Mazen Malik: Oregon State Official Has Terrorist Support Background

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Mazen Malik

From Bombthrowers

Most Oregonians know Mazen Malik, a Senior Economist at the Oregon State Legislature, from his occasional appearances touting the alleged tax revenue bonanza that marijuana sales have brought to Oregon. But many likely do not realize that in the 1980s, Mazen Malik was an active supporter of Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), an anti-Israel organization whose horrific terrorist acts resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

It is important to understand that communists worked with radical Islamic organizations just as they do today. This unholy alliance has been described as the Red Green Axis and is discussed in Trevor Loudon’s film, the Enemies Within.

With this in mind, consider that the Line of March was an influential ’80s Maoist group that had openly supported the Soviet Union by 1987. Their publication Frontline listed Mazen Malik as a representative of the “General Union of Palestinian Students” for a June 1987 event titled “Fighting the Upsurge of Racist Violence.”

The “General Union of Palestinian Students,” or GUPS was established in 1959 in Cairo by Yasser Arafat himself. A long term KGB agent, Arafat led to GUPS into having an affiliation with the Soviet Union’s international youth front, the “World Federation of Democratic Youth,” or WFDY. According to a 1994 tape of current CAIR leader Nihad Awad, the “General Union of Palestinian Students” (which Awad lead) was “part of the PLO here in the United States.”

As an aside, the still-active “World Federation of Democratic Youth” is hosting a communist youth festival in Sochi, Russia in October 2017, where 20,000 young communists from all over the world will be gathered. The event is timed to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and the venue was arranged through the personal intervention of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It should be noted that Mazen Malik did not abandon radicalism in the 1980s. Through the early 2000s he took part in many marches and rallies against the Iraq War and in support of Palestinian statehood.

Malik further addressed an April 20, 2002 march organized by “Portland Peaceful Response Coalition,” to “coincide with an international day of action called by peace activists and other progressives in the Western Hemisphere and Europe who are seeking an end to U.S. and Israeli violence.”

Despite the tremendous power facing the Palestinian people, they would prevail in the end asserted Mazen Malik, one of the organizers of the demonstration. Malik also lashed out at the hypocrisy of U.S. diplomatic efforts that put the responsibility for ending the violence entirely on the shoulders of Yasser Arafat.

Additionally, Malik served as Oregon liaison for the far left “American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee” and was a leader of “Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights,” as well as the “Palestine Arab-American Association.”

Prior to service with the Oregon State Legislature in Salem, Mazen Malik was Chief Economist for the Oregon Department of Transportation. In these positions, Malik presumably has had access to high level infrastructural and political information. Much of this could be valuable to foreign intelligence services, terrorist organizations and state sponsored foreign commercial operations.

If Mazen Malik held a similar high level position in the US military, he would be subject to regular security background checks. Given his terrorist and communist connections, could he pass such a test?

Why is Mazen Malik trusted to hold such a high level civilian state government position?


Weekly Featured Profile – Dwight Welch


Dwight Welch, is the Pastor at United Church of Norman, UCC, Oklahoma and is also an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma City Community College.

Welch studied Theology at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis as a MDiv. student with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He also serves as a student pastor at First Christian in Sheridan, Indiana and did graduate work in philosophy while serving as a campus minister at University Christian Ministries at Southern Illinois University.

Dwight Welch is also a committed Marxist with a “progressive theological reflection on the relationship of God and the good in life.”

While studying in Indiana, Welch attended the Socialist Party USA National Convention, held at the Gateway Hilton, St. Louis, Missouri, October 19-21, 2007.

In 2009, Dwight Welch served as Secretary to the Central Indiana Democratic Socialists of America.

Today Dwight Welch is an active member of the newly founded Oklahoma City Democratic Socialists.

(Dwight Welch|more…)


Communiqués From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Communiqués From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is a great book.

When does the soul enter the human body? At birth? At conception? This is the only important question in the abortion debate.

Are human beings essentially spiritual in nature, as most, but not all, conservatives believe?

Or are humans (forget the “being” part) merely a collections of cells, as most, but not all socialists believe?

If you believe, as does Florida author Thomas C. Wigand, that man is spiritual in nature and that the soul enters the body at conception, then abortion is clearly wrong. Tom Wigand makes the case that few if any conservatives are making. That if man is spiritual in nature and that spirit enters the body the moment cells start replicating, then abortion must be immoral. Because at the moment of conception, we are no longer dealing with mere cells, part of a woman’s body, to be disposed of like hair or fingernail clippings, but a new autonomous spiritual being. Any anti-abortion argument that does not address the true nature of human life, will make no real headway.

