D.C. Churches “Love the Stranger” But Lock Their Doors

By: Cliff Kincaid

In a calculated putdown, the Washington Post once highlighted conservative Christian voters as “poor, uneducated, and easy to command.” But that seems to be a more accurate description of the residents of Washington D.C., who will vote to convict former President Trump of anything presented to them by a partisan prosecutor and grand jury. That’s what a new opinion poll indicates.

These survey results demonstrate how the hallowed jury system has been weaponized against the people.

But things may be slowly changing in the nation’s capital, as illegal aliens flood the city, reminding people that Trump’s policies of stopping the invasion had some benefits for Americans as a whole.

The Babylon Bee’s humorous headline captures the scene: “Democrats Complain That Illegal Immigrants Are Destroying Their Sanctuary Cities.”

I skimmed the Washington Post and found a story about illegal aliens overwhelming city services in the nation’s capital. I regarded it as official confirmation that some Republicans had succeeded in outsmarting the Biden regime.

The first paragraph said it all: “It’s been about 17 months since Republican governors from Texas and Arizona started sending thousands of migrants to the District and other cities in protest of President Biden’s border policies, but questions and concerns remain about the availability of short-term shelter in the nation’s capital as buses continue to arrive.”

This was a convoluted way of saying that the rich elitists in D.C., a sanctuary city, are starting to feel the pinch.

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The NSA and America’s Enemies

By: Cliff Kincaid

On the anniversary of 9/11, we are forced to consider the sad state of our so-called “intelligence” agencies, unable or unwilling to protect America. Much of the conservative commentary emphasizes the political nature of the FBI and the CIA and their determination to keep Donald J. Trump out of the White House and maintain the Obama/Biden Administration in power. But the National Security Agency (NSA) also bears watching.

The NSA is counting on Congress to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), ostensibly to collect information about foreign threats.

Yet, the NSA is currently celebrating the activities of a Soviet spy, J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Manhattan Project scientist who worked on behalf of the Soviet Union and the development of its atom bomb project.

Indeed, America’s premier spy agency, the NSA has a display in its museum insisting that Oppenheimer was an innocent victim of anti-communist hysteria.

Consider that the National Cryptologic Museum is described by the spy agency as “NSA’s gateway to the public.”

What has happened to the NSA? It has gone woke.

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Pentagon Targets the Unborn Enemy

By: Cliff Kincaid

Rather than kill the enemy, the Pentagon is now in the business of killing the unborn. How much confidence should we have in these “leaders?” They are a disgrace to the uniform.

They should defect to Russia and China. Only then would we be in better shape.

As we anticipate the anniversary of 9/11, many assume that Pentagon brass and the leadership of the CIA and FBI have corrected the problems that led to a terrorist attack on American soil. Instead, the Pentagon is attacking Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville for objecting to the Department of Defense turning into an abortion factory.

Tuesday’s release from the Department of Defense, disguised as a news story,  attacked Tuberville for holding up various promotions of the top brass, as long as the DoD remains adamant in favor of aborting children using taxpayer funds. Tuberville’s position is legally and morally correct.

Here’s how the DoD propagandists put it: “To ensure equitable access to care, DOD implemented a policy enabling service members to travel outside their duty stations’ state if that state imposes restrictions on reproductive health access.”

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Coach Tuberville Cries Foul to Politics as Usual

By: Cliff Kincaid

As the American people begin watching college football, they have reason to believe that the referees are reliable and fair. That perception is no longer applicable to politics. But Senator Tommy Tuberville, a former college football coach, is doing something about that. He has cried “foul” at efforts by the Biden regime to destroy traditional values in the military.

Coach Tuberville demonstrates the kind of grit we need to save America. 

On the House side, faced with a government shutdown if budgets are not done on time, Republican leaders like Kevin McCarthy and James Comer argue that they must continue to fund the Biden regime because some of the money trickles down to their never-ending investigations of the Biden bribery apparatus. This seems like a no-win game, especially because a threatened impeachment would never pass the Senate.

