he’s a highly accomplished singer/songwriter who gigs locally and has his own studio, is highly active in Virginia politics, runs his own insurance agency and is a top IT consultant as well.

Of course, all that aside, he’s a great guy and a firm friend. He’s never failed to help out any of us who are mired in techi-type difficulties and that especially applies to me. Although none of us on the Council have ever met him personally, he was our unanimous choice to be the Council’s treasurer, which is just a small indication of the respect we have for him and the esteem we hold him in.

Me? All I’ll say is that from minute one, Tom was one of those people I instinctively liked. And also on the plus side, he puts up with me… how good is that?

Happy belated my friend. Many, many more.

This week, Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion, The Political Commentator, The Elder Of Ziyon and Seraphic Secret earned honorable mention status with some great articles.

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May You Live in Interesting Times

Arlene from Israel

This phrase is usually identified as an “old Chinese curse,” while in fact it is neither old nor Chinese in origin.  What it is, clearly, is ironic, which is why I am using it:  Our “interesting” times are often overwhelming – filled with turmoil and confusion.  Oi! Could we do with a bit of “uninteresting” times.


I would like to share some news that reflects back on what I wrote yesterday:

The vote in the Knesset on the “Jewish state” law has been tabled for at least a week and a good deal of the tension has dissipated.  Part of the reason for this, I suspect, is that neither Livni nor Lapid – both of whom said they’d leave the coalition rather than support the law – are eager for the new elections that their leaving the coalition might spark.  Polls indicate that they would both garner fewer mandates than they have now – which in Livni’s case might mean her disappearance from the Knesset. Talk is cheap.  (Although I would not be sorry to see her gone from the Knesset.)


The US State Department did offer its (unsolicited) opinion on the law.  A spokesman said: “Israel is a Jewish and democratic state and all its citizens should enjoy equal rights. We expect Israel to stick to its democratic principles.”

Naftali Bennett’s response to this on IDF radio this morning was right on: “I say to the Americans that the affairs of the State of Israel – we will manage.  We will have to deal with the implications…and what kind of country we want…This is an internal issue and I think that no one has the right to intervene…”

Of course, the unspoken implication of the State Department comment is that the Jewish State legislation would damage Israel’s democracy.


But look who is unabashedly supporting the “Israel is a Jewish State” legislation: Father Gabriel Nadaf, a Greek Orthodox priest (and an Arab) from Nazareth who promotes IDF service for Christian Arabs in Israel.

He went to the UN recently to say that the only safe place for Christians in the Middle East is Israel.

Father Gabriel Nadaf
Credit: Facebook

This amazing man gets it, even if some Jews in Israel refuse to get it.  The JPost describes what Father Nadaf wrote on his Facebook page (emphasis added):

”He said that it is ironic that, although the State of Israel defines itself as a Jewish and democratic state, democratic principles are well-founded in law, whereas Jewish principles are not.”The priest also said that the claim by ‘a small minority, with great influence via the Supreme Court, the media, and leftist academia’ that Israel is ‘a state of all it’s citizens,’ was lovely at first sight, ‘but covers a severe injury to the Jewishness of the state.’”

“’Even the Basic Laws – which the Supreme Court has turned into a constitution, contrary to all internationally recognized practice – where it says that Israel is a Jewish and democratic state, have been interpreted to give a clear superiority to the democratic dimension above the Jewish dimension,’ he said.

Nadaf highlighted what he said is the importance of defining Israel as a Jewish state in light of the refusal of the Palestinian leadership to so.

There is a reason why they won’t recognize [Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people]. They prefer it to be a state of all its citizens, without a national perspective, which would allow them to claim their own national rights in the land forever, including the concept of the ‘right of return.’ In light of this, it is important to clarify in law to the citizens of the state, who maybe have forgotten this, to our neighbors, and to the entire world, that it is not worthwhile for them to err. The Jews have returned home and established their national state. They are no longer temporary residents in the Land of Israel,” Nadaf wrote.

”He noted that all minority citizens living in the State of Israel “enjoy freedom and equality in all aspects, and that for Israel to define itself as Jewish would not pose any obstacle for members of minority groups to live in peace in the country.”

This, I believe, is worth sharing.  It carries more weight when a non-Jew in Israel says minorities enjoy freedom and equality in all aspects.


Switching gears just slightly…we now have another proposed piece of legislation that is sparking controversy.  Referred to as the Haneen Zoabi bill, it would be an amendment to Basic Law, and states:

“an MK who in a time of war or military action against an enemy state or terror organization offers public support for military struggle against the State of Israel, their term in the Knesset shall be terminated on the day the Knesset decides by a majority of its members and at the recommendation of the Knesset House Committee that the published comments constitute the aforementioned expressions of support.”

The involvement of the House Committee is essential for determining precisely what constitutes public support for an enemy.  Netanyahu is in favor of this legislation, but wants to see a supermajority of votes (I’m reading 70) required, rather than the simple majority of half plus one (which is 61).

The legislation has the support of a broad spectrum of MKs, and was proposed by David Rotem (Yisrael Beitenu), who chairs the Knesset Committee on Constitution, Law and Justice.

MK David Rotem (Yisrael Beiteinu). (Flash90)

Credit: Flash 90


My response to this is, Mazel Tov!  The failure of the Knesset to take action against MKs who are obviously not loyal to Israel has been distressing to many for a long time.  Hopefully this situation will now be rectified.

There will be an outcry with regard to this proposal, as well, from the Arab parties and the left.  With this outcry will come a certain confusion about what the real issues are.  The claim will be that a democracy must permit free speech. But even free speech has limits.

