By: Cliff Kincaid

“There is no pain like losing a child” is one of the messages in the St. Jude’s commercials we see regularly on television, and we are all touched and contribute to this worthy cause. Childhood cancers are devastating to the children and the families. But on Thursday, in what Axios calls a “historic” first for a member of a presidential ticket, Kamala Harris visits an abortion clinic in Minnesota to celebrate the extinction of innocent unborn human life.

As Harris celebrates the surgical or chemical destruction of human beings, our media are filled with talk of a gang leader named “Barbecue” taking control of Haiti and a possible exodus of people from that poor nation to America. It’s another disaster on Biden’s watch.

There is a lesson here for America. The flaming tires in much of the footage in Haiti remind us of what happened when communists took control of South Africa and “necklacing” was a common practice. Flaming tires were put around the necks of traitors to the revolution.

In America, the Biden-Harris revolution means sacrificing the lives of unborn babies. Anyone opposed to the practice is considered a traitor to the revolution.

Other facets of the revolution in America include transgenderism, dope on demand, and anti-Semitism.

Interestingly, I ran into a Catholic priest in a local Post Office in the Washington, D.C. area, and he confirmed previous reports that exorcisms are being conducted on several demon-possessed individuals in the region. In my opinion, the church itself needs an exorcism so that it can stand up to the madness.

Every year, as the March for Life approaches in D.C., the Catholic Church proclaims the sanctity of human life. So it will be interesting to see what their reaction is to Kamala Harris’s visit to the abortion business in Minnesota.

Harris has not given birth to any children of her own, but she wants to make sure women have a “right” to destroy their own.

Meanwhile, here in Maryland, the California of the East, Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown, a Democrat, has joined a coalition of 19 attorneys general in “opposing a state law in Idaho that blocks the ability of transgender youth to access critical, lifesaving gender-affirming care.”

So-called “lifesaving gender-affirming care” is communist terminology for chemicals and surgeries that mutilate a child’s God-given gender characteristics.

At the same time, Biden himself, during his State of the Union address, appealed to the stoners. An influential pro-dope publication called Marijuana Business Daily says, “President Joe Biden’s mention of ongoing marijuana reform efforts during his annual State of the Union address is considered a landmark achievement for MJ [marijuana] policy by political observers as well as stakeholders in the $34 billion U.S. cannabis industry.”

The Democratic Party, under the guidance of George Soros, brought this $34 billion industry to prominence as another source of campaign money for them. They prey on young people.

In his State of the Union, Biden said that he had directed his “cabinet to review the federal classification of marijuana,” to make it seem less dangerous and expand use, even while numerous studies link the drug to mental illness and gun violence.

This week, Kamala Harris will host a pro-pot rally in the White House.

We regularly see “Stop Smoking” and “Quit” public service announcements regarding tobacco, but smoking dope is now celebrated.

There are many different required warnings for cigarette packages and advertisements with graphic images of various health problems. But marijuana is given a pass because the industry generates campaign money for the Democrats.

As if the cases of cannabis-induced psychosis are not enough, the latest study from the American Heart Association finds that daily marijuana users are at an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Meanwhile, Congress is debating a ban on a social media platform called TikTok but nothing has been done on the national level about Chinese marijuana-growing operations in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington.

Scott Chipman of Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana says, “Legalized pot has become an invitation to international crime rings and cartels.  No need to smuggle drugs across the border. Just set up shop in a ‘legalized’ state. There is not enough law enforcement to deal with the proliferation of criminality so most of them will go unaddressed.”

This is another result of Biden’s open borders policy.

There is some official concern on the federal level, and even some Democrats are alarmed. But a grand total of only 50 lawmakers sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland over Chinese Communist Party-linked marijuana farms on American soil.

By any measure, the CCP-linked dope farms are clearly even more of a threat than TikTok, now a subject of national attention. In November 2022, a Chinese national murdered four people on an Oklahoma marijuana farm after a monetary dispute, the congressional letter says.

“In addition to growing marijuana,” said the Congressional members, “investigators in Oklahoma discovered illicit marijuana growers engaged in human trafficking, sex trafficking, ketamine trafficking, illegal gambling, and international money laundering.”

The Biden campaign uses TikTok even while denouncing its influence and promoting acceptance of marijuana. This crowd will do anything for votes, even destroying the young people they cultivate for those same votes. It is truly sick.

Commenting on the transgenderism issue in sports, in which men perform as women, former ESPN host Sage Steele made some interesting observations, noting that something “insidious” is happening that is “evil” and “lurking” in society.

The word “lurking” seems like an appropriate term. The definition means “To lie in wait in a place of concealment, especially for an evil purpose.”

It is now out in the open, however.

With exorcisms underway in the Washington, D.C. region, let us hope and pray that the “Powers of Darkness” are addressed directly by the Catholic Church and other religious leaders.

Instead, I fear the church will double down on meddling in the Middle East and adopting an anti-Israel policy known as the “two-state solution” that guarantees more bloodshed and another Holocaust.

This is Biden’s approach. In what the site Just the News called the “harshest” comments made to date against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by a top-level U.S. official, Senate Democrat Leader Sen. Charles Schumer criticized Netanyahu’s leadership and called for Israel to hold elections to depose him.

Netanyahu wants to win the war. But Biden wants Israel to fail, in part because the Muslims who are members of the base of the Democratic Party base are upset at Israel’s success and realize that a nuclear-capable Iran is the next logical target for Israeli leaders anxious to save the Jewish state.

So in addition to abortion, transgenderism, and dope, I need to add anti-Semitism to Biden’s winning formula this November. He fears anti-Israel protests at the Democratic National Convention in August so he must undermine Israel and overthrow Netanyahu during a time of war for Israel’s survival.

While destroying America from within, with the help of the communists, Biden also wants to destroy Israel in the name of peace. It is truly evil.

We can see where all of this is going. If Biden has his way, the Jews will have to leave Israel after the next Holocaust and arrive on our shores, perhaps with a group of Haitians fleeing the gang leader known as Barbecue and his promised “bloody revolution.”

America and the world are on fire. The Biden team wants to pour more gas on the flames, in a desperate effort to maintain power.