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Jim Rogers says stock up on silver chopsticks and rice (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Sharron Angle Raised $14 Million in the 3rd Quarter… “A Testament to the Hatred of Harry Reid”

Propaganda Pays. Team Obama Gave GE -Parent Company of MSNBC- $24.9 Million in Stimulus Grants

It Begins. Federal Employees Union Releases Series of Offensive “Teabagger” Election Ads (Video)

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Dems Drill for Enthusiasm: Obama Administration to Lift Gulf Deep Water Moratorium

Union members speak up on coerced political spending

Fed Officials Were Prepared to Ease `Before Long,’ Minutes Say

Obama Loses Support in Poll as Joblessness Prompts Growing U.S. Discontent

U.S. Stocks Advance as Fed Indicates It’s Ready to Buy Bonds

Federal Reserve Sued by Minnesota Bank on Debit Caps



Cities Face Half a Trillion Dollars of Pension Deficits

California to Sell 24 Government Buildings

GOOGLE Plans Alternative Inflation Index Using Web Data

Homeowner makes lawn-wide sign in foreclosure fight

SHOCK POLL: 85% Angry With Economy

Sarkozy faces showdown over retirement reform

French strikes shut Eiffel Tower

GE Gets $25M in ‘Stimulus,’ Cuts 18,000 Jobs


Far More Derivative Exposure Today Than Two Years Ago

Tavakoli: Biggest Fraud in the History of the Capital Markets

California budget means lean times for the state – 5 reasons why the California economy will lag for years to come. High paying jobs gone, shadow inventory, state taxes, and re-writing history.

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