Jim Carrey Draws ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Character Whizzing On Trump’s Grave

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I used to love Jim Carrey’s movies. Now, you couldn’t pay me to watch one. He has become a washed up, bitter, vile, vindictive has been. Carrey now fancies himself an artist. You’ll see some of his work below. I didn’t post others that are obscene. Jim Carrey has the IQ of a doormat these days. Too much booze and too many drugs… now he marinates in leftist propaganda and pats himself on the back for being oh-so-clever… not.

Carrey tweeted a picture on Thursday of Calvin, from the hit comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, urinating on President Trump’s grave. Classy. The tweet says, “Oh how I urine for this all to be over!” The tombstone reads: “Here Lies No 45 Went To Hell And Took The GOP With Him.” It is meant to be an insulting birthday tweet for the Commander-in-Chief. Mission accomplished.

Carrey’s Twitter account has turned into an anti-Trump platform where he vomits his hatred at will. It’s disgusting. This crude image is just the latest in the 56 year-old’s viral political paintings. The left can’t get enough of them. On Tuesday, Carrey posted a painting that took aim at Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un amid their historic summit in Singapore. In the drawing, Trump, who is wearing a blue suit and red tie, appears to be holding a microphone for a speaking Kim, who seems to be dressed up as a missile. The North Korean’s outfit reads, “I STARVED MY PEOPLE TO MAKE THIS MISSILE.” Kim also appears to be giving the hand symbol for peace while raising up a sign saying, “LITTLE ROCKET MAN.”

Along with that particular tweet, Carrey also wrote this caption: “Let’s Make A Deal: You’ll be a real world leader. I’ll sway the midterm elections. And together we will save the world from the bloodthirsty Canadians.” Carrey is Canadian of course and basically a communist.

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Huffington Post Doxxer Luke O’Brien doubles down on victim status

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

“Moral courage can help us achieve something beyond ourselves, but often at the core of this is the question of whether or not we’re willing to brave the road of suffering.” – James O’Keefe

Verizon’s Huffington Post author Luke O’Brien says Amy Mek “spread hate online for years”

Huffington Post’s Luke O’Brien is doubling down on his enthusiastically-embraced victim status. Two recent articles from well-funded organizations with national platforms are claiming that after Luke O’Brien doxxed Twitter user Amy Mek, he and his colleagues were subject to harassment and death threats.

As reported at TrevorLoudon.com, it all started when Luke O’Brien aggressively targeted a politically-incorrect Twitter user deemed by CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper to be “a major cog in the Islamophobia machine” and is therefore, evidently, allowed to be persecuted by a national news organization.

Ibrahim Hooper, as an aside, was born in Canada and his birth name is “Doug.” In 1993 he was quoted at the Minneapolis Star Tribune as saying he would eventually “like the government of the United States to be Islamic” but assured readers that he would get there through education, not violence.

Luke O’Brien stalked Amy Mek revealing her full name, the name of her gym, and even got her husband fired from his job. Ethical journalists have historically had a “universal code” against attacking private individuals, but evidently that code has disintegrated in the Era of Extremely Partisan Fake News.

To add insult to injury, O’Brien then claimed to be a victim. An article posted today at The Guardian titled “Doxxing, assault, death threats: the new dangers facing US journalists covering extremism” laments that O’Brien and his fellow journalists at the Huffington Post were victims of “a concerted harassment campaign….where he [O’Brien] and other journalists were actually doxxed, with their addresses and phone numbers published for the use of far-right trolls.”

As usual in today’s Era of Extremely Partisan Fake News, no evidence was offered of the above allegations or any of the other claims made in the article.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Nails Acosta: ‘I Know It’s Hard For You To Understand Even Short Sentences’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Yesterday, CNN’s Jim Acosta once again stepped way out of line. Big surprise. At the White House press briefing, he launched into another attack on the Trump administration. This time he ranted on about the separation of illegal alien families at the border… tearing apart parents from children. Except he didn’t mention this is a policy that was enforced by Obama and one that the Republicans are currently trying to undo legally. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders let Acosta have it with both barrels this time, telling him, “I know it’s hard for you to understand even short sentences.” Too true. Nice.

Following a question about North Korea, Acosta asked Sanders about comments made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier in the day, where Sessions quoted a verse from the Bible while seeking to explain immigrant children being split up from their parents. “Can I just ask a second question, completely unrelated, on these children who are being separated from their families as they come across the border,” Acosta asked. “The attorney general earlier today said that somehow there’s a justification for this in the Bible. Where does it say in the Bible that it’s moral to take children away from their mothers?”

Wow, now that’s richly hypocritical even for Acosta. I don’t think he’s even a little bit religious, but boy, did he reach for the Bible and Jesus when he needed a weapon. That’s immoral, Jim. By the way, where in the Bible does it say its moral to break the law by illegally sneaking into the United States? I don’t remember that passage and I happen to be a devout Christian.

Sanders actually answered this hack. “I’m not aware of the Attorney General’s comments or what he would be referencing. I can say that it is very Biblical to enforce the law. That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible. (Acosta interrupts) Hold on, Jim, if you’ll let me finish — again, I’m not going to comment on the Attorney’s specific comments that I haven’t seen.”

Acosta then snapped at Sanders, “You just said it’s in the Bible to follow the law.” That is when Sarah had had enough of this cretin: “That’s not what I said; I know it’s hard for you to understand even short sentences, I guess, but please don’t take my words out of context, but the separation of alien families is the product of the same legal loopholes that Democrats refuse to close, and these laws are the same that have been on the books for over a decade. The President is simply enforcing them.” Damn, that was good.

Of course, Acosta ignored the need to enforce the nation’s laws and made an uber-emotional appeal: “Can you imagine the horror that these children must be going through when they come across the border and they’re with their parents and suddenly they’re pulled away from their parents? Why is the government doing this?” He doesn’t give a flying crap about those kids. The left wants them as a voter base and progressive Republicans want them as cheap slave labor. Spare us your faux outrage Acosta. Sanders bluntly replied, “Because it’s the law, and that’s what the law states.” Acosta, being the liar and leftist tool that he is, replied, “It doesn’t have to be the law. You guys don’t have to do that.” He knows that’s dishonest and that it is the Democrats themselves doing it and keeping that law in place. What a self-serving jerk.