It is instructive to read what Knesset legal advisor Ayal Yinon had to say on these issues less than a month ago.  When Haneen Zoabi was banned for six months from all Knesset activity except voting (I wrote about this yesterday), she went to the High Court, claiming that the Knesset has no legal right to sanction an MK for expressing a political opinion.

Explained Yinon: We are not dealing with the expression of unethical opinions, which would be protected by parliamentary immunity. It is rather that Zoabi’s statements violate MKs’ vow to be faithful to the State of Israel and its laws and work for the good of the country.

Let’s see where this goes now.  This proposed legislation definitely feels like progress for Israel.  I have long felt that this woman should be tossed out of the Knesset.  Yesterday I wrote that she said the kidnappers of the boys were not terrorists.  But, during our war with Hamas this summer, she also encouraged Hamas rocket attacks and wrote on a Hamas website that they should put Israel under siege.  From where I sit that smells like treason.


The bitter irony is that in spite of legal/ethical debates such as those described above, and the democratic protections that are in place, Israel is charged with persecution of its minorities, racism, and “apartheid.” In my view, we’ve put up with too much that is unacceptable, for too long.


The EU Parliament had been scheduled to vote on recognizing a Palestinian state today, but that vote has been tabled for two weeks. Not a whole lot of time.  Reasons given for the postponement include dissension within the EU on the language of the resolution; opposition to the resolution by some member states, most notably Germany; and intense lobbying for postponement that has been done by Israel. It is hoped that the two weeks will provide time for convincing some additional states to oppose the resolution.


According to the Ma’an News Agency, PA Foreign Minister Riyad ha-Maliki said Monday that there would be a delay in bringing the issue of Palestinian statement before the Security Council – both because the Council was preoccupied with Iranian issues and because the support of member states had not been secured.

Yesterday, according to the Wafa News Agency, ha-Maliki denies this and says they are proceeding.

When they figure out what they’re doing, they can let us know.


Sweden passed a resolution recognizing a Palestinian state last month, prompting Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman to angrily recall the Israeli ambassador to Sweden.  After Sweden indicated its desire to sustain a relationship with Israel – and it became clear that the Swedish government took the position it did for internal political reasons – the decision was made that we will allow our ambassador to return at the end of this week.

The parliaments of Britain, Ireland and Spain have passed non-binding resolutions urging their respective governments to recognize a Palestinian state. The parliaments of France, Denmark, and Slovenia will be voting similarly before long.  But so far no other nation has actually voted to recognize the state.

From a legal perspective, these votes are without impact.  Remember that the PA simply does not fulfill the qualifications for a state. But there are political ramifications.


Meanwhile, at a Fatah conference in Ramallah yesterday, Abbas stated, at the end of a speech he delivered, that:

“It is a moral, national and religious right to defend Al-Aqsa and the places holy to Islam and Christianity. Our people oppose the thieving attackers who are supported by the government of Israel…We are all ready to sacrifice ourselves for Al-Aqsa and for Jerusalem.”

I want you to note how the PA now enfolds “Christianity into its references to holy places, as if it is the protector of Christians.  A mockery.


I supported the decision of the Netanyahu government not to take Hamas out entirely this summer.  I was convinced that there are too many other directions in which to focus, too many other places in which we might need to devote our troops and equipment in battle, to allow us to become too mired in Gaza in a long-term draining battle.  Not that I would not have wished it could have been possible.  It seemed to me a question of military pragmatics, triage if you will; although I do confess that I had wished we might have done more damage than we did before quitting.

But now come reports that are troubling. There is no question that Hamas is re-arming – for example, testing rockets by launching them into the Mediterranean.

There are claims that Hamas is also rebuilding tunnels into Israel.  This would be troubling in the extreme.  You want to say, surely the military is on top of this.  Fervently would I hope so, but nothing is certain. It might be that the military – still very concerned about what might explode to our north – is studiously ignoring Hamas at the moment, figuratively speaking.

I write this now to call my readers’ attention to this issue (“interesting times,” huh?).  But also because of two articles I want to share:

Mosab Yousef, the son of Hamas leader Sheik Hassan Yousef, worked for the Shin Bet for 10 years.  Now he has come forward with a plea to take out Hamas before it gains strength via rebuilding.

“I say these things because you cannot escape from reality. You cannot escape from [Hamas militarization] with temporary solutions. You have to address the Hamas problem by pulling it up from the roots, once and for all.

Yousef called the ceasefire agreement “fundamentally flawed”: “This is, first and foremost, an ideological movement. Thus, there is no concept of negotiations or compromise with it.”

This is absolutely true.  If Hamas refrains from attacking us, it is because it suits them to refrain, or because of Israeli deterrence, not because of a commitment it has made.

What caught my attention here was that Yousef also said that taking on Hamas again now would lead to reduced tensions in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. Food for thought, for there is no question but that Hamas is fomenting terrorism.  Not that I really believe for a moment that Israel will act in this direction now, even if Yousef is analyzing correctly.


Then, please see this article by Khaled Abu Toameh, “Hamas: Rebuild Gaza or We Attack.”

“The only option Hamas faces, therefore, is to attack Israel again as a way of ridding itself of the severe crisis in the Gaza Strip and the growing frustration among the Palestinians living there. Hamas’s biggest fear is that this frustration will be translated into disillusionment with its regime. That is why Hamas is now seeking to direct the anger on the Palestinian street toward Israel.” (Emphasis added)

However you look at it, it seems to me, there is extreme turmoil in Gaza, and insufficient deterrence for us to depend upon.