Tom Wigand has written a great book. A book that deserves a lot more attention. Communiqués From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is available on Amazon and you should go there now and buy it. Also buy a copy for someone you know who can be swayed. A liberal niece, who has had a little too much indoctrination in her sociology classes. The “leaning conservative” friend, who needs a lot more philosophical ammunition to stiffen his spine, to make him a valuable soldier for our movement.

Tom Wigand’s Communiqués  cover so much ground. Everything from Alinskyism to abortion. “Crony capitalism” to communism. George Washington to George Soros. From the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution they bequeathed to us, to the connivers, cowards and traitors of both parties seeking to undermine it. Tom’s opus examines the forces working to bring America down. He gives much needed encouragement to those seeking to uplift this great nation and to restore the Constitution that is the “soul” of this nation. “Communiques” examines what is wrong with America and clearly and succinctly explains how to fix it.

Tom Wigand is a very astute political analyst, a constitutional scholar, an entertaining and witty writer, a philosopher and a patriot. Tom is what they used to call a “Renaissance man” –  a student of life, well grounded and versed in all that makes us Western. A student of politics, philosophy, science, culture and Theology.

This all shows through in the depth of his writing.

If you’re a conservative who loves good writing and a great argument, a searcher for deeper philosophical grounding, a patriot who wants to better your country, or even a socialist who wants to understand the conservative worldview, buy this book today.

I personally recommend it.


Trevor Loudon’s “Soviet Islam” Available in Portuguese

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Trevor Loudon’s important video America Under Siege: Soviet Islam has bee  dubbed in Portuguese for our viewers in Brazil and  and Portugal.

Go to the Facebook link.

The 26 minute documentary exposes one the world’s most explosive  political secrets.

Much of what we call radical Islam is controlled and directed from Moscow, and guided by the international communist movement.

Anyone care to sponsor  Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Ukrainian,  Japanese,  Hindi, Urdu,  Tagalog,  Malay, Farsi or  Arabic versions?

The world needs to know the real roots of Islamic terror.


Security Risk: Senator Chris Murphy’s Longtime Communist Party USA Staffer

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Cross posted from Bombthrowers

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT)

Is it okay for a Senator serving on the Foreign Relations Committee to employ an aide who is a member of the Communist Party USA? What could be the security implications of such a relationship?

For several years, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy employed Communist Party USA member Maxwell Goldman in a variety of positions.

Maxwell Goldman

Maxwell Goldman started as a Field Organizer for Chris Murphy for U.S. Senate, in April 2012, and continued employment until at least September 2016, when he worked as a Senior Outreach Assistant from Senator Murphy’s Hartford, Connecticut office.

He then left briefly to serve as Field Director for Friends of Elizabeth Esty, until November 2016.

Goldman earned a philosophy degree from Tufts University in 2010. At Tufts he was a leader of the far left Jumbo Janitor Alliance, which had close ties to several Massachusetts state politicians including to then state Rep. Carl Sciortino and state Sen. Pat Jehlen.

After college, Goldman worked as Field Organizer for Dan Malloy for Governor, followed by a stint with the heavily Communist Party USA-influenced Connecticut SEIU.

In June 2014 (while employed by Senator Murphy), Maxwell Goldman served as a Connecticut delegate to the Communist Party USA National Convention in Chicago.

Communist Party convention, Chicago June 2014

Maxwell Goldman of CT teaching a mini-workshop during the convention

To allay any doubts, here’s a closeup of Maxwell Goldman’s conference lanyard:

As a “progressive”  member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Murphy would be a prime target for “influence operations” by hostile foreign intelligence services.

The  Communist Party USA has close ties to the Communist parties of the Russian Federation, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq and Iran. All have mounted hostile intelligence operations against this country.

At the 2014 Communist Party conference, Maxwell Goldman had ample opportunity to mix with representatives of some of these parties. Does anyone believe that Maxwell Goldman’s status as an aide to a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would not have been of interest to such people?

Former U.N. Ambassador of Vietnam, a guest from the Vietnamese Communist Party Bui The Giang (left), guest from the Iranian Communist Party, Mostafa (center) and the guest from Iraqi Communist Party, Raid Fahmi

As a member of the Connecticut branch of the Communist Party USA, Maxwell Goldman serves with some very well-connected people.