Sanders put it right back on the Democrats: “You’re right. It doesn’t have to be the law, and the President has actually called on Democrats in Congress to fix those loopholes. The Democrats have failed to come to the table, failed to help this President close these loopholes and fix this problem. We don’t want this to be a problem; the President has tried to address it a number of occasions; we’ve laid out a proposal and Democrats simply refuse to do their job and fix the problem.” Game, set, match. Acosta loses again.

Brian Karem, a Playboy Magazine reporter who is also a CNN political analyst, jumped on the bandwagon, shouting at Sanders while she was responding to another reporter’s question: “You’re a parent, don’t you have any empathy for what these people are going through?” Karem exclaimed. “They have less than you do! C’mon Sarah, seriously!” he added. “Seriously!” “I’m trying to be serious but I’m not gonna let you talk out of turn,” Sanders responded. “These people have nothing, they come over here with nothing!” he continued.

From TheBlaze:

“Hey Brian, I know you want to get some more TV time,” Sanders interjected, “but that’s not what this is about. I want to recognize you, go ahead Jill.”

“It’s not that,” Karem objected, “it’s not about that, it’s about you not answering a question, Sarah.”

“Honestly answer the question!” he continued. “It’s a serious question! These people have nothing, they come to the border with nothing, and you throw children in cages. You’re a parent – you’re a parent of young children!”

“Don’t you have any empathy for what they go through?” he asked.

Sanders ignored the question and went on to the next reporter as Karem turned away in disgust.

Children are not being thrown in cages. That was under Obama, you moron. I’m with Jeff Sessions on this one: “Stop crossing the border illegally with children,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in defense of the policy. “Apply to enter lawfully. Wait your turn.” Amen to that. Come in the right way or not at all.

I have called for a long time now for Acosta to have his White House press credentials pulled. The same should be done to Brian Karem, April Ryan and a number of others. If they can’t act like professionals and have some decorum, kick them out and tell them not to come back. Sanders rocks and was very professional in handling this, just as she always is. I’ve had it with these leftist propagandists.


FBI Agent Strzok Texted He’d Make Sure Trump Was Never President, ‘We’ll Stop It’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Parts of the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report are coming to light. It is set to be released today and it has several surprises in it. The one that most caught my attention has to do with FBI agent Peter Strzok. The report overall found no political bias in the actions of the FBI during the Hillary Clinton email scandal. So how do they explain the text revealed in the report that FBI agent Peter Strzok sent to his lover, former FBI agent Lisa Page? Here’s the damning exchange, circa August 2016:

Page: [Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!

Strzok: No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.

We’ve already seen texts from these two that hinted at an attempted coup and now this. What exactly did he mean by, “We’ll stop it?” Strzok was not fired over the texts. He was transferred to human resources and still has a job. Page was allowed to resign. Why? How can a key, high-ranking FBI agent involved in both the Hillary Clinton investigation and the Russian election interference investigation text this and not only be fired, but prosecuted as well? WTH is going on? And the fact that the inspector general found that there was no political bias was present in the actions of the FBI is patently insane and untrue.

We still don’t have all the facts of how badly the FBI has bungled the Russian investigation and it’s not covered in the IG’s report. We know they screwed up the Clinton deal and then deliberately let Hillary walk. These text messages between Strzok and Page are key evidence and they go to show just how biased the FBI was against Trump and to what lengths they would go to in their mission to keep him from the presidency. This also gives serious weight to the contention that when Strzok spoke of the Russia investigation as an “insurance policy” against Trump’s presidency, he was serious. I have never doubted he was… he meant every word he texted.

This latest text as Ben Shapiro put it “is an explicit admission that high-ranking actors in the FBI saw preventing Trump’s presidency as paramount. Barring some highly damning information demonstrating the full legitimacy of the Russia investigation, this text from Strzok to Page could and should completely destroy whatever faith the American still had in the legitimacy of the Russia investigation.” Mine was destroyed a long, long time ago. By all appearances, this IG report is another attempt to let the FBI skate here and not hold anyone accountable. I am simply disgusted by it.

This text is very likely to fuel claims from the White House that the bureau was working against Trump and who can blame them on that count? They were and let’s call it what it was… an attempted coup and the person behind all of it was Barack Obama. He was read in on what all of these people were doing and he was calling the shots. I don’t think we are capable of justice anymore or going after those who break the law on either side of the political aisle. McCabe was in on it too. Obama should have to answer for his crimes, just as Clinton should.

“In Louisiana, we call that bias, we don’t call that objective,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime” on Thursday. Boy, is he right. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said in a statement the report shows “an alarming and destructive level of animus displayed by top officials at the FBI.” And yet, Horowitz seems to sugarcoat the political intent here. “Peter Strzok’s manifest bias trending toward animus casts a pall on this investigation… His bias impacted his decision making and he assigned to himself the role of stopping the Trump campaign or ending a Trump Presidency,” Gowdy said. “This is not the FBI I know.” But it is the FBI that exists today.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz, a former federal prosecutor appointed by President Barack Obama, prepared the report. Supporters from both parties regard him as apolitical. His most significant report before this was the 2012 study of the botched Obama-era gun operation known as Fast and Furious. And nothing ever came of that either.

Per Fox News, Bloomberg News, which also reported the new Strzok message, said Horowitz’s report says investigators “did not find documentary or testimonial evidence [in the Clinton case] that improper considerations, including political bias, directly affected the specific investigative actions we reviewed.” Again, WTH? It’s right there in plain damn sight.

A congressional source told Fox News that Page’s text about Trump “not ever going to become president” was produced to Congress, but Strzok’s response that “we’ll stop it” was not. That figures, because if it had, there would have been a massive amount of outrage and this might have turned out very differently.

According to the Associated Press, the Justice Department’s watchdog also faults former FBI Director James Comey for breaking with established protocol in his handling of the Clinton email investigation, but it says his decisions before the 2016 elections were not driven by political bias. Oh, bull crap. The report from the inspector general also criticizes Comey for not keeping his superiors at the Justice Department, including former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, properly informed about his handling of the investigation. But he kept Obama informed… bet on it.

Well, cry me a freaking river. None of this goes anywhere near far enough and this is not only going to alienate Americans, it’s going to really, really tick them off. That includes me. This isn’t justice… it’s a political sham. Just more of the same from the swamp.


Former Deputy Director of the FBI McCabe Sues Government

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

In September of 2017, a lawsuit was filed to obtain records under FOIA in a request to obtain documents regarding Andrew McCabe’s conflicts of interests.