Last Friday, Hamas called for one more “day of rage,” although I believe it fell a bit flat (thank Heaven).

At the same time, the grieving families of the four rabbis killed in Har Nof put out this notice:

”The widows and orphans of the four men who were slain in the Jerusalem synagogue massacre this week issued a letter calling for national solidarity and unity:” With broken hearts, drenched in tears shed over the spilt blood of holy men – the heads of our families.

”We call on our brethren wherever they are – let us come together so that we may merit mercy from Heaven, and let’s accept upon ourselves to increase love and comradery, between each individual and each community.

”We ask that every person accept upon himself on this Sabbath Eve …to set aside the day of Shabbat as a day of unconditional love, a day during which we will refrain from words of disagreement and division, from words of gossip and slander.

”May this serve to elevate the souls of our husbands and fathers who were slaughtered while sanctifying God’s name.”

Compare and contrast, please! Time and again I am left in awe of the noble spirits of those who have lost loved ones to terrorism.  We are, without question, a special people.

And THIS, my friends, is the good news for today.


The Real Ferguson Indictment

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Chaos in Ferguson headline AP photo

Last night marked a place in time for America; but I’ll get around to that in a bit.  The Grand Jury followed the law and decided there wasn’t sufficient (any) evidence to justify charging a Ferguson police officer with criminal charges because all the evidence established that he’d acted in self defense when he shot and killed a young man, a young man who had robbed and assaulted a business owner only minutes before, a large man sized youth who had attacked him and tried to take away his service pistol.

The news media, if they can still be called that after the way they’ve abused their privileged status and lost the trust of the American public…the news media has been building up for a race riot ever since the day of the shooting.

They painted the officer as a white hate mongering racist who shot a defenseless innocent boy simply because he was black.  The only reason the cop shot a black kid was because white cops have always shot black kids; and on top of that, white cops don’t like having a black president; it’s the story to run with, and boy did they run with it.

Race pimps from around the country joined in building the bonfire pyramid; a chance to have a monumental burning down of the ‘old’ while ushering in the ‘new’.   Social Justice would take the place of the rule of law and the undeserving would be rewarded for being undeserving as a means of righting that which had gone on from the beginning of history; isn’t that the definition of Social Justice?

Interestingly, while the scum of the earth was looting and burning down business after business in Ferguson, all in the name of justice…a message showed up on my Facebook page.

The instructions were to post a picture of the Lord’s House and then challenge anyone who hit the ‘like’ button to do the same.  If we offset the negative with something positive then it will show that we have our priorities in the right place.

Houston Temple at Night Spring 2008 015I was supposed to wait until the name of a specific temple was sent; but the idea of supporting a great idea wouldn’t wait, I posted a picture of the Houston Temple.  Later, after receiving the ‘challenge’ I posted a picture of that temple as well.

This morning over 35 individuals from my ‘friends’ list had stopped by to check out the challenge.  Before long Facebook could have quite a different feel to it; hundreds of folks posting pictures of the Lord’s House to offset the garbage being reported and over-reported from around the world.

As we go before our ‘Grand Jury’, what evidence will we supply to support an indictment?  There will always be plenty of evil, enough to go around and then some.  It will be up each of us to choose this day whom you will serve; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


Is Obama Deliberately Using the “ISIS Crisis” to Forge an Alliance With Iran?

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The world communist press has been pushing an American/Iranian “rapprochement” for some time now.

Communist Party of Britain paper

Communist Party of Britain paper

Navid Shomali, secretary of Iran’s communist Tudeh Party’s international department, recently wrote:

The Tudeh Party of Iran supports any lowering of tension between the U.S. and Iran. It has called for years for all disputes to be resolved by negotiation in accordance with international law.

Savvy commentators like Washington DC based Michael Ledeen have been warning of President Obama’s plans for nothing less than a full fledged US/Iran alliance.

Now comes further indication of the President’s intentions, from one of the Communist Party USA‘s best friends in Congress, Washington State Rep. Jim McDermott. Long tied to the Washington Communist Party, identities such as Pat Stell and the late Will Parry, McDermott is a very reliable guide to communist thinking and strategy.

I’ve always said that if you want to know what long time Communist Party “friend” Barack Obama will do tomorrow – read the communist press today.

In a recent speech on the floor of Congress, published in full, in the Communist Party’s Peoples World, Rep. McDermott lays out the communist agenda, selling points towards a US/Iranian detente and an eventual formal alliance.


Mr. Speaker:

I rise this morning on what could be the eve of a nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, as U.S., European, and Iranian negotiators head back to Vienna for a final round of talks.

With so much of the region in turmoil right now, it seems hard to imagine that we could be on the verge of arguably the most important diplomatic achievement in the Middle East in recent U.S. history.

The leadership of President Obama, the tenacity of the U.S. negotiators, and the sincerity of President Rouhani and his team have set the stage for a landmark agreement that would turn the page on decades of distrust, dissension and cynicism.

Here is what a nuclear deal would mean:

* A profound reduction in the decades-long tension between Iran, the U.S. and our allies that had set us on a path to war.

* A contained Iranian nuclear program with verifiable internationally-accepted limits.

* Meaningful sanctions relief that bolsters Iran’s flagging economy and allows U.S. businesses access to a potentially vibrant market.

* An opening for a broader understanding between the U.S. and Iran, as well as an opportunity to court Iran as an ally in the fight against ISIS.

Here is the bait which will be used to lure the American public onto a viciously barbed hook.

