What America has Become Folks! Can’t Even stand on your Property or keep a basketball hoop

This is an absolute violation of their private property and constitutional rights. This is your ‘new’ government at work and this is the ‘change’ these asshats bring. They just keep pushing… This must be in Delaware.

Update: Yep, Delaware. From Boston.com:

Delaware DOT confiscates basketball hoops

This is one of those videos that could easily be captioned with “If this doesn’t make you a libertarian you’re a statist!”

Video: First they came for the basketball hoops

State police investigating hoop incident


In Pictures: 15 Cities Where Economies Are Getting Worse (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

In a Forbes article showing the 15 cities expected to worsen, it’s projected that 11,710 people will leave Chicago, IL. That’s the highest of all 15 cities. The 2nd highest is Los Angeles, CA with 7880 expected to depart.

IL’s ‘raise taxes’ strategy is backfiring on them big time… as we knew it would. Liberals never learn.

Cities Where Things are Getting Worse (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

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