Massachusetts Miracle

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Mainstream media pundits would have you believe Democrat Maratha Coakley will be the undisputed winner in the Massachusetts special Senate election occurring on January 19.

But the so-called ‘experts’ may be in for a bit of a surprise.

Freedom-loving Americans from across our nation are rising-up to support Republican candidate Scott Brown.

Brown would provide the critical 41st vote in the Senate to break the Democrat’s filibuster-proof majority and stop the unprecedented assault on our personal liberties that is now taking place in Congress.

Brown has pledged to vote against the government takeover of our health care system and is also opposed to cap-and-trade.

Brown raised over $1.3 million in one day this week. He has been gaining momentum in the polls and is now within the margin of error.

Those in power in this country should not underestimate the resilience of the American people to defend their liberty from a tyrannical government.


Nevada News & Views – January 14, 2010

By: Chuck Muth
Nevada News and Views


  • Sandoval: My Short Term Budget Deficit Plan (Brian Sandoval) – Currently, the state of Nevada is in the midst of an unprecedented budget and cash flow crisis, which is creating substantial short term budget challenges. Nevada’s financial experts are predicting the budget deficit will grow to between $200 and $500 million in 2010.
  • Nevadans Had Enough of Self-Proclaimed ‘Mob Target’ Harry Reid (Heidi Harris) – Harry Reid is desperate. The latest polls show him losing to the top two Republican challengers by 9 and 10 points respectively. His unfavorables are at 52%. Bleak numbers for an incumbent who’s packaged as someone so essential to Nevada.
  • Government worker compensation is unsustainable (Frank Partlow) – SAGE Chairman, Bruce James’ Jan. 7 final report to Gov. Jim Gibbons observed that “the average state worker is paid considerably more than their private sector counterpart. This is unaffordable in the short run and unsustainable in the long run as many states are now experiencing.”
  • Governor’s Stunning Education Reform Proposals (Jim Clark) – Governor Jim Gibbons stunned the education and political world last week when he announced a proposal for sweeping changes to Nevada’s K-12 education laws.
  • Candelaria Can’t Hold a Candle to Qualified, Seasoned Candidates (Susan Crawford) – You would think that a person who thinks that they have what it takes to wear the black robe must possess significant experience as a practicing lawyer, right? You would never expect “judge-material” not to be able to read and understand the legal qualifications and prerequisites for the office, right?

Click here to read these stories at the Nevada News & Views site!

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Financial News Update – 1/14/10

Obama administration proposes tax hike on financial firms to recoup cost of bailout

Unions Tentatively Strike A Deal Regarding Excise Tax

UTT: New stimulus the same as old, failed stimulus

Morning Bell: Behind Closed Doors, Unions Win, You Lose

More Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in the Senate Health Bill

$541,000 in Stimulus Money Creates 1.62 Jobs and a Climate Scandal

Rethinking Big Government

Another Government Boondoggle or Worthwhile Investment?

Boskin: U.S. Economic Data Is Almost Criminal

White House blames outdated computers for ineffective government

AP Sources: Tentative deal on health bill tax

New jobless claims rise ‘more than expected’

Retail sales drop in December; Sales for all of ’09 plunge by record amount

Record year for foreclosures


Dollar ‘Crisis’ Looms if USA Doesn’t Curb Debt

BIDEN UPDATE: He meets on transparency; Meeting is closed

Chavez suspends rolling blackouts

‘Cadillac’ Health Tax Deal Reached

Obama to Banks: We Want Our Money Back


America’s vulnerable half-speed recovery

Economy has Six Months to Live

Japan Airlines to File for Bankruptcy and Cut 15,600 Jobs

UK: Work Until 80 Under Plan to Abolish Retirement

Venezuela: Devaluation Sparks Chaos in Caracas

MyBudget360: The Capture of Our Government by Wall Street

Federal Reserve Seeks to Protect US Bailout Secrets

Wall Street, Politicians Still Don’t Get It


Pat Dollard’s “Young Americans” Debuts at Big Hollywood

By: Snarky Basterd
Feed Your ADHD

Pat Dollard, in Ramadi, Iraq

Holy f*ck.