Michael Ledeen maintains that Obama has wanted an alliance with Iran since the beginning of his first term of office. Obama would know that it would take something pretty dramatic to get the American public to swallow such a repugnant policy reversal.

To accept Iran, the public would have to be conditioned to fear something even worse.

It is known that Obama knew about ISIS for months and did nothing until they gathered so much strength and committed so many atrocities that he could no longer ignore them.

Now with horrific mass killings and brutal filmed beheadings, much of the American public believes that a ragtag army of Islamist extremists is public enemy number one. Not to diminish the threat from ISIS in any way, but what about Russia and its 8,500 nukes, China with its rapidly growing political, economic and military power, and an almost nuclear capable Iran? The focus is now all on ISIS – a threat that the president was at least negligent in allowing to grow.

Did the President deliberately allow ISIS to get out of hand in order to gull the American public into accepting an alliance with their former sworn enemy, Iran?

Is Obama deliberately exploiting the “Isis Crisis” in order to create the unholiest of unholy alliances?

Was ISIS allowed to grow unchecked, so that Obama could hold out his hand in friendship to a sworn enemy of liberty and American values? To a nation that still plans to annihilate America’s only real real friend in the Middle East, Israel?

I suspect that President Obama does not plan to let the “Isis Crisis” go to waste.


Weekly Featured Profile – Stephen L. Paulmier


Stephen L. Paulmier

Stephen L. Paulmier

Stephen L. Paulmier is Editor of the Hawaiian cultural magazine; The Hammer, active in the Hawaiian Friends of the Soviet People and Editor, of Ideological Fightback magazine, the journal of the Stalinist Communist Party USA spinoff National Council of Communists, USA.

He is originally from from Germantown, Pennsylvania and studied art at Springfield College.

In 2002, Stephen Paulmier was a printer, a member of the Graphics Communications International Union and a reader of the Communist Party’s People’s World in Philadelphia. He wrote an article in People’s World on taking his family to meet jailed “Cuban 5″ spy René Gonzalez at the Federal Correctional Institute McKean in Bradford, PA.

We had learned about the circumstances leading to his imprisonment last summer while we were participating in the Pastors for Peace caravan to end the blockade of Cuba. My sons and I had the honor of hearing Ricardo Alarcon, the president of the Cuban National Assembly, describe the events that led to the brutal and unjust arrest and imprisonment of the five anti-terrorists.

June 13, 2002: Oscar Redondo Toledo, an Intelligence Officer serving under diplomatic cover at the Cuban Interests Section, was the featured speaker at a meeting in Philadelphia. Other speakers that night were Pamela Martin of the Philadelphia-Cardenas Sister Cities Project and Stephen Paulmier of the “Free the Five” Committee. While posted to the Interests Section, Redondo handled the “Sister City” program between Havana and Mobile, Alabama.

In early November, 2002, the US declared Redondo and another Cuban spy-diplomat Persona Non Grata. Both officers were First Secretaries at the Cuban Interests Section. According to the Washington Post, the expulsion retaliated for the 16-year career of Cuban spy Ana Montes, who was sentenced in October of 2002.

After moving to Hawaii, Stephen Paulmier was active in the Democratic Party – contributing to policy formation, from his position as Treasurer, Democratic Party Caucus 1st District, Precint 2.

As of May, 2014, Stephen L. Paulmier served on the Board of the U.S. Friends of the Soviet People, a network aiming to support communist parties in the former Soviet Bloc.



Obama Rolls the Dice on Immigration – America Comes Up Snake Eyes

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: BB

Day by Day Cartoon – Chris Muir

In an egregious violation of the separation of powers, Barack Obama last night declared that 5 million illegal aliens would be granted Amnesty. Well, in the end it will be more like 34 million, but who’s counting anymore? He does not have the legal standing to do so… however, he does have a pen and a phone and he believes that is all he needs as king. Well, the king, or more appropriately, the emperor, is a fink. One could hear the thunderous applause of the elitist Leftists and the invaders who have breached our nation in a silent coup last night. And trust me, many of them will not come from south of the border and many of them are communists. As The Hayride points out, last night was eerily similar to the proclamation by Padme Amidala, the character played by Natalie Portman in Star Wars Episode III:

So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.

And so it goes that something our President swore he would never do and that was illegal 25 or more times, has come to be. All to change the voting demographic, appease the National Chamber of Commerce, Hispanics and Progressives nationwide. The Executive Order is cheap, but the price America will pay is priceless. It could even devolve into Civil War.

Flashback to what Obama has said before:

The notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order. That’s just not the case. Because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed. There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system. That for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president. – March, 2011

I can’t solve this problem by myself. We’ll have to have bipartisan support to make it happen. – April, 2011

We’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition. And so the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend I can do something by violating our laws. – November, 2013

I can’t simply ignore laws that are out there. I have to work to make sure they’re changed. – October, 2010

I know some wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself.
But that’s not how a democracy works. See, a democracy is hard. But it’s right. Changing our laws means doing the hard work of changing minds and changing votes one by one. – April, 2011

Sometimes when I talk to immigration advocates, you know, they wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how a democracy works. – May, 2011

Now, I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books. Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the law on my own. Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.
I promise you. Not just on immigration reform.
But that’s not how our system works. – July, 2011

Evidently, Obama has been stricken with selective amnesia, because he has done exactly what he said he could not do.