Then in February of 2018, the Office of Inspector General issued a 39 page report complete with allegations relating to the former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The investigation included evidence of McCabe’s lying and failure to adhere to policies and practices regarding media contacts.

Since that time, McCabe turned to crowd-funding to pay for his legal fees as he pursues legal protection as well as a lawsuit against the FBI and the Department of Justice.

He has officially sued both. The complaint is found here.

A lawyer for fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is suing the FBI, the Justice Department and its inspector general for refusing to turn over documents related to McCabe’s termination.

McCabe, who worked at the FBI in various roles for more than 20 years, was dismissed only hours before his planned retirement in March, for what the Justice Department called a “lack of candor.”

The firing stripped McCabe and his family of their health care benefits and delayed his ability to collect a federal pension, which he otherwise would have been able to draw on his 50th birthday.

McCabe’s lawyer, David Snyder, maintains in a new lawsuit that the dismissal violated federal law and departed from rules and policies. But he said authorities have refused to turn over materials related to McCabe’s disciplinary process.

“Those requests have been denied by some of the same high-ranking officials who were involved in, or responsible for, the investigation, adjudication, and/or dismissal of Mr. McCabe,” the legal complaint said.

McCabe’s legal team at the Boies Schiller firm has sued to demand the information under the Freedom of Information Act. They’re arguing the documents could help them build a larger case against the Justice Department for wrongful termination and due process violations.

“We don’t create secret law in this country,” Snyder told NPR in an interview.

McCabe has been the subject of political attacks by President Trump and Republican supporters since the 2016 presidential campaign. McCabe’s wife, Jill, ran for the state legislature in Virginia as a Democrat and accepted campaign contributions via then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton loyalist.

Jill McCabe lost her election and the FBI and Justice Department said she and Andrew observed the relevant ethics requirements, but Trump and allies called it an obvious conflict of interest.

Shortly after McCabe’s ouster at the FBI, Trump wrote on Twitter that it was a “great day for democracy.”

Word comes of McCabe’s legal case as the inspector general, Michael Horowitz, prepares to release a massive 500-odd page report on the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation during the heart of the 2016 election.

McCabe, Comey, and former DoJ leaders including then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch have been under scrutiny in connection with that report, which is expected to become public on Thursday.

Meanwhile, McCabe’s conduct is also under review for possible criminal prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., which has already interviewed McCabe’s onetime boss, former FBI chief James Comey.

The IG concluded that McCabe misled investigators.

McCabe has denied any intentional wrongdoing. Instead, he said, any lapses in his memory or mistakes in his interviews with the IG and others were mistakes derived from the chaos inside the FBI under siege from President Trump and his allies.


Silicon Metropolis

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

Can life imitate art? Well, a silent movie from over 90 years ago might exclaim a resounding “Yes!”  That movie is the classic Metropolis, that premiered in (Weimar) Germany in January, 1927 – widely considered to perhaps be the first science fiction movie, it is set in our present, the 21st century. In many ways it anticipated today’s titans of Silicon Valley, which is the thrust of this article – but first, as a necessary setup, a quick overview of the movie itself:

The political and social environment during which it was made had to have had some influence.  Berlin of the post-WWI period was marked by social debauchery (the movie Cabaret touches on this period), driven largely by economic and political upheaval arising from the loss of the war, the draconian terms of the Treaty of Versailles and resulting economic distress, and political interests working to exploit the situation to gain political control.  This was the era in which the National Socialists (Nazis) and Communists were tussling to determine who would come out on top.  The original ANTIFA arm of the Communists was but a few years away, as was Adolph Hitler’s election.  Outside of Germany, the industrial age and condition of workers had provided fodder for the utopian-peddling Communists to promise things such as “Peace, Land and Bread” to a desperate “proletariat” that could not know the dystopian reality that Communism would later inflict.  As such, many were likewise worried that the siren call of Communism could envelope the globe (which was not without reason, as this was a stated goal of Communists).

Seemingly lost to time, the “complete” version of Metropolis was assembled from a print found in Buenos Aires in 2008, and what the nearly complete original is now available (trailer HERE).  Intriguingly, the complete original was  never seen in the United States – the distributor here gutted it, in particular removing the Christian themes that are woven throughout.  Some of the better-preserved footage is startling – so sharp that if told that it was filmed in recent years on black and white stock, it would seem plausible.  Also startling is the effective use of light and shadow, and the special effects – today’s CGI cowboys could learn much from this nearly century old film!

The storyline involves a 21st century city called “Metropolis,” conceived and run by an industrial titan named “Joh Fredersen” – substitute “tech” for “industrial” and the personality type fits many of todays overlords of Silicon Valley. Fredersen’s headquarters is called the “New Tower of Babel”:

The New Tower of Babel — Joh Fredersen’s HQ (any resemblance to Facebook, Google or Twitter headquarters is strictly coincidental).

The “head” (thinkers) live a lavish lifestyle above, while deep underground workers (“hands”) operate a massive machinery operation that enables the city to run; theirs is an existence of dreariness and exhaustion, with no prospects for improvement for them or their children.  Meanwhile the elite above live well; and the really elite enjoy a debauched lifestyle as they frequent a Japanese-themed nightclub called “Yoshiwara” (which also happens to be the name of Tokyo’s red light district).  A “mad scientist” named “Rotwang” develops a “machine-man” (robot), which he then is able to make indistinguishable from a human being.  In this, his model is to bring back “Hel” – the deceased wife of Frederson – and this robot is sent out to mislead the workers and incite them to destroy Metropolis.

Rotwang: “So Joh Frederberg, Isn’t it worth the loss of a hand to have created the man of the future, the Machine-Man? … Give me another 24 hours — and no one, Joh Fredersen, no one will be able to tell a Machine-Man from a mortal!”

Which brings us to today’s Silicon Valley.  Increasingly the titans of tech simultaneously extol (and worry about the consequences of) advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, recognizing that over time many (likely most) human workers will be displaced – unemployed, and unemployable.  The Ted Talk brigade is proposing solutions – primarily a “Universal Basic Income”  (“UBI”) and it enabling folks to pursue self-actualization (recall Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) and start up new businesses, freed to pursue an entrepreneurial dream, or create art, or whatever the subsidized idle-time now makes possible.  Some are even peddling the notion that UBI can save the planet!  Let us say up front, that these “solutions” are self-serving for the tech-elite; and they will not work.

