Financial News Update – 08/14/10

“Fear the Boom and Bust” a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

Out Of Control Government Spending!

How Are The Liberals & Geithner Going Make This Work?

We Got A Little Problem Here (Europe) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Geithner’s Delusional Recovery

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Disaster

US Economic Outlook Only Facing One Direction

Keith McCullough: US Economy Near Point of No Return

Kotlikoff: US is Broke, Let’s Face It

Shiller: We Need More Stimulus to Avoid Double Dip

At The Current Level Of Jobless Claims, The Economy Is Screwed

10 States With The Worst Roads And Bridges

Roubini: Even If The Economy Doesn’t Technically Double Dip, It’s Still Going To Be Awful

10 Monster Bubbles Currently In The Making

Malaysia Introduces New Islamic Alternate Currency — GOLD

Actually, Obama Is To Blame For The Sorry State Of The Federal Reserve, Too

David Rosenberg: Forget The Unemployment Rate, Here’s Some Ugly Jobs Data You Probably Missed This Week

Krugman to the Fed: Do More!

Carbon Rises Anyway

The Tax Left-Wing Professors Act

Rep. Bishop (R-UT) Sounds Alarm On Obama’s 15 Million Acre Federal Land Grab (Video)

Economic Growth Prospects Dim in U.S. After Retail Sales, Trade Reports


‘Junk’ Bonds Issued at Record Pace

Jerry Brown Double Dipping on Pensions

Maverick at the Fed Wants to Raise Rates


Californians’ income falls for first time since WWII.

US Federal Reserve starts ‘QE-lite’ to placate markets.

Mexico’s Crashing Oil Industry

Stocks Fall for Fourth Day After Retail Sales Report

In a Sluggish Economic Summer, No Easy Fix Ahead

Auto Sales Boost Otherwise Weak Retail Sector

Aid Helps States Avoid Layoffs, But or How Long?

Jobs Picture Dims as Unemployment Claims Rise

Mortgage Rates Hit 4.44% As Economy Sours

Oil Price Slide Continues on Grim Economic Data

Markets Dive as Depression Fears Grow

Stock Market “Perfect Storm” Cuts Pension Income Two Thirds

Fed Starts Attempt to Placate Markets

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