In his speech last night, Obama spouted lie after lie. He claimed that border crossings are down. As Americans collectively rolled on the floor, alternately laughing and weeping, the truth still remains that it was a blatant lie. They have skyrocketed when you count the number of children and young adults alone over the last two years and the numbers are staggering. That doesn’t include your average illegal alien, terrorists, Ebola/disease ridden refugees, gang members, criminals or communists. But hey, Obama is fair minded after all – he also granted Amnesty to those who have found their way here from Ebola stricken countries. President Obama separately ordered up to 8,000 more executive pardons and special work passes for Liberians, Sierra Leoneans and Guineans illegally in the country. I’m sure people will feel smug and charitable as they lay bleeding from every orifice and dying on the streets and in the gutters. Justice and death for all.

Obama continued to assert that if the Republicans would just pass a bill, he would sign it and all this EO nonsense would go away. Just one catch… it has to be his way, or the highway. How’s that for thuggery? All that time in Chicago was well spent. As for increasing spending and security at the border, does anyone really believe that anymore?

In reference to getting rid of criminal illegals, he just set a whole slew of them free. Why in the world would he follow through with deporting them? Simple… he won’t. He figures Americans have it coming and that we deserve to be a third world hellhole. Crime and chaos add to the mix and he’s loving it.

Obama isn’t bringing people out of the shadows. He’s ushering millions more in to join those already there in the dark pit of poverty and slavery. As for him saying they won’t get healthcare or citizenship, do you believe that? I don’t. Obama is giving the Father of Lies a run for his money here.

Our immigration system is not broken. Nope. Our laws are not being enforced and our police officers and border agents are not being allowed to do their job. I’m tired of hearing from both sides on how we need to fix this. It’s easy… follow the damn laws and it is fixed. Secure the border for real and it is fixed. Stop pandering and rigging the vote and it’s fixed. Get rid of the Marxist Progressives on both sides of the aisle and it is fixed. Got it?

And for those genius Republicans out there that figure this can be reversed… that it can be funded and then defunded… you are either delusional or disingenuous in the extreme. Obama opened the floodgates last night and declared war on America. How are you going to undo millions of illegal invaders and a rigged vote when you can’t even seem to find your spine? I’m not holding my breath waiting for you to actually do something.

No president has used an Executive Order on immigration to contradict law as passed by Congress. Not Bush, not Clinton, not Reagan. The Amnesties under them as well were miniscule in comparison to this travesty. Obama is taking jobs away from actual Americans and giving them to those who are criminals. He has redistributed our hard-earned wages through Obamacare to the poor and the illegal as well. This is straight up Cloward and Piven – it’s Marxism.

Fortunately, some things did not make the cut:

  • Special, easy rules for illegal-alien farm workers;
  • A blanket legalization program for the parents of the DACA beneficiaries, those who had arrived illegally before their 16th birthday; a tabloid headline writer might have written “Devious Daddies of the DACA Dreamers Denied”; and
  • The admissions of lots more H-1B workers.

Cold comfort though as Obama hammered home the final nails in America’s coffin last night.

Perhaps the biggest insult last night was quoting scripture to justify his lawlessness. But that’s okay, in Islam it is okay to lie to the infidels to obtain your goals. That is what our President did last night. He lied to the stupid Americans – we’ve been Grubered.

As Senator Sessions said correctly, we have to fight this. We have no choice:

Americans defeated President Obama’s disastrous amnesty plans both in Congress and at the voting booth. Tonight, President Obama defied an entire nation and declared that he will impose his rejected amnesty through the brute force of executive order.

What Obama did last night set an evil precedent. He laid the groundwork that makes him a Monarch and Congress utterly irrelevant. It shreds the Constitution and the Republic. It was the most over-reaching Constitutional violation ever seen in our lifetime and that is not hyperbole. As Laura Ingraham said last night on Fox News, a law suit should be brought to bear, but there has to be standing. It should be filed by a member of Congress and it should reference a violation of separation of powers. Let the lawsuits nationwide begin. While we are on the subject, impeach the bastard. Even if it fails, it makes a much needed statement. Funding should also be wielded as Ted Cruz suggested, funding the military and those areas we absolutely must have as a nation, while starving behemoths such as DHS and the areas that feed the beast of Amnesty. Agencies could also be actually shut down and pressure brought to bear on areas of government that hurt Obama and his cronies. Freeze his appointments for the next two years. Don’t believe the Left or the Right when they say it is impossible to defund or to fight this. We are being played. There are many, many on the right that are screaming about what Obama has done, but it is an act. They want this and therefore threw up their hands, got on a plane and went home to celebrate over the Thanksgiving holiday.

IBD says we teeter on a Constitutional tipping point:

There’s more at stake here than mere political fortunes. We are at the constitutional tipping point that Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley warned us about as Obama continues to wield executive authority that he himself once said he did not have.

We live in a constitutional republic, and the president who says he cannot wait for the Congress to act ignores a Constitution that says he has to. Article I, Section 8 gives Congress exclusive authority to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” and Article II, Section 3 says that it’s the president’s duty “to take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

Professor Turley told the House Judiciary Committee at a Dec. 3 hearing that Obama’s abuse of executive power has grown to the point that “he’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.”

It’s time to protect the Constitution. Don’t show him the money, Congress.

As Glenn Beck put it… “We are now living in the shadow of a king: without the rule of law, there is no United States.” It must be good to be king.

In the November elections, Obama and the Left were roundly slapped around by American voters. They don’t want Obamacare and they don’t want Amnesty. They are tired of high unemployment and of wondering how they will pay their bills and put food on the table next week. A despot rises wearing a laurel wreath of golden thorns dripping poison. He has sworn to veto any bill undoing Amnesty. Obama is acting like an emperor and has issued an imperial decree. But, in reality, he is the emperor of the Caesar’s Palace of America. He has rolled the dice on the Constitution for Amnesty and America has come up snake eyes.