For years the neo-Marxist Progressives a/k/a Socialists (e.g., Bernie Sanders) have peddled “Medicare for All” and “Social Security for All” – essentially euphemisms for socializing health care and retirement funding; eliminating eligibility requirements or contribution requirements by making all citizens auto-covered by these programs.  This is, of course, consistent with Marxist dogma about “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” – with a twist.  Those without a “need” are covered, as this provides political cover, while the “ability to pay” will remain – we all get the “entitlement” and only some suffer the “ability to pay.”

UBI presents an expansion on this – essentially “welfare for all.”  The theory (that is peddled) goes something like this:  everyone will get a sum of money equivalent to what the government decides is sufficient to cover their basic needs (housing, food, medical, transportation) and perhaps a bit more.  So folks would be “freed” from having to work to meet their “basic” needs. Yeah, that’ll work out well.  We have millions on welfare already who are “freed” from work while having their basic needs covered – and yet our inner cities are not exactly hotbeds of entrepreneurialism or people otherwise pursuing and fulfilling Maslovian higher-order needs.

As an initial matter, how would UBI be financed?  By definition, the tens or hundreds of millions who’d be content to loll around while their basic needs are met won’t help contributing; meanwhile many (perhaps eventually a majority) of those who have a work ethic will be in forced idleness due to their replacement by technology.  The proponents (as usual) fall back on “the rich,” and some even propose increased taxes on the tech companies whose AI and robotics replace workers (a tax with a built-in cap, for if it was set too high the cost of a human worker would again become competitive). There ain’t gonna be enough money dot-com.

Also, if human beings are increasingly displaced by AI and robotics, from whence will come the customers?  Who will buy the products produced by robots (particularly if we get to the point that AI-powered robots are designing and building other robots)? How do you build and sustain an vibrant economy that increasingly excludes human beings – and won’t over time the overall economy shrink, thus rendering the UBI less tenable, and thus throwing economically displaced humans into ever-more dire circumstances?  Will not “income inequality” grow worse rather than better (don’t think for a minute that die-hard Progressives won’t still bewail that “injustice” even after UBI).

The titans of Silicon Valley are portraying themselves as “socially conscious” and “woke.” Hardly.  If media reports are to be believed, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon treats its human workers not unlike the sweatshop owners of lore (at least until they too are replaced by robots, which reports indicate is nigh).  Tech giants are anticipating a societal blowback, and so have been buying up escape abodes in places like New Zealand.  Their support of UBI – their peddling of a neo-Marxist concept – is cynically intended to relieve political pressure, to delay the reckoning, to buy time even as they expand their human-displacing technologies.

The “Machine-Man” — the recreated “Hel” — in the Yoshiwara resembling the Whore of Babylon atop the Seven Deadly Sins. After inciting the workers to destroy the city, she / it tells the privileged crowd at Yoshiwara: “Let’s all watch as the world goes to the devil.”


And out they go — party animals going out to watch the world go to the devil.

Silicon Valley, at least its upper level executives, are increasingly becoming like the privileged elite living above the masses, like those portrayed in Metropolis.  This also includes a debauched lifestyle reminiscent of MetropolisYoshiwara patrons, as well-described here. The “Ted Talk” brigade will stand before friendly audiences and present oh so logical and soothing prognostications of a coming tech-infused utopia – Utopia 2.0.  But this is not unlike the Communists mentioned above who peddled their Utopia 1.0.  The world got dystopia in v. 1.0; we should not assume on mere faith that Utopia 2.0 will have a different outcome.

This is not to advocate a Luddite-like resistance to technology, including AI and robotics. But it is very much to say that we should not passively accept the word of those who stand to reap even more billions from the path they propose; nor should we accept an industrial-age Marxist concept (UBI) as the solution when, at best, it would be but a temporary palliative.

Finally, in this article no disclosure was made regarding how Metropolis ends.  That will have to await your viewing of it in its entirety (and pondering the parallels to today that it may have predicted).

Mr. Wigand is the author of Communiqués From the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracywhich is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.  Comments or questions for Mr. Wigand may be sent to: [email protected]— he will make every effort to personally respond to every email.


Fed Statement At 2:00

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

There is a small cadre of economists who believe the economy is on the verge of shifting into a higher gear perhaps growing in excess of 4% per annum, the first such occurrence since 2003. In the late 1990s, there were 4 consecutive years of 4% growth

The reasons for this optimistic outlook are tax cuts that increases productive capacity, a freeze and perhaps possible roll back of many onerous regulations enacted over the past 10 years, the number of job openings exceeding the number of job applicants the result of small business formation and finally small business confidence rising to the second highest level ever.

Twenty years ago, during the last era of strong capital spending that enabled the economy to expand at a 4% per annum rate for over 4 years, 90% of all job creation occurred in small businesses defined as companies employing 400 people or less.

During the past 10 years, the two major concerns of small business were regulation and lack of pricing power. Commenting about regulation and the long arm of government, for the first time in history, 2011 marked the first year small businesses stated government, not economic risk, was their greatest fear. It has since remained, but the percentage has dropped considerably.

Wow! Perhaps this is the single biggest reason why economic nationalism and populism is sweeping the country; contradicting statements from the educated elite dictating to the electorate in what to believe.

Regarding pricing power, the number of small businesses planning to raise prices is at a 10 year high and a record 35% of small companies are reporting higher compensation.

The two day Federal Reserve meeting concludes at 2:00. All are expecting another 0.25% increase. What comments will the Committee make about expected growth and inflationary pressures? Will any of the remarks resemble those of above?

Commenting about yesterday’s market action, markets were mixed. North Korea was a market nonevent, Brexit is still alive and there was little new on the trade front.

Last night the foreign markets were mixed. London was up 0.46%, Paris was up 0.33% and Frankfurt was up 0.38%. China was down 0.97%, Japan was up 0.38% and Hang Sang was down 1.22%.

The Dow should open firm, but all will focus on the FOMC’s comments as recent inflation statistics have reignited speculation that there could be a total of four increases in 2018. The 10-year is up 2/32 to yield 2.96%.


Chinese Front Company Used to Recruit Double Agents

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Mallory, who had top secret security clearance, worked as a CIA officer and was stationed in Iraq, China and Taiwan.