“Worse than Watergate,” says Rep. Comer. But the Republicans don’t have the votes to remove Biden from office.

Yet, all is not lost. Coach Tuberville is single-handedly preventing the confirmation of hundreds of “woke” military officers, including General Mark Milley’s replacement, the far-left ideologue, Air Force Gen. C.Q. Brown.

One of the House Republicans who voted against McCarthy, Rep. Mary Miller, understands what is happening. She sent an email saying, “The Communists will do anything to win.”

The communists won when President Trump abandoned his presidency and military leaders chose China over Trump.

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The Art of the Steal: Net Zero Is Unattainable

By: James Simpson | Capital Research Center

The massive turbines being planned are as high as 853 feet, with turbine blades longer than a football field. Credit: New York State. License: https://on.ny.gov/3XjqDSX.

The Greatest Heist in World History

Net Zero Is Unattainable

One of the Biden administration’s stated goals is to “deploy 30 gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030 and achieve a net-zero carbon economy by 2050.” As already pointed out, this will only increase offshore wind’s contribution to 4.5 percent, and then only with massive government spending, loan guarantees, and mandates because green energy, especially offshore wind, is not profitable.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act has turbocharged the agenda, already well under way. But that is a drop in the bucket compared to a full implementation of the Green New Deal, estimated to cost between $51 and $93 trillion.

But could “net zero” be achieved, even with the spending envisioned by the Green New Deal? Non-carbon energy comes from four main sources: solar, wind, nuclear and hydroelectric. (There is also a modest amount of geothermal and hydrogen.) Existing hydroelectric dams in the U.S. are already being dismantled at an unprecedented rate, so constructing new ones will be unlikely. We are left with solar, wind and nuclear.

Ignoring the fact that the Left will almost certainly oppose new nuclear plants, it is literally not possible to construct enough “clean” energy plants, including nuclear, to achieve net zero by 2050 or even much further out.

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The Art of the Steal: How the Green Graft Works

By: James Simpson | Capital Research Center

The Chicago-based Exelon Corp. was planning a merger with Maryland’s Constellation Energy. To obtain approval for the merger, Exelon agreed to pay the state $1 billion. Credit: Taylor McKnight. License: Shutterstock.

The Greatest Heist in World History

How the Green Graft Works: One Example

The state of Maryland had a unique opportunity to fix Chesapeake Bay pollution in 2011—supposedly the big concern among Maryland’s elite—but instead, it squandered the chance by focusing on pet ideological projects and/or wasteful boondoggles for then-Governor Martin O’Malley’s political pals. The Chicago-based Exelon Corp. was planning a merger with Maryland’s Constellation Energy. Exelon owns the 100-year-old Conowingo Dam, which needs dredging. Every time a big storm comes along, the Dam spills massive amounts of sediment and nutrients into the bay, smothering the oyster beds, now almost nonexistent in the upper bay. The Conowingo is the greatest single source of Bay pollution, dwarfing all others.

To obtain approval for the merger, Exelon agreed to pay the state $1 billion. No analysis of merger benefits or costs, just a big payoff. If O’Malley were truly interested in the environment, he would have demanded Exelon spent some of the $1 billion cleaning up the Conowingo. But none, zero, was requested to address the sedimentation problem. Instead, O’Malley showered that $1 billion on green projects that, just like Obama’s program, guaranteed lots of green for the governor’s friends, but saddled Marylanders with expensive, unsustainable, green energy.

My favorite was $89–$157 million for a new powerplant fueled by chicken excrement. The idea was a favorite of O’Malley buddy and Attorney General Doug Gansler. As of 2021, when Gansler geared up for a second run for governor, he was still talking about it, but that’s all it was: talk. What happened to the money?

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Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

With the division that Obama bestowed on the country during his tenure (and beyond) in his effort to divide, impair, and destroy America, we have learned one thing: the difference between good and pure evil.