Sour Grapes and Character

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Candidates who’ve lost elections have been told by voters that it’s time to sit back and let someone else represent them. Isn’t that the purpose of an election, to determine who moves forward and who stays behind? Apparently accepting defeat isn’t part of the electoral process anymore; at least that’s the message from a handful of recently defeated candidates. Instead of standing behind the rightful winner, these losers (and I use the word loser in every sense of the word), these losers would rather continue on as if to ignore what voter’s have already decided.

“Whether they are sore losers or never-say-die patriots, third-party candidates threaten to tip a handful of congressional and gubernatorial races to contenders who otherwise might have lost this fall.”

There have been several articles posted by various outlets regarding the impact of third party candidates influencing the outcome of major races, but the issue which comes to mind goes beyond who gets elected, who wields power over the masses and who gets all the perks. Character and integrity are what makes America strong and those who seek public office need to act accordingly. Ignoring the results of a primary is nothing more than sour grapes.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and Delaware Representative Mike Castle have all shown a decided lack of character by considering a “write in” campaign or switching parties after having been snubbed in favor of Tea Party backed candidates in the Republican Party. Call it arrogance or pride; either is unbefitting a servant of the people.

Not long ago in another article, I expressed my views regarding the difference between the Tea Party and the Tea Party movement. There are many within the ranks of the GOP who fail to grasp the importance of acting along conservative lines in a consistent manner. They also fail to acknowledge the expressed desires of registered Republicans who attend and make up the Tea Party movement.

“We The People” are tired of politics as usual. We’re tired of empty promises to restore financial responsibility, moral decency and free market principles followed by reckless abandon to those principles which are required under our constitutional form of government. We should be grateful these losers; Christ, Murkowski and Castle, exposed their lack of character. It should make it much easier to ignore them come November.

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