Mallory is a self-employed consultant with GlobalEx, LLC. and resides in Leesburg, Virginia. According to the criminal complaint, he graduated from Brigham Young University in 1981 with a Bachelor’s degree in political science.

Shortly thereafter, Mallory worked full-time in a military position for five years. Once he left that job, he continued his military service as an Army reservist and worked as a special agent for the State Department Diplomatic Security Service for three years (1987-1990).

Kevin Mallory Criminal Complaint by Chris on Scribd

Revealed: Chinese Front Company Used to Recruit U.S. Double Agents

A single reference buried deep within hundreds of pages of court filings in the case of convicted CIA turncoat Kevin Mallory reveals the name of a Shanghai-based “executive search firm” that bears the hallmarks of a classic espionage front, former intelligence operatives from the U.S. and Russia tell The Daily Beast.

The U.S. government’s evidence against Mallory, who was found guilty Friday of espionage-related charges, included a photograph of a business card belonging to alleged Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) agent Richard Yang, who presented himself as a corporate headhunter. Prosecutors said he was one of Mallory’s handlers. According to court documents, the picture was taken at Darren & Associates, a supposed corporate recruiter with no listed phone number or executives and an address that traces back to a rent-by-the-hour space on Shanghai’s Hubin Road.

Darren & Associates’ connection to the Mallory case has not been previously reported. The firm has been in business for either “around 40 years,” as its website claims, or since 2014, as stated on its LinkedIn page. The job networking site lists no actual former or current employees, and the company has a near-zero web presence, which is highly unusual for an organization that describes itself as a successful global enterprise.

“Clearly this is phony,” said former KGB sleeper agent Jack Barsky. “The first thing you do to figure out how real [a company is] is look at their website, and this is just not the footprint of a solid company.”

“Clearly this is phony… The first thing you do to figure out how real [a company is] by looking at their website, and this is just not the footprint of a solid company.” — former KGB sleeper agent Jack Barsky

It’s a “flimsy mechanism for them to use,” agreed former CIA officer Christopher Burgess. “To me, this is what someone would put up so that their business contact isn’t naked. But what it doesn’t do is talk about who they are, where they are, doesn’t give you names, and their mission is so general that it can cover anything.”

Richard Yang subsequently introduced Mallory to an associate, Michael Yang, who claimed to be affiliated with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). It has a close relationship with the Shanghai State Security Bureau (SSSB), a sub-component of the Ministry of State Security, according to the FBI. The Shanghai security bureau “uses SASS employees as spotters and assessors,” says one court filing, and “FBI has further assessed that SSSB intelligence officers have also used SASS affiliation as cover identities.”

Chinese think tanks like the Shanghai academy “can be used to invite someone over who is either a person of interest or a source,” Peter Mattis of the Jamestown Foundation’s China Program told Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian and Elias Groll of Foreign Policy last year. “That person comes over and gives a talk, and they’ll be met and have meetings with the local state security element or the People’s Liberation Army.”

via Facebook

Others are based in the U.S., they pointed out. The China Institute of Contemporary International Relations describes itself as a “comprehensive research institution” but is also “an official numbered bureau of the Ministry of State Security, functioning rather like the CIA’s Open Source Center.”

Darren & Associates, the erstwhile headhunting firm, seems rather less sophisticated. Either the MSS was “too lazy” to create a more realistic front company, or they thought “no one would give a shit about this Mallory guy and no one would be checking it,” said a former Russian FSB officer now living in the U.S. under the pseudonym “Jan Neumann.”

But U.S. authorities did care, and Mallory’s scheme unraveled in 2017 when he was selected for secondary screening at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport after a trip to China. Although he said he had nothing to declare, customs officers found $16,500 in cash on him.

““An individual like Mallory, with 20-plus years of high-end intelligence community engagement should have known better than [to use] this weak cover story that the Chinese gave him.” — former CIA officer Christopher Burgess

“An individual like Mallory, with 20-plus years of high-end intelligence community engagement should have known better than [to use] this weak cover story that the MSS gave him,” said Burgess. “He should have picked up the phone and called the FBI and said, ‘Hey, these people say they’re legitimate businesspeople, and I don’t think they are.’ And he should have done that years ago.”

The details of exactly what Mallory gave up have yet to be publicly revealed, and probably won’t ever be, said Burgess. But according to prosecutors, Mallory gave away the most precious secrets of all—the names of U.S. agents in China.

A CIA information review officer said in court last year that the documents Mallory gave to the Chinese contained sensitive intelligence, analysis, and the names of assets that “could reasonably be expected to cause the loss of critical intelligence and possibly result in the lengthy incarceration or death of clandestine human sources.”

”It’s a betrayal in the truest sense of the term,” former CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz told The Daily Beast.

FBI analysts further determined that Mallory “had completed all of the steps necessary to securely transmit at least four documents…one of which contained unique identifiers for human sources who had helped the U.S. government.”

Some of these files were stored on a Toshiba SD card, which Mallory concealed in aluminum foil and hid in his bedroom closet.

“We overlooked it twice,” FBI Special Agent Melinda Capitano testified Thursday.

“What made you think to open it?” the prosecutor asked.

“Usually in my training, small bits of foil like this contain drugs,” Capitano replied.

via PACER – The foil-wrapped SD card found in Mallory’s home.

Mallory’s defense team claims that the documents were worthless and that he was actually operating as an independent, self-directed counterintelligence officer of sorts to reel in the Chinese agents so he could eventually turn them into U.S. authorities. Burgess calls that “hogwash.” Mallory wasn’t freelancing in counterintelligence, he “was all-in” as an asset, in Burgess’ opinion.

“He was responsive to tasking, he used covert communications to reduce face-to-face interactions with his PRC contact,” said Burgess. “If I was validating a source, those are all indications that I have a good one.”

“He’s throwing something at the wall to see if it sticks,” laughed former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Ray Semko. “Just as long as they get one fool [on the jury] to believe it.”

Mallory’s attorney, Geremy Kamens, declined a request for comment.

Mallory, his wife, and one of his three kids lived in a four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 7,100-square foot house in Leesburg, Virginia, complete with a home theater and two fireplaces. He paid $1.15 million in 2005, a lot of money for a guy prosecutors said earned only $25,000 in the three years—all of it from his Chinese handlers.

He also has three adult children from a previous marriage. A court filing said Mallory had $50,000 in credit card debt, and about $2,500 in cash and investments. His wife, Mariah Nan-Hua Mallory, drives a school bus and earns roughly $9,000 a year.