If you thought the tiny glimpse of the Iraq War you were allowed to see all those years through the polished prisms of pretty-boy liberal-run cable TV was real … get ready to have your ass blown up by an IED.

Pat Dollard, who’s gracious enough to lower his standards and let your insane narrator have a weekly spot on his site, PatDollard.com, had his tenacious and riveting and truly ground-breaking Young Americans video series debut yesterday at Big Hollywood. It’s the reportage the MSM never wanted you to know about, for fear you’d double your support for the war we won but Dirty Harry once claimed we “lost.”

Here’s a mesmerizing taste:

“…Some short-hand background: I was a William-Morris talent agent, a 17-year veteran with Steven Soderbergh as my flagship client. I wasn’t restless, I wasn’t having a mid-life crisis, nor did I go for any other cheap reason that the Left would have you believe in order to prevent you from finding any decent, substantive or, God forbid, patriotic or moral reason to film what I did. I went because my country was engaged in both a shooting and information war, and if I could do it, I faced a moral imperative to serve my country in those wars, in the best available way that I could. At the time, I was too old to enlist, so I joined the fray in the next most appropriate manner. In both the series and the story behind it, there are great heights of human achievement, the most stinging moments of human pain, the lowest depths of human failure and human evil, and loss of life of family and friends. I went to war and kept my life, but lost my family, in a bizarre reversal of the usual dark process. Someone recently told me that I have never come home. And like so many of us who journey into war, I have found that this person was inadvertently correct. Because I did come home, but home was no longer there. It really never is, if only because the home we left was in part a no-longer effective illusion, and because our vision of the natures of both the world and the men who populate it, so stripped to their essential truths by conditions that are governed by nothing more than the forces of cunning and power, has been made much clearer, and so different, that home by perception is most certainly not, and never again will be, the place that we left. We will be entirely present, we will flourish, and we will start a new home with the people we left in the old one, but no one ever returns home from war.”

Still here? What the f*ck for? Click here for the preamble story and video, and follow over to Big Hollywood for the full effect, including Episode 1 of Young Americans. Then take a good hard look inside your heart and ask yourself: “Do I really want our young Americans in Afghanistan to go through all of this shit again … for nothing?”


So what have we learned in 2,064 years?

Hat Tip: Evanie Hansen

“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.” – Cicero – 55 BC

Well, … evidently nothing.


Nevada News & Views – January 13, 2010

By: Chuck Muth
Nevada News and Views


  • If Harry Reid Does Quit….What Then? (John Fund) – In the end, I don’t believe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will run for re-election. Whether or not the health care bill he muscled through the Senate becomes law, the 70-year-old will bow out of his race for a fifth term.
  • Exclusive Interview with RNC Chairman Michael Steele (Elizabeth Crum/Nevada News Bureau) – Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele in an interview on Monday said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s recent comparison of the opponents of health care reform to those who supported slavery combined with his statement about President Obama being more acceptable to white voters because he is “light-skinned” and does not have a “negro dialect” shows a “disturbing pattern of insensitivity and ignorance.”
  • Reid Denies His Bill Cuts Medicare, Contradicts CBO Report (Mike Chamberlain/Nevada News Bureau) – Senator Harry Reid extolled the virtues of his health care bill in Las Vegas last Thursday night. What was not reported is that when a Reid was asked about the cuts to Medicare on which the CBO’s estimates of savings were based, he denied any such cuts exist in his bill, which seems to contradict page 18 of the CBO analysis of the Senate health care reform bill.
  • Vision Stakeholders Group Meets Out of Sight (Robb Archie) – Last Friday, I was quietly enjoying coffee with my wife when the phone rang and a friend reminded me that the Nevada Vision Stakeholders Group would be meeting for the first time. I mentioned that I was planning to watch the proceedings over the Internet until I discovered they were not being broadcast for some unknown reason.
  • What’s Going on in Massachusetts? (Newt Gingrich) – With one week to go, who will win the special election in Massachusetts to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) is still anybody’s guess. But before a single vote is counted, we can be sure of this: The Massachusetts race is already telling us a lot about how unhappy Americans are with the liberal, big government agenda in Washington.

Click here to read these stories at the Nevada News & Views site!

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