The Word “Mean” is Leftists’ Lethal Weapon

By: Lloyd Marcus

Americans have always eventually done the right thing – freed the slaves, gave women the right to vote, and so on. While we are extremely compassionate people, throughout our history we have made adult commonsense decisions to preserve our homeland and act as good stewards of God’s gift of America.

Today, a powerful leftist (Democrats, Hollywood, and Fake news) weapon to overrule common sense and further their anti-America agenda is the word “mean.” Far too many Republicans and conservatives regard being declared mean by leftists an immediate stop sign, preventing the enforcement of our laws and blocking the implementation of commonsense solutions good for America.

Fully supported by American leftists, illegals are saying, “screw you America.” They are invading our country whether we like it or not, arrogantly breaking our immigration laws. They demand to feed on our welfare safety-net set up for Americans. Outrageously, Obama gave illegals freebies unavailable to Americans — free attorneys and more. Obama used taxpayers’ money to spend over 60 grand per illegal to settle them in America. We spend $11 to $22 billion each year on freebies for illegals.

Obama spread illegals around the country, irresponsibly putting medically untested children of illegals into our schools infecting our kids with strange diseases. That was mean. Leftists like Obama are consistently mean to Americans.

Can you believe illegal students in our schools are allowed to demand that U.S. students not wear clothing to school that features the U.S. Flag on Mexican holidays? Illegals claim wearing U.S. gear on a Mexican holiday is racist, insensitive, and mean. Incredibly, leftist school administrators agree and send U.S. students home for wearing t-shirts which feature our flag.

We welcome people who had a burning desire to become Americans and entered our country legally. For years, I witnessed the character and passion of such migrants when I performed my original song, “Celebrate America” at naturalization ceremonies in Maryland. Many wept after taking their oath of allegiance.

The illegals invading our country today have no desire to become Americans; no desire to assimilate. Quite the opposite. Illegals give learning English, embracing our culture, and honoring our flag their middle fingers. Fake news hides the fact that many of the thousands of young men illegally invading our country are known gang members.

Irresponsible foreign parents send their children unaccompanied to make the extremely dangerous journey to the American border armed with abortion pills because the chances of being raped are high. Fake news hides the truth that illegals are committing horrendous crimes on Americans, including decapitating a 13-year-old girl in Alabama. Leftists attempt to silence anyone who states these truths by calling them mean racists.

Leftists hide the truth that the illegals invading our country are defiant, demanding rights while disrespecting our homeland. Fake news media and Hollywood flood the airwaves with images and lies portraying the invaders as good people simply seeking a better life. Therefore, it is mean and racist to attempt to stop them. Republicans, conservatives, and Trump voters who understand that without borders we do not have a country are branded mean racist haters by the American left.

Leftists strategically use the word mean to block the enforcement of immigration law. However, leftists have no problem being mean to Americans. For example: leftists hide and financially support illegal felons who murder, rob, and rape Americans in their sanctuary cities; extremely mean to Americans.

Thirty-two-year-old Kate Steinle was shot and killed by Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, an illegal with numerous felons, deported numerous times. Sanctuary city San Francisco kept welcoming Zarate back and outrageously acquitted Zarate of Kate’s murder.

Republicans and conservatives sought to pass Kate’s Law, which would give mandatory jail time to deported illegal felons who keep coming back. Democrats fought Kate’s Law tooth and nail, in essence, saying screw you to protecting U.S. citizens.

Imagine returning home from vacation. To your shock and horror, your backyard has been transformed into a ghetto tent city with women, children and a large number of young men. Gang symbols are spray-painted on your house siding. There are piles of trash. Invaders have broken into your home. Valuables have been stolen. The invaders run a massive number of extension cords from inside and outside your home to power their electrical needs. Your wife and daughter are sexually threatened. Your middle school son has developed a strange cough.

Upon contacting law enforcement and your Democratic mayor to remove the invaders from your property, you are excoriated and called a mean racist. Your mayor demands that you purchase more homeowner’s insurance, upgrade your electrical power, and make various other concessions to accommodate your poor guests who are only seeking a better life.

Local fake news TV shows up. Keeping the mob of tattooed young men flashing gang signs off camera, the leftist reporter interviews a woman holding a child. Overwhelmingly sympathetic to the invaders, the reporter airs a news story portraying the invaders as good people who are simply seeking a better life. You are branded the villainous mean white racist homeowner who refuses to share your stuff. More illegals arrive daily invading other homesteads throughout your community.