In a motion previously filed with the court arguing against Mallory’s release pending trial, prosecutors said he had “demonstrated a pattern of dishonesty.”

“The defendant says and does anything he wishes to suit his particular needs, which seem largely to be finding an easy path out of his financial hardship, by betraying his government,” the motion stated.

A disguise kit found by FBI agents during a search of Mallory’s home.

However, Patsy Harrington, a real estate broker and close friend of Mallory’s who sold him his home, insists that Mallory is being totally mischaracterized.

“He is a loyal serviceman that was hurt in the line of duty in the Middle East, he’s a wonderful family man and a devoted Mormon with a wonderful wife and three highly accomplished grown children,” Harrington told The Daily Beast. “He’s a good man. I was a single mom and he was wonderful to me. He’s much better than 97 percent of the human beings I know.”

A LinkedIn recommendation from Min Xu, an associate professor at Central China Normal University describes Mallory as “a very faithful, honest, loyal, serious but kind, helpful, contagious person, very nice to everyone around, I will always remember his timely help and the warmth he gave to us when we were in trouble. He is really an amazing man.”

In fact, the Chinese agents who targeted Mallory initially reached out to him on LinkedIn. It’s a virtual goldmine for those looking to identify members of the “cleared community,” said Christopher Burgess, who has been contacted by people he assumed were foreign intelligence operatives more times than he can count.


Yet Chinese intelligence isn’t only interested in people with active security clearances. Anyone with access or influence can potentially be of value, and everyone from professors to scientists to journalists have received overtures from foreign spy services.

National security reporter Garrett Graff was targeted on LinkedIn by Evgeny Buryakov, a Russian SVR operative posing as a New York City investment banker. And a Chinese agent used LinkedIn to reach out to journalist Nate Thayer last year.

“On the day I received my first message from Chinese intelligence agents from the Ministry of State Security, they, of course, didn’t say they were Chinese spies,” Thayer wrote on his blog. “The note was from ‘Frank Hu,’ a ‘project assistant’ from Shanghai Pacific & International Strategy Consulting Co, saying he had found me on the Internet and was writing to ‘seek potential cooperation opportunities.’”

Predictably, there is no “Shanghai Pacific & International Strategy Consulting Co,” which doesn’t even maintain a rudimentary Darren & Associates-style website. “Hu” told Thayer the company was “a consulting firm, specializing in independent policy analysis and advisory services. We strive to help our clients properly assess political dynamics, risks and opportunities in countries and regions they operate in.”

“In terms of human source operations, the PRC ‘services’ are not all that sophisticated,” an intelligence community source told Thayer, “until they get you on their turf. So don’t go there–to Shanghai, that is–for any reason.”

Of course, there is no such thing as a foolproof system in espionage, and breaches like Mallory’s will surely happen again.

As Joseph Wippl, a 30-year veteran of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, told The Daily Beast, “It’s part of the business.”


The Facts of North Korea Nuclear and WMD Program

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Professionals at Los Alamos and Oak Ridge Laboratories estimate it would take up to ten years to dismantle all programs and operations in North Korea. Further, Tehran, Moscow and Beijing will work hard to delay what they can due to eliminating evidence of their respective involvement for decades in North Korea.

The Nine Steps Required to Really Disarm North Korea

NYT’s: The vast scope of North Korea’s atomic program means ending it would be the most challenging case of nuclear disarmament in history. Here’s what has to be done to achieve — and verify — the removal of the nuclear arms, the dismantlement of the atomic complex and the elimination of the North’s other weapons of mass destruction.

Nuclear Capabilities

  • Dismantle and remove nuclear weapons

    Take apart every nuclear weapon in the North’s arsenal and ship the parts out of the country.

  • Halt uranium enrichment

    Dismantle the plants where centrifuges make fuel for nuclear reactors and atom bombs.

  • Disable reactors

    Shutter the nuclear reactors that turn uranium into plutonium, a second bomb fuel.

  • Close nuclear test sites

    Confirm that the North’s recent, staged explosions actually destroyed the complex.

  • End H-bomb fuel production

    Close exotic fuel plants that can make atom bombs hundreds of times more destructive.

  • Inspect anywhere, forever

    Give international inspectors the freedom to roam and inspect anywhere.

Non-Nuclear Capabilities

  • Destroy germ weapons

    Eliminate anthrax and other deadly biological arms, under constant inspection.

  • Destroy chemical weapons

    Eliminate sarin, VX and other lethal agents the North has used on enemies.

  • Curb missile program

    Eliminate missile threats to the U.S., Japan and South Korea.

Continue reading


The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 10: How Steve Phillip & His Allies Won The 2017 Alabama US Senate Race

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Part 9 here.

It is almost certain that without the intervention of Steve Phillips and the help of his old communist networks across Alabama, Doug Jones would not be a US Senator today. President Trump would have one more vote in the Senate and the Republic would be at least slightly less imperiled.

Doug Jones, Senator Cory Booker

San Francisco lawyer, senior Democratic Party operative and stealth socialist Steve Phillips is using his wealth and influence to destroy the Republican Party’s southern base. First, his people helped turn Virginia from deep red to purple-leaning blue, then they “stole” a “safe” US Senate seat in Alabama.

Conservative Republican Judge Roy Moore should have easily won his December 2017 special US Senate election against Democrat Doug Jones. It was a shoo-in. But when Moore was damaged by historic sexual impropriety allegations, Steve Phillips and his friends smelled blood in the water and they moved in for the kill.

On December 13, 2017, the Chicago-based Midwest Academy gave Steve Phillips one of its two annual “Progressive Leadership” awards.

This was one day after Democrat Doug Jones had defeated Roy Moore in the Alabama special election and Midwest knew where the real credit lay.

Midwest Academy is so honored to give Steve Phillips, Founder of  Democracy in Color  an award TONIGHT as he was one of the architects of the victory in Alabama.

Midwest Academy is one of the country’s premier “community organizer” factories. Dominated for years by Democratic Socialists of America members, Midwest has taught thousands of young radicals the theory and tactics of the legendary Saul Alinsky – then turned them loose on unsuspecting communities across America.

Steve Phillips has several connections to the Midwest Academy Board.