The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results – 11/21/14

The Watcher’s Council


The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up.

“This morning in Jerusalem Palestinians attacked Jews who were praying in a synagogue. To have this kind of act, which is a pure result of incitement, of calls for ‘days of rage,’ of just irresponsibility, is unacceptable.”

“People who have come to worship God in a sanctuary of a synagogue were/// murdered in a holy place in an act of pure terror and senseless brutality and murder.” – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

“There are two races of men in this world but only these two: the race of the decent man and the race of the indecent man.” – Victor Frankl, Auschwitz survivor, in ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’

“It’s not enough for us to say: ‘There are those carrying out Ribat’ (religious war over land claimed to be Islamic). We must all carry out Ribat in the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]. It’s not enough for us to say: ‘The settlers have arrived [at the Mosque]’. They have come, and  we have to prevent them, by any means necessary, from entering the Sanctuary. They have no right to enter it. They have no right to defile it. – Mahmoud Abbas, inciting violence on Official Palestinian Authority TV


This week’s winning essay was Joshuapundit’sThe Blood Of Zion Cries Out. It was my reaction on the day four rabbis and a Druze traffic cop who tried to stop the killers were murdered with guns and meat cleavers in a Jerusalem synagogue. Here’s a slice:

Early this morning, four Jews at morning prayers were murdered in a synagogue in Jerusalem after two Palestinian broke in and assaulted the worshipers with gunfire and meat cleavers.

Many others were wounded and four are in critical condition.

The terrorist attack took place in Har Hof a predominantly Orthodox neighborhood at the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue on Agasi Street.

The Murder victims were identified as Rabbi Moshe Twersky, the head of the Torat Moshe yeshiva, 59; 40-year-old  Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky; 50-year-old Rabbi Kalman Levine; and 68-year-old Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg(HY”D). Rabbi Kupinsky, Rabbi Levine and Rabbi Twersky were all American citizens, while Rabbi Goldberg was a British subject. A Druze policeman, 30-year-old Master Sergeant Zidan Sif subsequently died of his wounds as well, and all Israel will mourn and honor him.

The killers stormed the synagogue at 7 AM local time. There was no warning and no way for the victims to defend themselves.The rabbis were murdered during the sacred prayer of Shimoneh Esrei, with siddurim (prayer books) in their hands and their tefillum on.

Eye witness Ya’akov Amos said: ‘The terrorist moved to within a metre of me then started shooting. One, two, three, bang, bang, bang. I immediately hit the ground and tried to protect myself with a prayer stand. He kept screaming ‘Allah hu’Akbar’.

There was blood everywhere, so much that one of the medical workers slipped in it and broke his leg.

The international reaction was interesting. Even U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry seemed shocked, with his voice quavering. He even used the “T” word and called for an end to incitement against Jews.

Phillip Hammond, Britain’s Foreign Secretary contented himself with a bloodless statement that ‘both sides’ should seek to ‘reduce tension.’ President Obama, of course, said much the same thing. Somehow, I doubt they would have merely talked about both sides reducing tension if four imams had been murdered by a Jew and Qu’rans profaned in this way.

Israel’s economics minister Naftali Bennett was interviewed by the BBC today, and provides us with another indication of exactly how sick and depraved Britain has become when it comes to Israel and the Jews.

(just a hint – when Bennett mentions Abu Mazen, he is using Mahmoud Abbas’s nom de guerre, the terrorist name he used as Arafat’s second-in-command.)

Notice how the interviewer doesn’t even address the issue of Abbas inciting terrorism, but pulls the case of an Arab bus driver who died yesterday, as though that made the savage murder of four Jews at prayer legitimate. That Arab driver, by the way, had a full investigation and an autopsy done on him and there is no doubt he committed suicide. Unlike the Palestinian Authority, Israel jails murderers no matter who they are.

I really felt like saying ‘Kol Hakavod’ when Bennett held up a picture of one of the victims, which the interviewer hastily told him to put down lest he upset the gentle sensibilities of her viewers. I think it is absolutely essential to do just that – to let the British public see what their government is funding and supporting. And I hope it upsets them to the point of utter shame.

At the end of the interview, Bennett says that Britain is going to have to make a choice of whether they support the Free World or not. As I’m sure Bennett knows, the British Government has already made that choice. Which is why, perhaps, they feel compelled to put up with soldiers being beheaded in broad daylight and no go areas for police and non-Muslims in London and other large British cities.

The murderers were both killed in a shootout with police at the scene. They were Ghassan and Oday Abu Jamal from the Jabal Mukaber neighborhood in east Jerusalem. Needless to say, they were acclaimed as heroes and martyrs by all the factions of the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians.

A Palestinian woman scatters sweets as she celebrates with others an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue

Palestinian supporters of The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, (PFLP), a small militant group, dance while waving their flags, after they heard the news of the shooting

“We responded with shouts of joy when we received the news about their deaths,” Ala’a Abu Jamal said of his cousins Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal to Yedioth Aharonoth. “People here distributed candies to guests who visited us, and there was joy for the martyrs.”

In a message published on its official new website Al-Resalah, Hamas said the attack was “a quality development in fighting the occupation. We highly value the heroism of its operatives.” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri praised the attack on Qatari news channel Al-Jazeera as “heroic,” calling for more attacks of the same kind.

Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri happily wrote on Twitter that “Jerusalem has nothing but men who love martyrdom. The heroes of the knife are in Jerusalem. The heroes of the run-over [car attacks] are in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem men take revenge.”

