Financial News Update – 08/20/10

And now: The stealth Obama ocean grab (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

One Battle Ends, Another Begins for Salon Owner (Update)

For Most People, The Double-Dip Has Arrived

Morgan Stanley: Don’t Believe The Tame Inflation Expectations, There’s Huge Volatility Under The Hood

We Are Allowing This Economy To Lose

Credit Suisse: Brace Yourself For $10,000 Copper

America Is Set To Lose Its 100-Year Old Global Manufacturing Leadership By 2014

UI Claims Confirm: Non-Recovery Summer for Workers

Heritage Foundation unveils its “Solutions for America”

Morning Bell: We Can’t Spend Our Way to Recovery

Taxpayers Benefit from SEC Action Against Lying about State Pension Underfunding

Side Effects: What Obamacare and the Death Star have in Common

Wheat-crop scare rattles global nerves (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Growers: USDA must act, prevent sugar supply issue (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Homeowners’ Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof? (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Report: Schwarzman Compared Obama to Hitler

Beautiful!… Dem’s First Ad Asks Voters to Choose Bush Pro-Business Policies or Current Ruin?

Pro-Obamacare Senator Blanche Lincoln Down 65-27 in Arkansas Senate Race

Obama Slams Congress For Not Passing Urgent Jobs Bill… Then Goes on 4th Family Vacation In a Month

Welfare Bureaucrats Swarm Like Locusts Upon The States

US Spending $16,000 on Radical Ground Zero Victory Mosque Imam’s Trip to Mideast

Your porkulus dollars at work: Eco-snitch trash cans

Calling him out: Ohio Democrat official debunks White House stimulus lie

PAPER: Obama had facts wrong in Ohio; Stimulus dollars didn’t aid project

Forget Bush. Obama now blames poor job situation on Congress

Gold bullion stolen from Florida treasure museum

Panel Weighs Cuts in Social Security

High-tech carts tell on Cleveland residents who don’t recycle; Face $100 fine

UPDATE: California faces issuing IOUs again


Barney Frank: Abolish Fannie and Freddie

California Governor Schwarzenegger Orders Furloughs After Top Court Rules.

The Horrific Derivatives Bubble that Could Destroy Entire World Financial System

The Bond Market Is Signaling Trouble Ahead

Oil Falls on Report of Rise in US Supplies

US Economy Nears Point of No Return

The Only Investment Worth Having

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