  • Eddy Morales – Director of the highly secretive Democracy Alliance’s Latino Engagement Fund, which is a “collaborative effort between individual and institutional donors designed to strengthen high-performing Latino civic engagement organizations and increase the political power of the growing Latino population.” Morales also serves on the Board of Steve Phillips’ PowerPAC+.
  • Alicia Ybarra – Founding Director of Hispanic PAC USA. She has also worked with Unite For Dignity and Jobs with Justice in Miami, Florida organizing and training Latino and Haitian immigrants. Ybarra is currently working as the Training Director of SEIU International. Ybarra was also a student radical in MEChA and League of Revolutionary Struggle (LRS) circles at Stanford University with Steve Phillips in the mid-1980’s. Like Phillips, she was also a founder member of the LRS’ successor organization Unity Organizing Committee.
  • Marvin Randolph – A nationally recognized expert in voter registration, voter contact and Get Out The Vote operations. Randolph has worked on over 120 campaigns in 31 states. Randolph serves on the Board (director of community based electoral initiatives) of Steve Phillips’ Sandler Phillips Center. He is also President and CEO of Southern Elections Fund, serving under Board member Steve Phillips.

Southern Elections Fund played a major role in Doug Jones’ Senate victory in Alabama.

Southern Elections Fund (SEF) was originally established in 1969 by lifelong socialist Julian Bond to help elect local and state level candidates for office in the South.

Julian Bond with Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the early 1970’s, the SEF contributed campaign funds and technical advice to hundreds of candidates, many of whom were elected to office as part of a grassroots process that changed the nature and color of Southern politics.

In 2014, Bond and Benjamin Jealous resurrected the Southern Elections Fund in order to combat voter suppression and accelerate the electoral impact of the South’s rapidly changing demographics. The modern-day Southern Elections Fund will work in the South to expand the electorate, develop new leaders of color, and ensure that enhanced electoral power brings progressive change.

Former chairman of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, is a longtime colleague and financial beneficiary of Steve Phillips, so it was only natural that Phillips would join the SEF Board under Chairman Jealous.

Other SEF Board members are:

  • Andy Wong – Electioneering “mastermind, Steve Phillips’ former student radical comrade and Unity Organizing Committee founder. Board member of PowerPAC+ and President of Phillips’ related creation PowerPAC.org.
  • Jotaka Eaddy – Former Senior Director for Voting Rights for the NAACP.
  • Derrick Johnson – Founder and Executive Director of One Voice, Inc. and State President for the Mississippi State NAACP. Closely associated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

The Southern Elections Fund raised funds for and helped direct a massive Get Out The Vote campaign in Alabama’s black communities.

Doug Jones has a very narrow path to victory that relies primarily on an increase in the black vote. Jones will likely require 300K votes to win. This will likely require turnout of an additional 135k black voters.

Mobilizing the black vote in Alabama will require efforts from the people with deep roots in the community. Marvin Randolph, President and CEO of Southern Election Fund, is the country’s leading expert on black vote mobilization. He has worked on 120 campaigns in 31 states and organized the largest black voter registration effort in history when the NAACP registered 400,000 black citizens in 2012. His connections to Alabama extend back over 20 years, and Southern Election Fund is well-positioned to work with Alabama’s community-based leaders to conduct an effective black voter mobilization program.

DeJuana Thompson of Rubix Strategies is our Alabaman “boots on the ground” and long-term political professional who is running the operation from the local level.

Some of the money came directly from Phillips’ organization PowerPAC.

To contribute by check, make payable to PowerPAC – SEF

According to the Movement Voter Project (where Marvin Randolph serves on the Advisory Board alongside Steve Phillips’ wife Susan Sandler and Andy Wong), some money also came through Phillips’ entity Democracy in Color.

According to the Movement Voter Project website:

How did we pick up a US Senate seat in an off-cycle special election in Alabama? Black Women and their teams on the ground knew what it took to win, and we are honored to have played a small role in supporting them! We worked our networks and identified two local black women leading the way – DeJuana Thompson and LaTosha Brown. With our friends in Solidaire,  Women Donor’s network, Democracy in Color, and others, we collectively moved more than $500,000 – in less than a month!

Most of the funds went through three major local grassroots operations (WOKE VOTE, RIGHTEOUS VOTE, and #BlackVotersMatter) which in turn supported 30+ local groups, 600+ organizers in 17 Alabama counties, as well as a statewide phone bank, peer-to-peer texting, rural black radio, and social media campaigns. We can win anywhere and everywhere when we support local organizing and don’t take communities for granted. But we need early and ongoing investments. You can click here to donate to continued efforts in Alabama. Let’s transform the South (and the whole country)!

Ultimately, Thompson’s Woke Vote operation (and Righteous Vote, a similar effort created by Thompson to engage black voters through churches across the state), raised more than $2 million — most of it coming from out of state.

“This kind of money,” Thompson said, “had never come to Alabama.”

DeJuana Thompson was no political novice. In 2008, she organized Barack Obama’s Get Out The Vote efforts in Florida, Georgia and Kentucky. Over the next eight years, Thompson worked primarily on Capitol Hill, initially with then-Alabama U.S. Congressman Artur Davis.

Thompson joined Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign as African-American Vote Director for the state of Florida and did the same for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In 2013, DeJuana Thompson had also served as Deputy Field Director of Cory Booker’s successful US Senate campaign. A longtime Steve Phillips’ protege, Cory Booker was soon enlisted to tour Alabama stumping for Doug Jones.

DeJuana Thompson, Senator Cory Booker

Thompson’s team worked with organizations like black Voters Matter, Faith in Action AL and TOPS Society, to target the black and the youth vote.

They succeeded. 97% of black women and 93% of black men voted for Doug Jones.

60% of voters under 44 years of age voted for Jones, while 60% of voters over 60 chose Roy Moore.

Much of the black vote came from two areas – the Southern “Black Belt” and the Birmingham metro area.

In the Black Belt, the influential Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC) played a major role in delivering the black vote, through their infamous “Vote or Die” campaign.

Founded in 1986, ANSC was established to “promote the general welfare of all people through independent focused organizations dedicated to progressive ideals of freedom, justice and democracy.”

Jesse Jackson was keynote speaker at the organization’s founding conference.

ANSC is essentially run by two couples – Hank and Rose Sanders (known since she renounced her “slave name” in 2003 as Faya Toure} and John and Carol Zippert.

Both couples have been mainstays of the Alabama left since the “Civil Rights” era.

