Kay Tillow

Weekly Featured Profile – Kay Tillow


Kay Tillow

Kay Tillow, is a veteran union and socialized healthcare activist from Louisville, Kentucky. She is the executive director of the Nurses Professional Organization.

Well past retirement age, Tillow has been a union organizer for going on 40 years. She has been affiliated with both the Communist Party USA and the communist spin-off, Committees of Correspondence.

Tillow started “helping right wrongs” when she was a student at the University of Illinois. In 1963, when she traveled south and signed up with the radical-led Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

She met and married Walter Tillow at the communist-controlled Highlander Folk School. The couple became organizers for the communist-led United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers and ultra radical Local 1199 of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees. They won some organizing drives and lost others. “But we never quit.”

Although she’s not a nurse, Tillow joined the NPO when it was affiliated with the Machinists . The Democratic Socialists of America led National Nurses United is NPO’s current affiliation. She also represents the NPO on the All Unions Committee for Single Payer Health Care, for which she is still campaigning. As she puts it: “Jesus healed and he did it for free.”

U.S. Rep. John Conyers, sponsor of H.R. 676, the leading single-payer bill perennially before the U.S. House of Representatives, said in a statement:

Kay Tillow is one of the most historically important advocates for single payer universal health care in the history of the United States. She has been able to garner the endorsements of 21 state AFL-CIO organizations, and over 300 national and local labor organizations to support HR 676…. It is an honor and a privilege to know Kay Tillow.
History will show that [her efforts were] one of the most important factors in why universal health care was achieved in this country.

In 2013, Progressive Democrats of America assigned activists to deliver their material to every U.S. Congressman. Kay Tillow was assigned as the contact for far left Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth.


Ted Cruz Religious Rally

Ted Cruz Owns Medea Benjamin

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

medeabenjaminIs anybody more disciplined and respectful than Ted Cruz?

From July, but very much worth seeing. Which of the other Republican presidential candidates could handle Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin so well?

Cruz has the facts at his fingertips and the cool, calm demeanor to get his point across.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck names his “Dream Team” for 2016: Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina top the ticket

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Trevor Loudon Movie

LoudonClear: Trevor Loudon has a new radio show!

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Trevor has begun a weekly internet-based radio show, LoudonClear hosted by the TK Radio Network!

Each Tuesday at 7:00 pm EST, Trevor will be exposing the anti-American, Marxist forces that have infiltrated the American government.

Listen live at TavernKeepers.com (click on the play button on the media player) or podcasts can be found here.

In the most recent episode of LoudonClear, Trevor discusses Vice President Joe Biden’s radical ties, the influence of the anti-American organization Council for a Livable World and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Listen here:

Listen here to Trevor’s very important first episode, where he discusses why Bernie Sanders is a “big C” Communist:


Trevor Loudon Movie

Trevor Loudon: Help Expose the Enemies in Your Congress!

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America, I have a plan. My name is Trevor Loudon. I’m in the final stages of completing a game-changing movie, based on my book, “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” I reveal the names, connect the dots, expose the treason and show you what the Mainstream Media won’t allow you to see. My movie hits hard against those who want to steal our country and its freedoms — indeed, the freedom and prosperity of the free world. Will you pitch in to help?


“The Enemies Within,” exposes the infiltration of prominent members of the Communist Party  and other anti-American organizations, who are often working with their radical Islamic allies in the highest levels of our government. We need to stop this now to spread the truth across the country, in groups, in clubs, with fellow patriots and your families, before more are elected in 2016. Together, we can do this.


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Daraka Larimore-Hall

Weekly Featured Profile – Daraka Larimore-Hall


Daraka Larimore-Hall

Daraka Larimore-Hall is Secretary of the California Democratic Party.

Raised in a Santa Barbara activist family, “Daraka’s background forged his strong commitment to social justice and some of his earliest family memories are from anti-Apartheid and nuclear disarmament protests.”

Since graduating with honors from the University of Chicago in 1999, Larimore-Hall has worked as a political organizer on electoral and issue-based campaigns throughout the United States and Europe. In 2001-2002, he worked as an anti-racism and election organizer in Norway and Sweden. From 2003 until 2011, he was an activist and an officer in UAW Local 2865, the union for Teaching Assistants at the University of California. He is currently finishing a PhD in Sociology at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Larimore-Hall has been Chair of the Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County. He has served as Vice President of the Tri-Counties Central Labor Council and served as Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party Labor Caucus.