My fellow Americans, this is exactly what is happening to our country. Fake news media is attempting 24/7 to brand president Trump the mean bad guy for not opening our border to the free-flow of illegals. Democrats, Hollywood, social media, and fake news media are doing their part to convince Americans that attempting to stop the invasion of our home is mean and racist.

Thank God President Trump is not deterred or intimidated by leftists’ never-ending campaign to brand him mean and racist. Trump continues to make adult commonsense decisions in the best interest of Americans.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Trump Navigates the New World Order

By: Cliff Kincaid

President Trump accuses his enemies of McCarthyism. But anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy had many of the same enemies Trump has.  And McCarthy’s fate may teach Trump a lesson.

Not one to embrace the “New World Order” of the late former President George H.W. Bush, Donald J. Trump has disavowed many of the elements of world government put in place by Republican and Democratic presidents. That has made him an enemy of the globalists. Trump withdrew the U.S. from Barack Hussein Obama’s Paris climate agreement, a wise decision considering that the COP24 climate change conference, which is now underway, is set to consider “a global tax on CO2,” as if a life-giving gas is somehow a pollutant. This is to be expected from a global United Nations bureaucracy that treats life-killing abortion as a basic human right.

“We are committed and active in bringing about a revolution in thinking, policies, and lifestyles, to address these new challenges,” says the Socialist International in its “global call for a sustainable world society – before it’s too late.”

But facing enemies within, the Trump Administration recently released an alarmist climate change report that President Trump said he rejects. The report was written in part by an Obama holdover in the federal bureaucracy and used material funded by one of Trump’s political enemies, billionaire Tom Steyer. Trump’s enemies will use the report against the Administration’s America-first economic policies at the COP24 conference now underway.

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Will be gone for a couple of days…

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Just a note to our readers… I will be gone for a couple of days, so consider this an open thread if you like. I am going into the hospital for routine surgery and should be back no later than Friday.

Hold the fort for me while I’m gone and all prayers are appreciated.

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


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Pro-China Labor Group Helped Flip 2 Senate Seats In Nevada

Does Freshman California Congressman Mike Levin Owe His Job To Communists?

Uncovering Chinese Espionage in the US

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I deleted my Twitter account. It’s a breeding ground for thoughtlessness and contempt.


Does Freshman California Congressman Mike Levin Owe His Job to Communists?

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal | The Epoch Times

Democratic congressional candidate Mike Levin (CA-49) waves at a 2018 midterm elections rally on Oct. 4, 2018, in Fullerton, California. Levin went on to win the seat. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The Democratic Party’s clean sweep of California’s once deeply conservative Orange County brought several new far-leftists into the U.S. House of Representatives. One of the most radical is the 49th District’s new congressman, Mike Levin.

The freshman representative has already joined the communist-allied Congressional Progressive Caucus — not a surprise, considering that socialists and communists helped get Levin elected.

Levin beat Republican Diane Harkey by nearly 14,000 votes, so the Marxist-help was probably not decisive in the general election. However, one of Levin’s socialist supporters has admitted that they engineered his nomination by out-maneuvering his Democratic primary opponents.

The 49th District was always a major target for the left. When incumbent Darrell Issa retired, it became a top priority. Even before the candidate primaries had been decided, a group — Flip the 49th! Neighbors in Action — was created specifically to turn the very marginal seat blue.

“The closest Congressional race in the Country is in our backyard. In 2016, the Republican won by just 1,621 votes. In order to stop the corrupt and chaotic agenda of the Trump Administration, the Democratic Party must win control of Congress. The path to winning back the House runs straight through our home in California’s 49th Congressional District,” states the group’s website.

Flip the 49th held rallies, knocked on doors, and phone-banked for Levin. They were the backbone of his campaign.

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Pro-China Labor Group Helped Flip 2 Senate Seats in Nevada

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal | The Epoch Times

APALA at an International Workers’ Day 2017 rally in San Francisco. (Pax Ahimsa Gethen [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)] via Wikimedia Commons)

A Beijing-aligned U.S. labor group is actively involved in state elections. The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) has helped Democrat candidates win several close races, including two U.S. Senate contests in Nevada.