In the early 1960s, John Zippert joined the Congress On Racial Equality chapter at City College of New York. He was active in student government and Students for a Democratic Society and the Communist Party youth group W.E.B. Dubois Clubs. Zippert moved South to join the “Civil Rights” movement, where he met his Louisiana born wife Carol. Together they eventually settled in Eutaw, a tiny town in the Western sector of Alabama’s “Black Belt.”  They were involved in several subversive groups including the communist-controlled Southern Organizing Committee for Racial and Economic Justice and the Federation of Southern Cooperatives.

During the 1980s, the Zipperts became close with the Maoist organization Line of March (LOM). Both John and Carol published articles in the LOM Journal, Frontline.

Frontline , December 1988

The Zipperts also publish a newspaper, the Greene County Democrat, out of the county seat, Eutaw.

According to CNN:

Eutaw, features a casino, Greenetrack, whose CEO is Luther Winn, a politically active businessman who supports the local NAACP and the National Action Network, the organization run by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Thanks in part to the efforts of Winn, the Zipperts and NAACP activists, (Doug) Jones carried Greene with an overwhelming 87 percent of the vote, a larger margin than Moore won in any county.

Hank Sanders is Alabama’s longest serving State Senator and a well known race-baiter. A few years ago, Alabam’s New South Coalition circulated a mailer to black households around the state warning them that if they do not vote, the state will be controlled by “extremists” who will take away their “right to speak,” continuously conduct drug raids “only in the black community” and “honor Klansmen.”

In 2010, Sanders warned voters in a robocall that Alabama would go “back to the cotton fields of Jim Crow days” if Republicans rose to power. In 2013, he joined Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan in leading a mass protest across Alabama of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Hank Sander’s wife Rose (Faya Toure) runs the state’s largest black-owned law firm. She once moved in the same circles as Steve Phillips.

In 1990, Steve Phillips and a delegation of black student union members from Stanford University traveled to Selma Alabama.

The Stanford Daily, March 14, 1990

“to re-enact and commemorate a 1965 voting rights march and discuss the unfinished business of the civil rights movement. The Stanford group, calling itself “Project Democracy II,” went to record the history of the original march, called “Bloody Sunday” because it ended in bloodshed and violence, but in the process found a new chapter of history being written before its eyes.

Leaders of the week-long event included the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King, Rep. John Lewis and Rose Sanders.

In 1988, in the July 18 issue, Rose Sanders, Campaign for a New South, Selma Alabama, endorsed Unity, the League of Revolutionary Struggle newspaper, which Steve Phillips occasionally wrote for.

In 1992, Rose Sanders keynoted Unity’s 14th anniversary celebration in Steve Phillips’ home town of San Francisco.

As co-founder and coordinator of the “Vote or Die” campaign, Faya Toure claimed to receive death threats for the organizing efforts she and her group “engaged in to turn out the African-American vote against racist Judge Roy Moore.”

Senator Jones met with an Alabama New South Coalition delegation in January 2018 to “discuss priorities”.

Left Carol Zippert, second to left John Zippert, 4th from left Senator Jones, third from right Faya Tour, right, Senator Hank Sanders

All of ANSC delegation members played an active role in the ‘Vote or Die Campaign’ to register, educate, mobilize and turnout voters in the December 12, 2017 Special Election, in which Jones defeated Judge Roy Moore.

Jones thanked the ANSC and the Vote or Die Campaign for their support and help in winning a closely fought contest with Judge Roy Moore. He said he appreciated “the early and continuing efforts of ANSC, ANSA and Vote or Die from the beginning of the race, starting at the first primary and continuing all the way through…”

Senator Jones said that he would continue to communicate on a regular basis with the delegation about the upcoming state elections in 2018 and his own re-election campaign in 2020.

In May of 2018, John Zippert ran for the State Democratic Executive Committee in District 72.

I am running for the State Democratic Executive Committee because I want to help reform and revitalize the Democratic Party in Alabama. I want to build on the momentum we gained in electing Doug Jones to the United States Senate in the Special Election last December…The Democratic Party in Alabama must be part of a fifty state strategy to elect progressive candidates committed to assisting poor and working people make changes that increase fairness, justice and inclusion of all people and share the prosperity of this economy more equitably with everyone.

The Birmingham Doug Jones Get Out The Vote effort was largely organized by a coalition lead by Scott Douglas, an old comrade of John Zippert from their Southern Organizing Committee for Racial and Economic Justice days.

Scott Douglas is Executive Director of Greater Birmingham Ministries, a “multi-faith, multi-constituency and multi-racial organization” designed to build “community confidence in self-governance through inclusive, participatory, transparent and democratically accountable civic and voter engagement.”

Scott Douglas was a member of the Communist Party USA until its 1991 split. Douglas then followed the spin-off Committees of Correspondence, but today is closer to Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Specifically, Freedom Road Socialist Organization went about helping Doug Jones, Scott Douglas and his Greater Birmingham Ministries, united with other churches, black, Hispanic and Muslim groups in forming the “Stand As One Coalition.”

Two days after Doug Jones’ victory, Stand As One Coalition convened a press conference at Greater Birmingham Ministries.

Scott Douglas at the mike.

“We touched as many people as we could,” said Scott Douglas, speaking on behalf of the Stand As One Coalition.

“It took a whole group of us working together,” said Isabel Rubio, executive director of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama.

“What happened on Tuesday wasn’t an accident; it was hard work,” said Daniel Schwartz, executive director of Faith in Action Alabama. “When the impossible happens it only whets your imagination for the other things that are impossible.”

The green stripe of the Rainbow was also represented.

“Alarmed by Roy Moore’s derogatory comments about Islam,” Alabama Muslims turned out in large numbers to vote for Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

More than 20,000 Muslim voters – about the margin of victory for Jones – turned out and voted almost without exception for Jones, said Khaula Hadeed, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Alabama.

Democratic candidate Doug Jones defeated Republican candidate Roy Moore by a margin of 21,924 votes (1.7%).

It is almost certain that without the intervention of Steve Phillips and the help of his old communist networks across Alabama, Doug Jones would not be a US Senator today. President Trump would have one more vote in the Senate and the Republic would be at least slightly less imperiled.

Look for Part 11 coming soon: “Steve Phillips Funds Stacey Abrams For A Blue Georgia”

A book entitled “The Rainbow Conspiracy” will be released in October 2018.