In 1995, Daraka Larimore-Hall was a co-chair of the Democratic Socialists of AmericaYouth Section and was elected to the DSA National Political Committee at the November 1997 National Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2004, Larimore-Hall wrote of his ideas for infiltrating Marxism into the Democratic Party:

Imagine an America in which socialism is part of our political landscape. Imagine an America in which the Right couldn’t destroy any initiative for social justice by simply labeling it with the “s” word. Imagine an America in which the values of solidarity and equality are defended by politicians with the same vigor as liberty and security.
A majority of activists of color, unions, feminists, queer activists and environmentalists have made the political choice to work within the Democratic Party. For that reason, democratic socialists should also work as Democrats. Of course, that’s not all we do, but we share with these movements a belief that Republicans are worth beating, and that many (but not most) Democratic politicians are part of the progressive majority we hope to strengthen. Even those good Democrats need the pressure of people’s movements to allow them to create policies which foster a long-term change in America’s power structure.
If you really want to insure prosperity, equal opportunity, racial and gender equality and global justice, you must address the problems at the root of the capitalist system. Liberalism is a great start, but in order to fulfill its own goals, it must confront the structural problems of global capitalism.


Bernie Sanders5

DSA Marxists Told to Hide Their Support for Bernie Sanders from Voters

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Democratic Socialists of America’s support for Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been explicit.  America’s Gramsciist communists want their long time ally Sanders in the White House.

The national organization website announces “Democratic Socialists of America strongly supports Senator Sanders as the strongest candidate for President of the United States.”


However, according to an article in the Metro-DC DSA’s Washington Socialist, “Members Discuss Prospects, Pitfalls in Supporting Sanders Campaign,” DSAers have been explicitly ordered to hide their support for Sanders, in order to deceive the voting public.

DSA national director Maria Svart, in her guidance to locals, said “Our political goal is to generate support for Bernie through visibility and momentum, and do what we can to influence his campaign to have better perspective and platform around institutional racism. Our organizational goal is to GROW DSA so that after the election, we are significantly stronger and can continue fighting for democratic socialism.”

Svart noted that there are a fair number of things that locals can do, including creating forums or other events with titles like: “What is Democratic Socialism and Why Does Bernie Support It?” Other moves include contacting other independent organizations that might be interested in the campaign, including “People for Bernie,” a group led by Occupy veterans.

But, she emphasized, “We are running an UNCOORDINATED campaign. This means we are not communicating with the Bernie Sanders official campaign. If individual DSAers show up to a Bernie campaign event in a DSA T-shirt, that’s OK, but not coordinating with the campaign in any way.

In particular, the organization will not, for the present, do any official fundraisers. In a May 24th update in response to questions from locals around the country, Svart emphasized “No one should organize a fundraiser as DSA. You should not have DSA literature. You should not introduce yourself as a DSAer if you give remarks. You should not use a DSA list to invite people.


Isn’t Sanders’ campaign all about openness and transparency?

Maria Svart and her Marxist comrades are clearly intent on scamming the American voters into supporting THEIR candidate… But the voters MUST NOT KNOW who is backing their comrade Bernie Sanders.

Communists lie as a matter of course. DSA is trying to lie by omission by hiding their support for Sanders.

Sanders is lying by hiding his 30 year alliance with America’s largest Marxist organization.

Henry Millstein

Red/Green Alliance: Top US Communist Leads Islamic Propaganda Organization

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Henry Millstein

Henry Millstein

Henry (Hank) Millstein is a Northern California based “peace and labor activist.” He’s a a member of the National Writers Union, is a practicing Roman Catholic and serves on the National Committee and the Religion Commission of the Communist Party USA.

Millstein also holds a senior post in one of the country’s leading Islamic propaganda organizations.

Comrade  Millstein is Programs Manager at Islamic Networks Group, a San Jose based, a non-profit organization that “counters prejudice and discrimination against American Muslims by teaching about their traditions and contributions in the context of America’s history and cultural diversity, while building relations between American Muslims and other groups.”