In the 2018 election cycle, about 30 APALA canvassers knocked on doors in Las Vegas from the end of September. According to APALA coordinator Kathleen Flores, the canvassers backed specific candidates like Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen in her bid to unseat Republican Sen. Dean Heller.

“We’re trying to let her win, Jacky Rosen, because she’s fighting for higher pay, higher minimum wage, and good education, better health — that’s why I’m here,” Flores told the Las Vegas Sun.

With 72,000 registered Asian-American or Pacific Islander voters in Nevada (up more than 160 percent since 2000), it makes sense for the left to target this significant Democrat-leaning voter bloc in a Republican-tilting state.

The APALA canvassers were not working for love. They were paid $15 an hour to brave the Nevada fall heat through a $160,000 grant from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Despite Heller leading in the polls through most of the race, Rosen’s winning margin was a comfortable 50.4 percent to Heller’s 45.4 percent — about 49,000 votes.

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What’s Next?

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

The G-20 meeting is over.

I believe the two greatest issues facing the markets for the intermediate future is monetary policy and the normalization of the Fed’s balance sheet. Both events will have a direct impact on earnings and valuations.

Regarding monetary policy, in my view, the markets have been spoon fed by the FOMC essentially telegraphing its intentions for the proceeding year. This has now changed, reverting back to normalcy where the data will dictate policy.

In short, the Central Bank is signaling to investors a hard truth about relying upon contradictory economic data; there are no easy answers anymore. It is going to be choppy with perhaps surprises.

The FOMC is attempting to be flexible but such flexibility will create uncertainty.

Commenting about asset sales, the Federal Reserve is now doubling the number of security sales. How will such increases in bonds available for sale impact prices especially as demand for monies by the Federal government is rising?

Higher interest rates dictate lower equity valuations unless corporate cashflows rise at a greater rate to offset the negative impact of potentially higher rates.

And then there are earnings itself. How will trade and interest rates impact the profitability of the over-owned and highly-valued technology shares? FAANG is down about 25% from its early October peak, the result of earnings that did not meet sky-high expectations.

According to the Consumer Technology Association, approximately 80% of US cell phones and 92% of US tablets and laptops are imported from China.

As noted many times, FAANG comprises a large minority of the popular indices capitalization. Late last week, legendary Vanguard Chairman John Bogle stated that he is expecting a 1.75% total annual return in a 50/50 blended account over the next decade. His rationale is similar to the concerns above; lofty valuations, massive over-ownership, rising interest rates, shrinking margins and trade concerns.

Change is the only certainty, however, I believe the financial markets are not prepared to handle change given the massive proliferation of passive investing which by definition states that past performance will be indicative of future performance. The big get bigger and the small get smaller unless there is some event that disrupts preconceived expectations.

As indicated above, the Fed has jumped off its predictable path into a policy of wilderness. Expectations will change. How will such changes be viewed?

This week is a data-filled week that can alter expectations. There are numerous employment reports, manufacturing and non-manufacturing surveys and various trade statistics. Moreover, there are some second-tier technology companies posting results as well as an OPEC meeting.

How will all be interpreted?

Last night the foreign markets were up. London was up 1.76%, Paris was up 1.06% and Frankfurt was up 2.27%. China was up 2.57%, Japan was up 1.0% and Hang Sang was up 2.55%.

The Dow should open sharply higher on the trade truce. Oil is up a 5% as Saudi Arabia and Russia extended their pact to manage the market and Canada’s largest producing province ordered unprecedented output cuts. The 10-year is off 13/32 to yield 3.04%.


After Criticism, AP Deletes Tweet Bashing President George H.W. Bush

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Since-Deleted AP Tweet

The Associated Press posted a partisan and frankly, disgusting Tweet about the late President George H.W. Bush in the wake of his death. After much controversy, the AP deleted the tweet with a weak excuse that the deleted the disrespectful tweet “because the tweet and the opening of the story referenced his 1992 electoral defeat and omitted his WWII service.”

The initial Tweet, as reported at Chicks on the Right, said “George H.W. Bush, a patrician New Englander whose presidency soared with the coalition victory over Iraq in Kuwait, but then plummeted in the throes of a weak economy that led voters to turn him out of office after a single term, has died. He was 94. ”

Several people noted that the AP gave a better tribute to the communist dictator Fidel Castro upon his death:

The AP received plenty of heat for the disrespectful tweet, prompting them to delete it. Their explanation is perplexing: