‘Mt. Reagan’ Legacy Project Launched in Nevada

By: Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach

Contact: Karri Bragg
January 8, 2010
(702) 481-0674

“Mt. Reagan” Legacy Project Launched in Nevada – Rogich, Raggio to Serve as Honorary Co-Chairs of Kickoff Event

(Mount Reagan, Somewhere in Nevada) – Citizen Outreach Foundation announced today the launch of an effort to name a significant landmark after the late President Ronald Reagan before what would have been his 100th birthday on February 6, 2011. There are over 3,000 named tributes to President Reagan worldwide, yet no such commemoration exists yet in the Silver State.

Karri Bragg, Executive Vice President of Citizen Outreach Foundation, will head up the new project. She’s the former Executive Director of the national Ronald Reagan Legacy Project sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform in Washington, D.C.

“Commemorating President Reagan in our state is key to ensuring that future generations of Nevadans will recognize and appreciate the great ideas, principles, and strong leadership that he provided in an uncertain time,” Bragg said. “This landmark will help assure that our children and grandchildren are able to do more than just skim over Reagan’s name in history class.”

The project’s first choice is to name a mountain peak – “Mt. Reagan” – after the nation’s 40th president somewhere in Nevada, Bragg said. To that end, the application process with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names has already been started. According to the USBGN, no other request for naming a mountain peak after President Reagan has been made.

Citizen Outreach Foundation will kick off the naming project with a Reagan Birthday Party/Reception on February 6, 2010 on what would have been President Reagan’s 99th birthday. The dessert and champagne reception will take place at the M Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Former Ambassador Sig Rogich and Nevada Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio will serve as honorary co-chairs of the event.

“President Reagan was well known for his belief that someone who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is your ally, not your enemy,” Chuck Muth, president of Citizen Outreach Foundation said. “Sig, Bill and I haven’t always agreed on a variety of issues over the years, but we’re 100 percent in agreement on this effort. We think the President would be pleased.”

The keynote speaker for the evening’s program will be Craig Shirley, author of Reagan’s Revolution: The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started It All and Rendezvous With Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America. Mr. Shirley will be signing copies of his book at the event.

Tickets may be purchased for $99 per person through the project’s new website at www.reaganlegacyproject.com. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. For additional information, please contact Ms. Bragg at (702) 481-0674 or [email protected]


Gibbons Threatens to Sue Legislators

By: Chuck Muth
Nevada News and Views

Fight Between Gibbons and Legislature Goes White Hot As Governor Threatens Lawsuit

“In a letter to Speaker Barbara Buckley and Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, Gov. Jim Gibbons threatens to sue lawmakers if they do not remove their instructions to legislative lawyers not to draft his legislation intended for an upcoming special session,” reports Jon Ralston this afternoon in the Las Vegas Sun.

“I do not believe it is legally permissible for the Legislative Counsel to decline — or perhaps be instructed to decline – to draft legislation for the Governor,” Gibbons wrote in his letter. “A prompt reply to this quandary is appreciated, as the necessity for a definitive answer vis-ã-vis the court system is imminently ripe should the Legislative Counsel not perform her Constitutional and statutory duties to draft legislation for the Governor.”

Ralston has the full Gibbons letter posted HERE


Legislature to Gibbons: Go $#&! Yourself!

By: Chuck Muth
Nevada News and Views

Nevada Legislative Leaders Tell Gov. Jim Gibbons to Pound Sand, Won’t Draft His Education Reform Bills

“If Gov. Jim Gibbons wants to bring his entire education reform agenda to a special session of the Legislature, from eliminating mandates for class-size reduction to repealing Nevada’s collective bargaining law, he will have to draft the bills himself,” Sean Whaley of the Nevada News Bureau is reporting this afternoon.

“The leadership of the Legislature has rejected a request by Gibbons to draft the several bills implementing his education proposals he released earlier this week in advance of a possible special session.”

In addition, “Lorne Malkiewich, director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau, said the direction on the bill drafting policy came from leadership. Democrats control both the state Senate and Assembly.”

Full story HERE


Nevada News & Views – January 8, 2010

By: Chuck Muth
Nevada News and Views


  • The B.C.S. is Just Plain B.S! (Wayne Allyn Root) – I was watching the BCS National Championship last night between Alabama of the SEC and Texas of the Big 12, and wondering who was the better team? But I wasn’t choosing between Texas and Alabama. I was choosing between Texas, Alabama, Boise State, TCU, Ohio State, Penn State, Oregon and Iowa. Those 8 teams could have all PLAYED for the national championship in a marvelous, wonderful, extraordinary 8 team NCAA Playoff after the bowls (or instead of the Bowls).
  • SAGE Calls for Reform to State Employee Pay and Benefit Package (Sean Whaley/Nevada News Bureau) – A final report from a panel of private citizens charged with finding efficiencies in state government says the generous salary and benefit package provided to the state workforce is “unaffordable in the short run and unsustainable in the long run.”
  • Steve Martin announces candidacy for State Treasurer (NN&V Staff) – Steve Martin, former Nevada State Controller, today announced his intention to run for State Treasurer in 2010. Martin, a Republican, is well liked and well respected throughout the State and earned the respect of voters of both parties for his operation of the State Controller’s Office.
  • Dina Titus is Silent and Wrong on National Security (Heck for Congress Campaign) – Henderson – Dina Titus is wanting to sound tough on National Defense. Unfortunately her record shows gaping holes of silence when leadership was needed and a rush to political expediency whenever possible.
  • Lowden: Best Chance to Take Out Harry Reid (Fred Weinberg) – As many of you know, I am the CEO of the company which owns KWNA in Winnemucca and KELY in Ely. We have previously owned a station in Las Vegas and have been involved in Nevada politics for many years.
  • Nevada DMV to Begin Issuing New Licenses that Comply with Federal Real ID Act (Sean Whaley/ Nevada News Bureau) – Nevada’s first drivers’ licenses and identification cards that comply with the federal Real ID Act will be issued beginning Monday in Carson City.

Click here to read these stories at the Nevada News & Views site!

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Financial News Update – 01/08/10

Report suggests a year of high unemployment ahead

President Obama pivots to jobs as key theme

House Democrats confer on health-care reform

The Few Standing Between Current Law and Tax Payer Funded Abortion

Obama’s Green Jobs Plan Will Do More Harm Than Good

Something Fishy in the Ministry of Defense

Abortion Language in Obamacare

Jobs Decline in December as Obama Jobs Deficit Continues to Climb

Outside the Beltway: Colorado Ready To Fight Obamacare Post-Passage

THE NUMBER: DEC. -85,000 JOBS… 10%…




Sarkozy proposes tax on GOOGLE

GOOGLE WANTS MORE ‘POWER’ – Buy and sell energy

Economist Was Under Contract With HHS While Touting Health Reform Bill

Geithner called to explain AIG bailout secrecy

MCCAIN: ‘Obama is leading an extreme left-wing crusade to bankrupt America’

Obama Unveils Green Jobs Plan

FOX FORUM: The Dirty Little Secret on Unemployment


Double-Dip Risk Seen in ‘Stall Speed’ Recovery: Stephen Roach

Time for Fed to disprove PPT conspiracy theory; Commentary: Analyst charges that government is manipulating markets

GM Sales Fall 33% in 2009, Ford Up in December

Pending Home Sales Fall 16% in November

Pump Prices On Pace to Top 2009 High By Weekend

US Public Pensions Face $2 Trillion Deficit

IMF: Commodity Prices to Rise in 2010

Stores to Post Modest December Sales Gains

European Stocks Remain Lower After US Jobs Data

US Job Cuts Shrink to Two-Year Low in December


Taliban’s Siraj Haqqani: Rape, Murder & Videotape By Brad Thor

This is from Rusty Schackleford over at The Jawa Report. Author Brad Thor lays out and explains the background behind one of the most disturbing Jihadi rape videos we have ever seen. It’s so bad, I won’t repost it here, but everyone who can stomach it should see it. All the girls and the doctor in the video have now been murdered by the Haqqanis to cover up their porn ring. From Rusty:

A video sent to us from Afghanistan shows top Haqqani Taliban leaders engaged in a sex ring in which they forced young village women into sexual acts, and then later murdered them to cover it up. The video was obtained by bestselling author Brad Thor through a mid-level Haqqani network member who was fed up with the duplicity and hypocrisy of the leadership and who kept a copy of the videos ordered destroyed by the Haqqanis. The video also features an imam’s narration condemning the Haqqanis. We’ve edited the video for content, but it’s still disturbing.


We’d like the video to go viral enough that it reaches the jihadi forums, and eventually makes it’s way back to Pakistan and Afghanistan. We think that the video will help discredit the most dangerous Taliban network in the Af/Pak theater. You can help out by linking the post or the video.

Please take a moment to go read Brad Thor’s explanation if nothing else and see what is really going on with the Taliban. May the Haqqani’s rot in hell for this…


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Michelle Malkin – SEIU “pulling out all the stops” for Coakley; Brown calls out her illegal alien advocacy


Guardian – China got Iran part with nuke uses


Fox News – FBI Nabs Pals of NYC Attack Suspect

Fox News – ‘Tough’ Arizona Sheriff Probed by Federal Grand Jury


The Savior Agencies (like TSA) Need to Go Away

By: Garry Hamilton

Bookworm Room – When no one is an enemy, everyone is an enemy

Just so.

I might also mention (although I may have said this before) that “terrorism” isn’t about terror as much as it is about anxiety and worry.

A human can’t sustain terror, or even fear, for very long without falling into exhaustion. Anxiety, on the other hand, can be chronic and pervasive, even unto contagion. It isn’t the hysteria of terror that does the damage — it has a really short half life — it’s the follow-on, the grinding, unrelenting anxiety and worrying about something that may never happen. Artfully done, “terrorism” can create a kind of systemic cultural phobia: a vague fear of travel, for example, or a nagging fear of crowded public places — not high-intensity panic, but a sapping, debilitating worry that nothing is safe.

That is the objective of “terrorism.” Once enough people feel “unsafe,” they’re much more willing to invite the tyranny of saviors.

Over time, with a little strike here, a little feint there, you may be able to get a society to completely cripple itself with worry.

And when any random person is considered dangerous for any random reason (“How much do you earn, sir?” – “None of your business.” – “Put your hands behind your back, sir.”) we’ve arrived at a level of chronic anxiety — at least in the savior agencies — that threatens to cripple travel and commerce, and thus the whole society.

The savior agencies (like TSA) need to go away. Since they’re saviors, they need to have you worried and anxious so they can save you. And if you’re not worried and anxious, they will by gawd make damned sure you have something to worry about. Even if it’s the saviors themselves.

Read: BlackFive – DHS Comments On Yon Post (?!?)

The Anchoress – Neoneocon; Hitler’s Germany & US


Turner Milking Montana for Bison

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Our wonderful neighbor Montana better start cleaning political house and soon…

Montana’s Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer just struck a deal with Ted Turner who will take 74 of Yellowstone’s bison for 5 years and then under the guise of conservation, will return them to Montana. Why you might ask? As compensation, Turner would keep 90 percent of the animals’ offspring, meaning he would gain an estimated 190 bison from a herd prized for its genetic purity. These animals are worth a great deal and would benefit Turner tremendously. Who knows, Turner once claimed humans would become cannibals in a few years, perhaps he is padding his larder with bison.

Whatever Turner’s motives – profit or food – he’s pissed off a lot of folks in Montana who claim that the promise of not profiting from wildlife is being broken and abused here. Because these animals are trying to be relocated, it is said they could be slaughtered if a place is not found for them. You are telling me that you can’t find another place for these animals anywhere in a huge state such as Montana? What about Wyoming or Idaho? Never fear – Ted Turner to the rescue:

Russell Miller with Turner Enterprises said keeping most of their offspring would be necessary to offset the cost of keeping 74 animals for the state for five years.

“We thought there was an emergency,” Miller said after Thursday’s hearing. “We’re not a philanthropy. We’re trying to create a blend between conservation and commercialization.”

I smell bison crap…

But some conservationists and federal officials – plus a group representing dozens of Indian tribes – say the animals should not be commercialized. At a Thursday public hearing over the Turner proposal, they said the bison belong on public or tribal lands. That’s what state and federal officials had promised over the last several years.

and this…

Despite the state’s warnings of slaughter if a new home for the bison is not found soon, a U.S. Department of Agriculture representative, Ryan Clarke, said that slaughter was not imminent. Clarke noted the bison have been in quarantine for years and could remain longer if needed

Seems to me that liberals are trying to profit inside and outside the government and take whatever they want wherever they want throughout the country. They think Americans are too dumb to notice and too weak to stop them. Turner is just one example of systemic abuse.

Looks like ‘The Chicago Way’ is spreading nationwide. Perks for all Marxists!