Connecticut Party Chair Joelle Fishman is chair of the Party’s Political Action Committee, which works closely with the Democratic Party. She is also the daughter-in-law of Roosevelt-era Soviet spy ring leader Victor Perlo.

Connecticut communist Lisa Bergmann gave a report on behalf of the Young Communist League to a gathering of the communist controlled World Federation of Democratic Youth, Lisbon, Portugal, 2011. WFTY, incidentally, is to host a major international communist youth festival in Sochi this coming October – on Vladimir Putin’s personal instructions.

Another comrade, Al Marder, is an official with the still existing World Peace Council – once the most important of the former Soviet Union’s many international front groups.

In June 2015, Marder celebrated the defeat of Nazi Germany in Moscow, where he had the honor of meeting the Communist Party of the Russian Federation leader Gennady Zyuganov.

Gennady Zyuganov, Al Marder center

Unfortunately, there are few if any background security checks for Congressional or Senate staffers these days. Pretty much everything is taken on trust.

Could America’s enemies possibly be aware of this situation? Might they just possibly try to exploit it?

By employing Alex Goldman, Senator Murphy has turned himself into a security risk. He and Maxwell Goldman need to be investigated as soon as possible to determine what, if any, security breaches may have occurred.


US Communist Al Neal: Helping to Make “Russia Great Again”

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Al Neal, a  member of the no-longer-relevant Communist Party USA, is helping to organize a 20,000 attendee communist youth festival in no-longer-communist Russia, at a venue personally mandated by no-longer-our enemy Vladimir Putin.

The festival is regarded by Russian authorities as the most important international propaganda event since the Sochi Olympics.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the Bid Committee of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students on February 18th and shared his vision concerning the main goal of the event:

Russia has repeatedly held the international forums, and has proven that can do it at the highest level. However, “To create conditions for the participants of this major event is important, but that is not enough,” said Vladimir Putin. ”It is important to fill it with the best, interesting content, build discussions and activities that you will be planning in such way, that it could contribute to the achievement of the objectives for which those activities are held”

Neal, who is the St. Louis Bureau Chief, according to the Communist Party USA‘s news site, People’s World, was in Colombo Sri Lanka in May for the 3rd International Preparatory Meeting, hosted by the National Peace Council-Sri Lanka for the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students.

Al Neal, left

The Conference convener World Federation of Democratic Youth started in the late 1940s as a Soviet-controlled front promoting Soviet foreign policy goals… whether to go with détente and arms control or support for Third World terrorist movements. In recent years, the organization has been mainly steered by Greek and Cuban communists.

The WFDY‘s triennial or quadrennial youth festivals have served as occasions for partying, dancing, sightseeing, socializing and introducing young radicals to communists, terrorist leaders and Moscow’s intelligence services.

This event is by far the largest and the first to be held in the Soviet Union/Russia since the “end” of the Cold War.

It is specifically timed to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Al Neal and the Communist Party will be busy recruiting as many young American delegates as possible to help make “Russia Great Again.”

Let’s hope the FBI files the names of every last one of them.


Weekly Featured Profile – Clyde Grubbs


Clyde Grubbs

Rev. Clyde Grubbs… is a Minister at All Souls Braintree, Massachusetts. He is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees.

Grubbs is also a Cherokee and serves as co-president of Diverse and Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries, a Unitarian Universalist Association organization for people of color.

He has ministered to congregations in Indiana, Texas, Florida, California and in Quebec, Canada.

Until he was 10, Grubbs grew up in a Cherokee community in Texas. After a short stint at the Crane Theological School at Tufts University in the 1960s, Grubbs went to work in the antiwar movement, organizing campus protests against the Vietnam War.

After the war, Grubbs continued his organizing work, in anti-racism, the labor movement, Chilean solidarity and with the Boston Indian movement. He also became a college history teacher and he joined the Arlington Street Church in Boston, where a series of conversations with the then-new minister, the Rev. Kim Crawford Harvie, put him back on a path to theological school.

Previously, Clyde Grubbs joined the Communist Party USA and led a 1984 party delegation to Soviet Azerbaijan. In Baku, the delegation attended the 50th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Komsomol (Communist Youth).

Clyde Grubbs left the Communist Party in 1991 when the party split and became associated with the breakaway Committees of Correspondence faction.

