4 thoughts on “Andy Griffith’s new role: pitching health care law

  1. This is what happens when you have people who have no idea how health care finance, economics, contract law or business management are actually organized into a sustainable system.

    It is not possible for this system to work because the laws of mathematics and Rational Choice Theory cannot be obviated. The key issue facing the liberal-progressive movement in the modern era is finding an economic “policy” that is actually sustainable in light of reality. The reason every progressive policy has failed (and they all have failed to achieve the promises their promoters made about them) and will continue to fail is that progressivism and economics are diametrically opposed in actuality. In order for a macroeconomic system of market organization, business management, fiscal policy appropriations and monetary policy to be successful, they have to either be self-sustaining or self-regulating (Lovellian economics – google it). Progressive policies are neither self-sustaining or self-regulating and this is why they fail. In order to believe this will work you have to believe the government actually funds its future costs out of some secret stash (that does not exist) and that the people will cease acting in their own self-interest in favor of supporting the consumption and leisure of an elite political class that would force them to accept ever-decreasing standards-of-living in exchange for the right to live and support said political class at the sole risk and expense of the masses. In the past 100 years this has never happened and is not possible as (in this plane of existence) all creatures act for their own interests and this cannot be obviated for the convenience of sustaining a morally-bankrupt political conspiracy.

    End of rant.

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