And he posted this on his Facebook page:

A cartoon posted on the Facebook page of Hamas MP Mushir Al-Masri has perpetrators of the Jerusalem attack dressed in religious Jewish garb asking 'where are they?' (photo credit: Facebook)

The Arab killer is asking ‘Where are they hiding?” Needless to say, in spite of what this cartoon shows none of the worshipers were armed.

And Fatah? Mahmoud Abbas, AKA Abu Mazen issued a ‘condemnation’ that wasn’t one. In a statement (in English, not Arabic) it said that “The Palestinian presidency” condemns violence “from whatever source” and “demands an end to the invasions of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the provocations of the Settlers.”

In other words, ‘So sorry, but unless you surrender Jerusalem to us expect more of the same.’

This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who accused Jews of “contaminating” Al-Aqsa Mosque last week, who just a few days ago was telling his people, in Arabic, to ‘defend Jerusalem’ by any means necessary. This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who said nothing when Fatah published cartoons and Facebook posts encouraging terrorist attacks on Jews and “days of rage” to defend the ‘threatened’ Al-Aqsa.

Tawfik Tirawi, former chief of the Palestinian General Security in the West Bank and a member of Fatah’s Central Committee made it even plainer, and in Arabic. Today he told a radio station in Hebron that the attack was “nothing but a reaction to the recent crimes of the occupation and the settlers in occupied Jerusalem and across the nation. The threats of the occupation against our people and the Palestinian leadership, represented by the president, will only increase our efforts in safeguarding our rights.”

His remarks were reprinted on Fatah’s official Facebook page.

I should make something clear here. This is not the fault of Abbas, or Hamas, or any of the Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians.

It is the fault of the Israeli government.

A significant number of the Palestinians are simply acting as they have always acted since the 1920′s, and these tendencies were unleashed even further once Arafat and the PLO were allowed in to take over after Oslo.


Israeli governments since Oslo have always allowed themselves to be pressured to ignore these instances of sheer horror… to release  convicted murderers, to make concessions to the terrorist entities on Israel’s borders, and most of all to avoid  finishing them off entirely when their violence and bloodshed mandated a response. This has been especially true since Barack Obama, who styles himself as the Palestinian’s very own community organizer entered the White House.

Is it any wonder that this sort of thing continues to happen? Is it really so puzzling that after allowing Hamas to continue in Gaza and maintaining any kind of relationship with Abbas and the PLO once they allied themselves openly with Hamas that they would resort back to Arafat’s tactics?

Yasser Arafat himself outlined for his followers what this war was really about. On Jordanian TV, right after signing the Oslo Accords he was criticized for signing a peace agreement with the Jews. He responded by reminding his audience of the Peace of Hubidiyeh, a treaty Mohammed made with the Quraysh tribe that he violated as soon as he was strong enough to massacre them, a story every Muslim knows. And then he outlined exactly what this war was about, saying that “either the Jews will push us into the sea or we will push them into the sea.”

Arafat, the leaders of Hamas and numerous members of Fatah have sung the same songs for years. Is it their fault that Israeli governments for years have refused to take them seriously?

More at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Victor Davis HansonA Moral primer submitted by Joshuapundit. Hanson is an old classicist among his other virtues. In this essay, he looks at the state of America and the world, and especially the president who leads us and sees a lack of political and personal morality as a deadly problem, possibly a terminal one for our republic. Do read it.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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Complexities and Hard Truths

Arlene from Israel

A bit more follow up and analysis before Shabbat…

Some of the recommended actions I wrote about yesterday, and more, have been put in place.  Not because I wrote about them, obviously, but because the government in this regard is responding with some appropriate security and deterrence measures:

There is now a large police presence in Jerusalem bolstered by Navy commandos who are volunteers serving on their own time.  Troops have been deployed outside of educational institutions and kindergartens, as well as outside some Arab neighborhoods – where checkpoints have been set up for searching people who might be suspect.

Observation balloons (with cameras) are being scattered about the city, controlled from a central command location.  This seems to me a very good idea.  Sometimes from above activity can be spotted that would not be caught by observers on the ground.

And the policy of demolition of terrorists’ homes is being enforced.


There has also been a report from Arutz Sheva – not confirmed elsewhere – that the bodies of the Har Nof terrorists will not be returned to their families.  Great move, if it is so.


Is all of this sufficient?  I would not go so far as to declare this definitively.  But we are seeing some serious steps in the right direction.


What’s not serious is the number of “benefits” to the PA that will be put on hold or terminated.  I had anticipated this.  Today I’m reading that there were certain roads in Judea and Samaria that were closed to non-Israelis because of security risks.  Just as over time checkpoints in Judea and Samaria have been removed, those road were scheduled to be opened to Palestinian Arabs soon.  Well, says Bogie Ya’alon, they will not be.  That’s it? Let’s get real here.


I had written recently about the fact that the men murdered in Har Nof were not settlers, were in western Jerusalem, were not agitators or radical activists, were not people who tend to go up on Har Habayit (The Temple Mount) – even though these various reasons – occupation, Temple Mount agitation, etc. – are provided as the rationale for why the terrorists acted.

The Elder of Zyion blog has carried these thoughts one step further and the analysis is so very important that I want to share it here:

After showing Arab cartoons celebrating the Har Nof massacre such as this one:

He writes (emphasis in the original):

”Images like these are celebrated by many, and condoned by the rest, with their silence.

“This is the fundamental story of the massacre. For once, the motives are crystal-clear.

