Financial News Update – 02/04/10

Italy Seizes Bank of America Assets In Derivatives Fraud Probe (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Derivative Fraud? Where Are OUR Cops? (Hat Tip: Pierre Legrand’s Pink Flamingo Bar)

Portugal near political crisis over debt

ODS Patriot News Ratigan Calls Obama On Pushing The Big Tarp Lie!!!!! (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

AFP’s “Common Sense”: California’s Titanic Credit Rating (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Obama’s budget curbs border programs

Has Obamacare Already Won? Existing Government Programs to Take Over Health Care by 2012

Obama Administration Discovers Trade–As Another Great Excuse to Grow Government!

CAP Clueless on Costs of Cap and Trade

The Public Option Threat Still Buried in the Senate Bill

BofA, Former CEO Lewis Charged With Fraud Over Merrill


Is US bullying TOYOTA on recall to help GOVERNMENT MOTORS?

Justice Thomas Rebuts Obama on Campaign Finance Ruling

FLASH: Jobless claims unexpectedly rose last week

US debt to hit ceiling by end February

House faces tough vote on $1.9 trillion more debt

Next in Line for Bailout: Social Security

Greece faces strike barrage over cuts

Pennsylvania State Capital Mulls Bankruptcy as a Budget Option

*Harrisburg on the brink

Phoenix gives OK to 2% tax on food

MOODY’S warns US of credit rating fears

Alarm Over Stimulus Waste, Fraud

House Votes to Hike Debt Limit to $14.3 Trillion

Gov’t to Pay More Than Half of U.S. Health Costs

Dems Close to Vote on Jobs Bill Without Bill in Hand


Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million

U.S. Economy: Don’t Worry, Prosperity Is Just Around the Corner

Rising FHA default rate foreshadows a crush of foreclosures

The Dollar’s Scary Decline

Obama’s Budget Has One Small, Missing Piece…. For $6.3 Trillion Dollars

US January Auto Sales Rise

Unemployment Rises in Most Metro Areas

Roubini Sees “Very Dismal and Poor” US Growth Ahead

Bernanke Voices Economic Concerns as He is Sworn In

Deficit Brings US Closer to Brink of Bankruptcy

Colorado Springs Cuts Basic Services. More than 1/3 of streetlights to go dark on Monday, and that’s just the start.

No Help In Sight, More Homeowners Walk Away

The First Country to Leave the Euro? What About Germany?

US Deepening Debt Crisis, Be Afraid of Bernanke Reappointment

Growing Bubble in Commercial Real Estate; CRE Losses Could Wipe Out Banking System

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