Grubbs enrolled in Andover Newton Theological School and graduated in 1994. He began his parish ministry work and he married the Rev. Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley. Bowens-Wheatley worked for both the UUA and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and she and Grubbs were co-ministers at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin.

Clyde Grubbs has been involved in “anti-racism” work for many years[1]:

The first anti oppressive collective, I belonged to was a group of men working to overcome patriarchal ways of being. We didn’t have a trainer, but there was plenty of literature on patriarchy available, and yes, lots of women had published their observations of ways in which men’s behavior was oppressive. We could be open and honest about our lives, and share with each other why we wanted to change.
Later I was part of a group of men who identified as Native Americans. We were from different traditions and none of us shared a common “tribe.” We lived in Boston, and we knew that we could not be Indians alone. We also knew that we had work to do as men in relationship to being true to our heritage. Every man in that weekly conversation (that went on for over a year) agreed that male supremacy was not compatible with the way of our ancestors, and that patriarchy had been learned from our conquerors.

In 2017, Clyde Grubbs was a member of Boston Democratic Socialists of America‘s public Facebook group and of Democratic Socialists of America, Green Socialist Caucus closed Facebook group.

(Clyde Grubbs|more…)


Russia to host major international communist youth festival: on Putin’s personal instructions

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Yes, we all know that communism is dead in Russia… They’ve told us so often enough right?

So, why are 20,000 young communists from all over the world converging on Sochi, Russia, this October to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution?

“The main agenda of the discussion program is to encompass the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.”

The hosting organization is the old Soviet front World Federation of Democratic Youth which has been hosting such festivals every three or four years since 1949.

And guess who personally intervened to ensure that the grand event was held on Russian soil?

Vladimir Putin….that’s who. And he is very enthusiastic.

Here he is conferring with the Russian Festival organizing committee in February 2016.

Its in Russian, but it’s easy to get the gist.

This is a completely communist event. It will be the biggest youth festival by far, since the “collapse of communism.”

It will be Russia’s biggest international propaganda event since the Sochi Olympics.

It is endorsed and promoted by Cuba and the United Nations.

But most of all, by Putin and the Kremlin.

What are we missing here?


KeyWiki passes milestone, upsets communists: assistance requested

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Our sister site KeyWiki just passed the 80,000 file mark.

KeyWiki’s database of leftists, Antifa, communists, security risk congressmen, Muslim Brotherhood fronters and other covert activists, has grown in leaps and bounds in the past eight years.

Since the communist-led Bernie Sanders movement hit the national stage and with the election of President Trump, the far left has expanded dramatically. For example, crypto-communist Democratic Socialists of America has grown from 6,000 to 21, 000 members in a year – and we’re trying to identify every single one we can.

Yes, DSA is a Marxist organization.

These people are infiltrating the Democratic Party all over the country and electing Marxists to office like Dylan Parker, Alderman Rock Island Illinois, Carlos Rosa, Chicago’s 35th Ward Alderman, Mike Sylvester, of the Maine House of Representatives, Julie Ann Nitsch, Austin Community College Board of Trustee in Texas and Massachusetts State Representative Mike Connolly.

The Marxists at DSA are not happy that we are identifying their members and have recently been holding webinars to try and reduce our documentation and publication of their activities.

DSA mentions Keywiki

Communist Party USA has also enjoyed substantial growth. Together with allies Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism and Freedom Road Socialist Organization, they are set to complete their long term project of taking over the Democratic Party.

With growth comes new challenges.

How you can help


We are looking for researchers to contribute to the site to share the load of processing the “barrowsful” of new information pouring in every day. If you’d like to become an approved KeyWiki contributor, please email editor Trevor Loudon [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your name,
  • A short bio,
  • A writing sample,
  • A list of the area(s) you would like to research/contribute in building our database.

Only APPROVED people may create files on KeyWiki.


As KeyWiki has expanded, hosting costs have increased. We are appealing for contributions to a $5,000 fund to keep KeyWiki running for the next year.

KeyWiki is free to the public and needs your generosity to maintain this vital public service – gratis.

If you are able to make a one off donation, or pledge a monthly amount you can use PayPal or your credit/debit card to make a one time or monthly gift by clicking here: http://keywiki.org/Donate

KeyWiki is used by journalists, candidates, opposition researchers and concerned citizens to expose the covert side of US politics. Our information has been used in countless books, articles and video productions.

Please help us carry on this valuable work.

Trevor Loudon for the KeyWiki team.