Financial News Update – 12/23/09

Editorial: There Came a Pale Rider

Morning Bell: Obamacare’s Constitutional Problems Proliferating

Could the Senate Bill Eliminate Private Insurance?

Beyond the Constitution: The Healthcare Bill Violates the Rule of Law

Obama On Cutting Red Tape: No We Can’t

Nothing Voluntary About Obamacare’s Mandate

There’s Two “T’s” in Ottumwa (The Day the Dollar Died IX)

Beltway Christmas: Cash for corruptocrats

20 Memorable Quotes From Senate Democrooks on Obamacare

Ruh-Roh… Leading House Democrat Opposes Senate’s Health Care Bill

Holiday Protesters Leave Scrooge McCaskill Lumps of Coal For Her Obamacare Vote (Video)

Dems Refuse GOP Efforts to Strip Bribes From Health Care Bill

Small Business Bankruptcies Up 81% in California

Nebraska Governor to Senator Nelson: Give Your Bribe Back to Harry Reid (Video)

Senior Dem: Kill the Senate health reform bill and start over

Sen. Schumer Says Every State Got Special Treatment in Obamacare Legislation

Pelosi, Reid to Hold Closed-Door Meetings to Decide Final Bill


Jubilant Senate Dems ready to pass health care

Chavez announces new discount ‘socialist’ stores

Health Bill Clears Final Hurdle

GOP Says Health Care Bill Will Raise Deficit

Tracking Your Taxes: Bringing Home the Bacon


Employment funds going ‘absolutely broke’; 40 state programs to be emptied by the jobless tsunami within two years

The Inflation Bomb Hiding on The Fed’s Balance Sheet

Harder to buy US Treasuries

Gasoline Prices Flatten Below $2.60

Borrowers with Modified Loans Falling Into Trouble

Surge of Foreclosed Homes Set to Hit Market

The Coming Shortage of All the World’s Most Important Industrial Metals

US Jobseekers Face Bleak Christmas as Unemployment Continues to Rise

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