By: Cliff Kincaid

There is a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza is the scream heard around the world from those trying to create a second Holocaust for the people of Israel. This “humanitarian catastrophe” could have been avoided if Hamas had not launched terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7 and if the terrorist group had surrendered in the face of Israeli retaliation. The terrorists want civilians to suffer. That is why they are a terrorist group dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

Simply put, the people who brought Hamas to power are suffering the consequences, in the same way, the Germans bore the brunt of Hitler’s defeat in World War II.

Tragically, some in Israel have grown soft in the face of the terror, agitating for the removal of the one Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who understands the need for total victory. Softer yet, in the name of solving the crisis, is President Joe Biden, exposed as someone who, for the sake of votes in November, is willing to sacrifice the existence of the state of Israel in exchange for saving Hamas and getting “humanitarian aid” into the hands of those who brought Hamas to power.

If this is another no-win war, the kind that America has been waging since World War II, Israel will face the emergence of another “Palestinian state” dedicated to its destruction.

But Netanyahu is smart, as evidenced by the precise military strike on the Iranian generals waging war on Israel from the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria. That headquarters is no more.

I usually don’t take the anti-American website, Global Clearinghouse, seriously. But its headline, “Israel and US Are at War with Iran, Russia and China,” is correct.

In truth, Biden is waging a war on Iran, through his tepid support for Israel, but Iran has been striking back hard with Russian and Chinese support. That is the meaning of the Key Bridge collapse. I stand by my reporting on the weak or even non-existent arguments for an “accidental” event.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the collapse of the Key Bridge could rival or beat the maritime industry’s largest-ever financial loss, with an estimated cost of $1 billion or more. You can be sure that China Joe won’t demand retaliation against the perpetrators. He was on the phone yesterday with the Chinese dictator and has never demanded compensation for the more than one million Americans killed by the China virus.  Our intelligence agencies still can’t figure out where the virus came from, and whether it was deliberate or accidental. They don’t understand the communist mind of total war.

But the FBI already somehow knows that the cargo ship going off course and hitting the Key bridge was just an accident. These people are worse than the Keystone cops.

We laugh at the Keystone cops. But the FBI is not a laughing matter.

Anybody with a brain understands that ruling out terrorism in the bridge collapse, only a few hours after the fact makes no sense. The politicians assembled at the news conference after the event were covering their asses and trying to mislead the American people. They had no time to investigate. Instead, they spent their face time congratulating one another for the “quick response.”

Now we are seeing endless stories about how Maryland’s young black governor Wes Moore is facing a test over his leadership. How much money can he spend? And how fast? Biden has already said the taxpayers would foot the bill for reconstruction.

Like Israel, we are at war. What the FBI and the politicians didn’t tell you was that warnings have been accumulating for the past several months about cyber warfare and other threats against American ports.

On February 21, just about one month before the Baltimore bridge collapse, the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration issued a threat warning and defined it in these terms: “Foreign Adversarial Technological, Physical, and Cyber Influence.” It was directed to maritime industry stakeholders, “including vessel owners/operators, shippers, and port operators exposed to these risks” and advised that they “should apply cybersecurity best practices for Access Control (identity and access management), vulnerability mitigation, and configuration management…”

It advised these stakeholders to position themselves to “increase their cybersecurity and cyber resiliency to respond to and report any incidents that could inhibit their ability to continue operations,” including being “wary of untrusted network traffic” and treating all traffic transiting their networks – especially third-party traffic – as “untrusted until it is validated as legitimate.”

The evidence indicates a cyber-attack conducted by Iran with Russian and Chinese help. But after the bridge collapse, all of these warnings are ignored, as if they did not happen and are irrelevant. It’s a typical cover-up.

Don’t forget that America’s ability to detect and deter foreign attacks was compromised by the defection to Russia through China of Edward Snowden, the former NSA/CIA analyst. He gave our enemies, including Islamic terrorist groups and states, the ability to evade surveillance by the NSA.

Despite his bloody hands, presidential candidate Robert F. Kenedy, Jr. wants to pardon and honor him. Strange. His own father was killed by a Palestinian Marxist, Sirhan Sirhan, but he doesn’t believe that, either.

By contrast, the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria demonstrates the superiority of Israeli intelligence. Netanyahu knows the enemy. And now the enemy is in the White House, screaming about the “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza.

The catastrophe is made worse for America, suffering under what Trump calls the Biden Bloodbath of open borders, by the inability of the American intelligence “community” to figure out “Havana syndrome,” the “mysterious” attacks on U.S. personnel overseas. They began in Communist Cuba, which is perhaps a clue to what is going on.

Their own people are suffering and they can’t understand why, after eight years of investigations. Why do we waste our money on the CIA, FBI, and the NSA?

The CBS show “60 Minutes” linked a Russian military intelligence unit to the attacks, citing eyewitness testimony and documents, but the U.S. intelligence agencies are still in the dark. No wonder they need to lie about the Key Bridge collapse.

These scandals and wars result in death and destruction, in addition to financial costs that America cannot afford. They could have been avoided if we had honest men and women in charge.