”It cannot be about ‘occupation’ or ‘settlements’ because the attack was inside the Green Line.
”It cannot be about ‘Al Aqsa’ because the people who prayed there are not the types to ascend.
”It cannot be about ‘Israeli oppression’ because the victims were not soldiers or reservists.

”The facts are undeniable: the terrorists targeted the most Jewish looking people at a synagogue while they were at prayer.

”The cartoons illustrate nicely what the west wants to hide: the targets are Jews. Period.

”Palestinian Arab cartoons in general routinely depict “Israelis” as a Nazi-style caricatures of a bearded, black-clad men, even though no Israeli leader has ever resembled that person. These victims did. The cartoons taught generations of terrorists that their enemy is the Jews, not Israelis.

”The West wants to find excuses for Palestinian terror, to pretend that both sides are part of the problem. But this attack, and these cartoons, combined with the glaring absence of any Palestinians who object to this kind of incitement, reveal the ugly truth: that in the end it is about Jew-hatred. All the other reasons being given by pseudo-intellectuals of ‘occupation’ or ‘Al Aqsa’ or ‘Gaza’ or bus drivers who commit suicide are simply excuses to divert the world’s attention from the simple fact that this is really about the world’s oldest hate.

“Once you realize this you can start to understand the reality and not the spin that we’ve been fed for decades.”


Wow!  Stunningly on the mark.  Please share this. It deflates all of the arguments of Palestinian Arab “suffering.”


The mayor of Ashkelon, Itamar Shimoni, has taken a position that is not surprising, and is also not politically correct:

He announced yesterday that Arab workers will no longer be allowed on construction sites at kindergartens in the city where shelters are being built, and that security personnel will be placed at kindergartens near construction sites.  He said he made this decision in consultation with the police.




The furor is all that we might expect  The mayor is being attacked and accused of racism.  It is being said that he is preventing Arabs from working, and tearing the fabric of good Jewish-Arab relations in the city.  Netanyahu, for example, said that we have no desire to target all Israeli Arabs, 99.9% of whom are decent folk.

My response is also going to be not politically correct, for there are painful realities at work here.  If 99.9% of Israeli Arabs are decent people, then – as there are approximately 1,700,000 Arabs in Israel – we have 1,700 who are not OK.  And the awful truth is that they cannot always be readily identified. The terrorist who shot Yehuda Glick outside of the Begin Center worked in the restaurant in the Center.  One of the terrorists who committed the Har Nof atrocities worked in a grocery store next to the synagogue.

Back in previous years, there have been instances of Arabs who were loyal employees of a business owner for years, and then murdered that business owner.  What seems to have happened is that such employees were recruited by radicals.  As long as we have a reasonable representation of such radicals within our society – radicals who endorse and encourage the killing of Jews – as well as others who are receptive to the messages of the radicals, we have a problem.  What comes to mind most readily is the Islamic Movement of Israel, Northern Branch.  Its leader and members are Israeli citizens.  But they have been shown to have links with Hamas and the Brotherhood.  Of course, there are others as well.

The mayor did not ban employment for Arabs everywhere in the city.  He was concerned with the safety of children.  An alternative to his decision might have been thorough security checks for any Arab who works near the kindergartens.  But let us not pretend there is no problem.


To demonstrate how things can be, and what a positive attitude is possible, we need only look at the Druse community in Israel, about which so much has been written in the last days.

At the funeral of Zidan Saif yesterday, President Ruby Rivlin spoke, saying:

“He went first into the fire to protect the residents of Jerusalem. Without fear, he faced the terrorists and risked his life to protect the residents of Jerusalem. He acted on the values on which he was raised—courage, valor, self-sacrifice.”

While Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch declared:

“[Saif] is a source of pride for you, the Druse people, for the police, and for the people of Israel.  The values that you instilled in him compelled him to protect, and he fell while defending the state of Israel. We have that shared fate. Together we will fight the murderers.” (Emphasis added)


Israeli Druse Naif Alian has written a guest column for Israel Hayom.  In it he said:

We, the Druze, are part of the people of Israel. I have never felt a difference between me, my relatives and my friends and the Jewish people. We are one family, always have been and always will be.

“The blood pact between Druze and Jews in the land of Israel began in the 1930s, and it will never be broken. When Haganah forces arrived in Shfaram, my late father Hussein joined them. During the War of Independence, he and 30 other local Druze enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces and took part in the liberation of the Galilee.

“In the 1950s, my father was one of the five sheikhs who signed the agreement making military service compulsory for the Druze. In 1957, I lost my brother Salim during his military service. Today, I am the proud father of three IDF officers. They have never felt different from anyone else and have always walked with their heads held high — as I taught them to do.”


Beautiful.  As it can be, as it should be, with non-Jewish Israelis who feel connected and choose to be a part of the land and the people. The problem, of course, is that Palestinian Arabs who are Israeli citizens are conflicted in their loyalties in some (definitely not all!) instances, pulled in different directions.

Much to consider, on another day.  Complexities and hard truths.


We end on this upbeat note:

“In a profound display of faith in the face of carnage, the family of a newborn infant on Wednesday held his circumcision ceremony at the Jerusalem synagogue where terrorists slaughtered worshipers and a police officer exactly 24-hours earlier, Israel’s Ch. 2 News reported.

“’This is Judaism – from tragedy to joy,’ said Mohel Association Chairman, Chaim Miller, who performed the festive ancient ritual – symbolizing the eight-day-old infant’s joining the Jewish people – at the B’nai Torah synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood.”


(scroll down for the 40 second video)