By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

In recent days, it has been reported that the Biden White House is considering sending Haitian refugees to Guantanamo if conditions get worse. Exactly how much worse when the gangs control 80% of Port au Prince? But know this… it is not a new concept at all by the Biden administration. No you ask? Nope… you see Al Jazeera reported it back in September of 2021.

What is worse is the U.S. State Department and the Department of Homeland Security have known about the doom and pending collapse of Haiti at least since early 2021 and did nothing. Now it is in a crisis. But history repeats itself. What do I mean?

Well in the 1990’s Guantanamo was used as a makeshift camp for thousands of Haitians. Yet just last year the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated and so here we are in a total collapse. Secretary of State Blinkin visited to tell the interim government led by Ariel Henry to just leave… which after a day or so he did. Meanwhile, Blinkin is pledging money everywhere all while a Marine Anti-Terrorism Unit has just arrived in Haiti allegedly to protect government personnel at the U.S. embassy while American citizen volunteers are begging for help to get out… another Kabul, Afghanistan is now.

Police rebels in Haiti occupy the streets of Port-au-Prince to protest ...

According to Matthew Miller, the State Department spokesperson, the U.S. has no idea how many Americans are in Haiti and how many want to get out… all too familiar. Miller also said that Haiti has been a Level 4 country since 2020 which means, the United States has advised Americans not to travel to Haiti for 4 years.

Haiti: Thousands Trapped as Gangs Battle for Control in Port-au-Prince

Source: For Educational Purposes.

Will Nicaragua and Venezuela or even Ecuador be next?

So, Florida Governor DeSantis is in full-blown offense in the Key West region to fight back against an incursion and he should. Haitians are fleeing already to the Dominican Republic but the DR too is on the offense and using every bus it can mobilize to remove the Haitian migrants back across the border to Haiti.

So, after a few minutes on the State Department website to see if there were any actual posts about Haiti… well no, unless you scroll to pages 2-3 and beyond. For instance, in November of 2023, there was a post of an increase in the reward for information leading to the arrest or capture of a Haitian gang leader… $2 million dollars for organized crime. The post also included some text referring to the 400 Mawozo gang members engaged in kidnapping 16 U.S., Christian missionaries and holding them for ransom. However, there is no update to the condition of those kidnapped or anyone arrested.

More recently, Secretary Blinkin was in Brazil holding a multinational security support mission ministerial meeting where of course sustainable planet talk was first to be mentioned. Only later did Bliknin discuss the gangs in Haiti. He did declare the gangs were in control of 80% of Port au Prince and these armed groups use sexual assaults and rape to terrorize the population. They are blocking trade routes and have cut off access to food, clean water, healthcare, and electricity. He said nothing of kidnapping sick people right out of hospital rooms or the burning of houses and people by the gang leader, a former cop known as Barbeque. 

But Blinkin did allocate $189 million to Haiti and just this week another $400 million. For what? No clue and payable to whom? Again, no clue. So… call in the United Nations, right? Well, the U.S. is already there and has been since the earthquake in 2010.

Perhaps putting gang members and leaders in Guantanamo is the right thing to do actually.