ING’s Islamic Speakers Bureau sends speakers into schools, colleges, community centers and other venues in the San Francisco Bay Area to deliver presentations on Islamic perspectives on a variety of issues, including how Islam is lived out by American Muslims, the place of women in Islam, Muslim contributions to civilization and the history of Muslims in the U.S.

By their own standards ING’s speaker’s program is very effective:

Audience surveys conducted before and after ING presentations show that after a presentation, the number of students believing that Islam promotes peace rises by almost a third, while the number of those believing that the religion promotes terrorism falls by two-thirds. The number of those believing that Islam oppresses women falls by nearly two-thirds.

ING also partners with several similar organizations operating in Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Alberta, Canada.

ING works closely with the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Council on American Islamic Relations.

For example, on March 27th of this year, San Ramon Valley Islamic Center’s March Family Night was hosted in partnership with ING, CAIR-SFBA and the Muslim Mental Health Professionals Network:

We’ll be discussing the current landscape of hate crimes and Islamophobia. With anti-Muslim advertisements running on buses in San Francisco and the tragic killings in Chapel Hill, understanding what is happening and what we can do to push back as individuals and a community is critical.

Henry Millstein, as ING Program manager, is intimately involved in this propaganda network.

A senior US communist working for an Islamic propaganda network. Two enemies of Western civilization working hand in glove.

Communism and radical Islam are allies and have been for decades. Americans need to wake up to this fact – FAST!

Eleanor LeCain

Weekly Featured Profile – Eleanor LeCain


Eleanor Mulloney LeCain

Eleanor LeCain is a Yale and Boalt Hall Massachusetts based specialist in “developing and implementing innovative policies that support sustainable development.”

Ms. LeCain led a team at Boston Edison to develop next generation energy efficiency programs (for all commercial, industrial and residential customers). She served as Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of State for Strategic Planning and previously as Executive Director of Blueprint 2000 for the state of Massachusetts.

Oprah Winfrey, Eleanor LeCain, Michelle Obama, 2008

Ms. LeCain has spoken widely on “Creating Jobs and Making Money While Healing the Planet,” including Kyoto, Japan, Harvard University, the International Association of Outplacement Counselors and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her writings have been published in the New York Times, the Boston Business Journal and Positive Alternatives, to name a few.

In 1989, Eleanor LeCainserved on the Board of Directors of Women for a Meaningful Summit, a communist led conduit for Soviet “peace propaganda” to the West.

In 1993 LeCain was listed as a among “former Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars and current TransNational Institute Fellows” on the far left Institute for Policy Studies 30th Anniversary brochure.

In 1993, Eleanor LeCain wrote an obituary of German activist Petra Kelly for DSA’sDemocratic Left Jan./Feb. 1993 issue.

Boston Democratic Socialists of America presents awards annually in memory of Eugene V. Debs, Norman Thomas, Julius Bernstein and Michael Harrington.

The Awards Committee in 2001 consisted of:

Doug Butler, Kathy Casavant, Jack Clark, Harris Gruman, Julie Johnson, Eleanor LeCain, Marcia Peters, Mike Prokosch, Bruce Raynor, Bob Ross and Rep.Frank I. Smizik.

The Awards Committee in 2002 consisted of:

Barbara Ackerman, Doug Butler, Kathy Casavant, DSA Executive Board, Harris Gruman,Julie Johnson, Eleanor LeCain, Rep. Jim Marzilli, Judy Meredith, Marcia Peters, Ald.Denise Provost, Rep. Byron Rushing, Rep. Frank I. Smizik and Jim St. George

On June 12, 2001, Boston Democratic Socialists of America presented its annual award to “leaders who fight for democracy, here at home and around the world.” Ed Clark andDessima Williams received the Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Award; John Maher Leaders for Social Democracy at Home and Abroad: Ed Clark, Dessima Williams, John Maherreceived the Michael Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award. The reception took place at the home of Marcia Peters and David Karaus in Jamaica Plain.[1]

“Thanks to all who helped make this event a success, including Kathy Casavant of the AFL-CIO, Harris Gruman of Boston DSA, and civic activist Eleanor LeCain for their eloquent introductions of the awardees.”

The 2010 Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Awards, sponsored by Boston Democratic Socialists of America, took place Tuesday, June 13, 6:30—8:30 P.M., at the Jamaica plain home of environmentalist Marcia Peters and David Karaus.

2010 honorees were “two champions of social justice and grassroots democracy:Georgia Hollister Isman and Jack Clark.” Honorary Co-Chairs for the event were MA AFL-CIO President Robert Haynes and State Senator Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville), with special guest Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz (D-Boston).

Others who attended or sponsored the event included Rep. Frank Smizik, Somerville Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz and recently elected President of the Washington, DC chapter of Red Sox Nation Eleanor LeCain, “our perennial MC, Julie Johnson“, Mike Schippani (UAW-Detroit); Shaw’s striker Juan Garcia and UFCW staffer Heysoll Rodriguez.[2]

According to Eleanor LeCain, writing in the The Yankee Radical, a “true progressive is running for state representative” in Boston/Cambridge — Jay Livingstone — in a special election being held on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013.

Livingstone is an experienced community leader with a proven record of hard work in advancing progressive ideals—let’s help him win by making some phone calls now, and helping on Election Day, May 28th.

A Massachusetts native, Livingstone teaches at Northeastern University and operates his own law practice, standing up against employer discrimination. He has been a key organizer in the campaigns of Rep. Ed Markey, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Gov. Deval Patrick. As a “State Rep. Jay will work hard for quality, affordable public education; increased funding for at-risk youth, the disabled and the elderly; improved public transportation; and sensible development that works for small businesses and preserves the quality of neighborhood life.”

He has been endorsed by Marty Walz and Paul Demakis, the two state reps who recently held this seat, the Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee, Mass Alliance,Progressive Massachusetts, Massachusetts Peace Action, the Sierra Club, the ten Boston locals of AFSCME, the National Organization for Women (Mass NOW),Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts and Boston Democratic Socialists of America — among many others.


Rev. Johnson

Weekly Featured Profile – Rev. Johnson


Rev. Johnson

Rev. Nelson Johnson is a North Carolina church leader, social activist and a former Communist Workers Party leader.

Johnson has been active in the movement for “social and economic justice” since high school, in the late 1950s. He served as a student leader for the Student Government Association at A&T State University, in Greensboro, NC in 1970. Between high school and college, Rev. Johnson served four years in the United States Air Force. He continues to work for “social and economic justice” in Greensboro as Pastor of Faith Community Church and Executive Director of The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro.

Guided by his three-part emphasis of “diversity, justice and democracy,” Rev. Johnson is actively building relationships with and providing leadership within organized labor, faith groups and other public and private community organizations. He and other local ministers of the Greensboro Pulpit Forum led an active support effort in 1997 that resulted in a significant contract settlement for workers at the Greensboro K-Mart Distribution Center. As a result, he is frequently invited to share that success story at workshops and meetings, including those sponsored by the George Meany Labor Institute, the AFL-CIO of New York,and the Michigan AFL-CIO.

Because of his “extensive experience in community organizing and socio-political analysis,” Rev. Johnson is routinely invited to speak on university campuses around the country to share his vision of community building. He has written articles for the University ofPennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law and The Witness Magazine, published by the National Episcopal Church. Rev. Johnson is also a former Contributing Editor for The Black Scholar magazine, National Chair and Contributing Editor for theAfrican World Newspaper and Assistant Editor for the Carolina Peacemaker of Greensboro, NC.

The New York based, pro-China Communist Workers Party was formed in 1979 out of theWorkers Viewpoint Organization and Nelson Johnson‘s Greensboro, NC, group, the Youth Organization for Black Unity. Nelson Johnson became the CWP’s chairman, while Jerry Tung served as general secretary and as the real leader.

Within a few weeks, Johnson was involved in the infamous “Greensboro Massacre,” when armed communists were involved in a street gun battle with the KKK. Five CWP supporters were killed, and 9 were wounded:

Footage from 1979 “Death to the Klan” Rally

In the early 1980s, Johnson was involved in the CWP’s main front group – Federation For Progress – as was current leading California Congress member Judy Chu.

At the time, Nelson Johnson was a leader of the Organizing Committee of Coalition Against Black Genocide.

In recent years, Johnson has worked with former CWP comrade and “Greensboro Massacre” survivor, Roz Pelles, to build the very radical Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II‘sMoral Mondays movement.

Rev. Nelson Johnson was a member of that first group of seventeen people arrested on April 29th, 2013, on the very first Moral Monday. “People see the great crowds on Mondays,” he says. “What they don’t see is all the work that came before that.”