By: Cliff Kincaid

When Washington, D.C., Cardinal Wilton Gregory criticized Joe Biden on Easter Sunday for being a “cafeteria Catholic,’’ he ignored the fact that top Catholic officials have committed crimes of a serious nature, as a Lavender Mafia within the church has been sexually abusing children, one of the worst sins.

Meanwhile, in Maryland, one of the most Catholic states in the nation, church officials are putting up half-hearted objections to a bill to legalize human composting, the first step in using human remains to grow food. Human bodies are being made into mulch.

Maryland has a legislature dominated by Democrats, many of them Catholics.

Why Catholic officials are still being treated with reverence is beyond me. They have laid the groundwork for Biden’s betrayal of Christian values through his support for transgenderism, abortion, and making mind-altering substances such as marijuana more available to our youth, subjecting them to mental health problems such as psychosis.

For those still wedded to the notion that pot is harmless, I suggest spending some of your entertainment time watching a series, “Murder at First Sight,” about a pothead who beat a pastor to death in West Virginia. Pastor Ron Browning’s face was “disfigured beyond recognition” after being struck repeatedly by a glass jar, according to a local news report. An autopsy revealed that the pothead, 22-year-old Camille Browne, tried to strangle Browning with a cord, crushed his chest, and cut his eyes. She had already testified that Pastor Browning told her just before his death that she was possessed by a demon.

She was literally “possessed by marijuana,” in the words of another short interview and documentary about the case.

On Fox News, one of their many left-wing hacks, Jessica Tarlov, was giddy over the possibility that having pot and abortion on the ballot this November in Florida would help the Democrats win the state for Biden. This is their appeal to young people – get high and murder your babies, and Tarlov thinks that is a winning strategy.

Perhaps it is.

Republicans will back off and, more importantly, the churches will offer no resistance, which raises the question – what are churches good for anyway? Funerals and memorial services?

I’ve come to the conclusion they’re mostly for people who want to feel good about their own sinful nature. They don’t believe in Christian teachings anymore.  They just want to think as themselves as good Christians by virtue of going to or watching a church service.

I watched one service where the pastor taught that the Easter message was one of forgiveness and that if you confess your sin, the sin never happened. But that’s not true. Sin hurts other people and the damage is not erased away.

Christianity means nothing if there is no justice for the sins that are committed and the sinners who commit them. I believe the evil-doers will have to pay the price. They will have to suffer. No justice, no peace.

So Biden and all of his “Catholic” followers are not off the hook for being cafeteria Catholics, just because they go to church and get blessings from corrupt church officials.

Biden’s Catholicism is a complete fraud, and everyone knows it, especially Washington, D.C., Cardinal Wilton Gregory. But all he can muster in response is that Biden is a cafeteria Catholic, picking and choosing what doctrines he should follow. It’s much worse than that, and he above others should know that these are the “Powers of Darkness” in the church that are also infecting the people through corrupt clergy.

As I wrote in a column years ago quoting anti-communist Professor Renato Cristin, Pope Francis is the leader of the global left and the only serious question is whether Francis is a Marxist masquerading as a Catholic, or whether he has somehow in his own mind synthesized Christianity and Communism into a bizarre philosophy of “Christian communism.”

Whatever the case, the Catholic Church has lost its way. No wonder that only one-third of Catholics go to church anymore. It’s probably a good thing. The money they would put in the collection plates will go to pay off suits from victims of sexual abuse by priests.

Whatever Trump’s personal faults and there are many that will be advertised at the upcoming trial featuring Stormy Daniels, at least he has had a change of heart, perhaps even a conversion, and he now realizes that the root of America’s crisis lies in the declining morality of the nation and the willingness of its leaders to lie, cheat, and steal. As president, though he is a flawed vessel, he can help stem the tide of the powers of darkness that are rampaging through our country and taking down every institution that once stood in the way of the evil that was even celebrated on Easter with Biden’s proclamation of transgender visibility day.

Biden, of course, claimed he didn’t know anything about it, which is par for the course for a puppet trying to complete Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

We have learned that the next step in this deterioration of morality and virtue is a bill that is close to passing the Maryland state legislature that will legalize human composting. It is being sold as an “eco-friendly alternative” to traditional burials and cremation.

In addition to the marijuana business, a modern-day version of “Soma” from Huxley’s Brave New World, a new industry is emerging that is dedicated to “ecological death care,” complete with green funeral homes.

Solve climate change by making Mom and Dad into mulch.

It reminds you of the science fiction film, “Soylent Geen,” in which humans are killed through assisted suicide, and the bodies are made into food for the living. “Soylent Green is people!” shouts the main character, played by Charlton Heston, as he discovers the terrible truth.

The film “Soylent Green” was made in 1973 but was supposed to represent America in the year 2022. Looks like the producers were off by two years.

Science fiction is today’s reality.

When communion with Christ through the body and blood is replaced by eating food grown from the bodies of Mom and Dad, without a serious objection from the church, you know there is a sinister aspect in Obama’s unfolding “Permanent Revolution” in America that requires a response from true Christians.

Like Camille Brown, the killer pothead, there is something demonic in the land.